Safe Space Policy

Netroots Nation is committed to creating a safe, inclusive space for all our attendees—regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion, age, physical limitations, immigration status or economic status. We strive to create a community grounded in solidarity, equality and respect.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure that each member of that community feels welcomed and respected. Harassment, discrimination, violence and bigotry create feelings of fear, uneasiness, humiliation and discomfort. Even if our actions are not intentionally hurtful, what we say and do can hurt others or make them feel uncomfortable.

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual violence. Sexual harassment is any unwanted attention of a sexual nature. Examples may include remarks about another person’s appearance or dress, unwanted flirtations, touching someone without their permission, unwanted sexual pressure and verbal abuse and name calling.

We want our attendees to have a great time, but please remember that sexual consent is always essential. And if
you use alcohol, please do so safely. Alcohol use is never an excuse to disrespect, harass or harm others, and someone who is intoxicated may not be able to give their consent.

Netroots Nation reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the credential of any attendee not in compliance with this safe space policy.