Announcing our 2016 Screening Series!

Announcing our 2016 Screening Series!

Full-length screenings. A panel on comedy and political video. Even a virtual reality experience. Our 2016 Screening Series offers a little something for everyone.

Each year, our friends at Screening Liberally curate a track of film-related content, with feature films, short videos and engaging discussions on the use of film and video in progressive organizing.

Click here to check out our 2016 Screening Series offerings.

We’ll be screening several full-length films, including “The Brainwashing of My Dad,” “Dear President Obama,” “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” and “Boom Bust Boom.” We’ll also screen the documentary “Abortion: Stories Women Tell,” along with a panel discussion and immersive virtual reality experience providing an inside look at the harassment outside and compassion inside women’s health centers across the country.

The Screening Series also features a filmmaker’s caucus, engaging panels and showcases that give you a sneak peek at several films and projects in process.

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