Netroots Nation Trainings

Are you a staffer who wants to pump up your social media skills? Or maybe you’re an organizer looking for tips on promoting your campaign? Whether you’re a student organizer or the person running communications for your organization, the training sessions at Netroots Nation will teach you how be to more effective in your efforts to change the world.

This year, we’re offering 40 hands-on trainings covering the critical skills that every organizer needs to know. Our 2016 trainings cover a breadth of skill levels, from basic online organizing to advanced, as well as topics like testing and optimization, communications and grassroots organizing.

Registering for Netroots Nation grants you access to all trainings, plus panels, keynotes and networking events. Some conferences with trainings of this caliber cost $800 or more, but our passes start at just $95.


Below is the lineup for 2016. You can find full descriptions of each session here.

Basic Online Organizing

  • 6 Legal Rules for Online Advocacy that Everyone Needs to Know in an Election Year
  • Digital Organizing on a Dime: The Low-cost Tools You Need to Launch a Digital Program
  • Second Nature: Design to Grab Attention in Seconds
  • The Latest in Civic Engagement: How Tech Can Supercharge Your Grassroots Operation [VOTER PICK]
  • There’s Only Me in Team: How to Conquer Social Media as a Staff of One
  • Victory from Day 1: Ensuring a Successful Launch for Your Online Campaign
  • We Can’t Do That Here? How to Get Your Co-workers to Help You Kick Digital Butt

Advanced Online Organizing

  • Best Practices in Digital Analytics: Using Website and Social Media Testing to Optimize for Virality
  • Engage Young People with Your Campaign: Best Practices and Test-Driven Lessons from the Alliance for Climate Education and ShareProgress
  • Extreme Makeover, Website Edition: How to Optimize Your Website and Reach Your Campaign, Fundraising and Engagement Goals
  • Make Your Own Microsite without Spending a Dime
  • Obama-Like Targeting Tech Goes Local: Using Digital Ads to Reach the Voters You Need to Win
  • The #1 Way to Engage Your People
  • Using Digital Ads to Boost Your Multi-channel Campaign
  • Using SEO for Social Change, Profit and Fame


  • Changing the World One Story at a Time
  • Issues that Matter, Brands that Inspire: Action Branding 101 [VOTER PICK]
  • Mindful Communication: 5 Steps to Getting the Best Outcome from any Conversation
  • Moving Beyond White Guilt: How to Talk to Whites About Systemic Racism [VOTER PICK]
  • Oppositional Messaging: How to Marginalize your Opponents While Uplifting Your Values
  • Organizing with a Gender Frame: How to Step Up Your Game and Win!
  • Presence and Authenticity: How to Be a Media Star
  • Saving Millions with Earned Media: How to Organize Kick-Ass Press Events and Get Your Campaign Covered
  • The Trump Effect: Techniques to Combat Prejudice in the Age of Islamophobia
  • We’re Here and We’re Queer: An LGBT Cultural Sensitivity Conversation Going Beyond Best Practices
  • Wielding Your Racism Decoder Ring: Discovering the Power of Values-Based Messaging

Grassroots Organizing/Campaigns

  • Action into Being: Growing as an Ally
  • Advanced Organizing Strategies for Immigration and Criminal Justice
  • Building Decentralized Networks in Social Movements
  • Building Winning Coalitions
  • Campaign Strategy: How to Pick Your Target and Powermap Your Way to Victory
  • Flip the Script: More Money, More Power
  • Grassroots First Analytics
  • Making it Rain: Donor Research and Baller Asks
  • You Can’t Buy Our Vote: How to Center Black People in Political Organizing [VOTER PICK]

We hope you’ll join us July 14-17 in St. Louis.