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Black Women Power: Investing in the Communities that Propelled Our Biggest Electoral Victories of 2017

Far too often, progressives in power only shows up in Black churches and community centers during election season. Virginia and Alabama proved once again that Black women are the most powerful political force in the progressive movement both in terms of grassroots organizing and voter turnout. It is well past the time for progressives to listen to and fight for the specific needs of Black communities. Bottom line: progressives need to be at the forefront of the fight against voter suppression. They need to run on anti-racist policies. And they need to drive resources not just towards turning out Black voters, but in supporting Black candidates running for office.

Thu 9am: Black Women Power: Investing in the Communities that Propelled Our Biggest Electoral Victories of 2017

Black Women Power: Investing in the Communities that Propelled Our Biggest Electoral Victories of 2017

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Led by: Beth Lynk

Panelists: Waikinya Clanton, Kiara Pesante Haughton, Kiara Pesante Haughton, DeJuana Thompson

Building Relationships Where it Matters Most (Sponsored Panel)

As we all know, at the foundation of organizing is relationship building. But, with an overwhelming amount of channels used to communicate with folks, how can we actually cut through the noise and meaningfully engage our communities? Peer-to-peer texting has surfaced as an effective way to do just that.

At Hustle we’ve seen unions, advocacy organizations, and campaigns use peer-to-peer texting to engage members, supporters, and the broader community to take action on progressive issues.

During this panel, we’ll explore the ways in which organizations are prioritizing relationship building with peer-to-peer texting in key moments at scale. Learn from a few peer-to-peer texting pros about how we can build relationships that last and leverage p2p technology with other organizing tools to win on our issues.

This panel is sponsored by Hustle.

Thu 9am: Building Relationships Where it Matters Most (Sponsored Panel)

Building Relationships Where it Matters Most (Sponsored Panel)

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Panelists: LaToia Jones, Jocelyn Strauss, Cliff Walker, Chrystian Woods, Sissi Yado

The Power Coalition: How Integrated Voter Engagement is Empowering Citizens in Louisiana

The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice has built an Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE) model to support community-driven activism and grassroots leadership development that empowers citizens to address classism, racism, and other marginalization in their own lives and communities instead of having their voices ignored in the traditional, top-down structures of power. Join us for a discussion on how to bridge and connect community organizing and advocacy that is people centered. We’ll also discuss how we have mobilized infrequent voters of color to chose elected leaders that understand their issues.

Led by: Ashley Shelton

Panelists: Norris Henderson, Andrenecia Morris, Minh Nguyen

Open Source Tech #FTW

The panel will consist of developers and organizers involved in open source progressive tech projects. We’ll focus on the decision to use open source tech, how it’s developed and why it’s important. This panel will also give space to attendees to ask questions about open source in general, about specific open source projects, and how open source tech helps the political tech ecosystem.

Led by: Shaka Lee

Panelists: Rapi Castillo, Schuyler Duveen, Pamela John

Sanctuary Restaurants: Feeding the Movement

On our panel today, we have Jelani Drew Kairos Fellow and campaigner from Fight For the Future, Steven Renderos from Center for Media Justice, Jess Morales from National Domestic Workers Alliance, Bex Hong Hurwitz from Tiny Gigantic, and Cayden Mak Executive Director of 18MillionRising to talk about the techno-optimism origins of the internet, what we can learn from Cambridge Analytica about influencing elections; efforts by other governments to stop Facebook’s algorithms; and how organizers are using the internet to pressure companies like Microsoft and Salesforce to end their corporate collusion with government programs like ICE.

Led by: Elisa Batista

Panelists: Alexis Bassett, Melissa Buchholz, Sheila Maddali, Matt Nelson

The Growing Power of the Equality Vote

The days of politicians attacking and demonizing the LGBTQ community to win elections are over. Increasing support for LGBTQ equality across demographic groups has led us to a tipping point evidenced by polling and recent election results in states like North Carolina, Alabama and Virginia. The panel will discuss how a new rising Equality Vote of 52 million Americans—self-identified LGBTQ individuals and their friends, family, and allies—is a voting bloc to be respected, sought-after, and feared by candidates on both sides of the aisle.

Led by: Emmy Ruiz

Panelists: Anna Greenberg, Justin Unga, Geoff Wetrosky, JoDee Winterhof

Igniting the Lit in Litmus Test: How Leading With Reproductive Justice Helps Us Win

For too long the Democratic Party has been compromising on reproductive freedom. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair said in 2017: “There will be no litmus test [on abortion] for Democratic candidates”. However, pro-choice candidates have been winning in purple and even red areas like Virginia, Alabama and Pennsylvania. How can we as a progressive community ensure that reproductive rights and justice are political victories in the progressive movement? Electing candidates with a reproductive justice lens ensures a more intersectional vision for America. Come discover how candidates and organizations are working together in new historic ways to get sh*t done.

Led by: Heidi Sieck

Panelists: Alison Dreith, Hayden J. Mora, Atima Omara, Nikema Williams

Progressive Parenting

Progressive while parenting. Parenting while progressive. Raising kids and doing progressive political work isn’t always easy, but it is critical to the success of our movement. In this panel, we’ll discuss a range of topics, including making activist spaces and progressive workspaces accessible to parents, and raising children with progressive values. If you’ve ever lugged a breast pump to a conference, received feedback that your 5 p.m. meeting times are a struggle for people you work with, or just want to talk about parenting in the progressive movement and meet other likeminded-people, this panel is for you.

Led by: Erin Matson

Panelists: Mary Alice Carter, Greg Greene, Rachel Perrone, Sabrina Stevens

Navigating Partnerships with a New Democratic Party and the New Grassroots

Everyone agrees that we must come together to form powerful coalitions and deep partnerships in order to win in 2018 and 2020 and build long-term power. This session goes beyond the tired tug-of-war arguments about the direction of the party, or whether the new grassroots is effective. Instead, this panel brings the party establishment together with the new grassroots for a frank conversation about navigating partnerships in the current political landscape. With an eye toward developing meaningful strategic alliances, we’ll discuss a range of topics, including how to navigate still-raw ideological rifts, practical concerns about new activist capacity and strategy, and nitty gritty compliance and legal considerations.

Thu 9am: Navigating Partnerships with a New Democratic Party and the New Grassroots

Navigating Partnerships with a New Democratic Party and the New Grassroots

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Led by: Irene Shin

Panelists: Rep. Graig Meyer, Jamie Perrapato, Lala Wu, Allison Zelman

The Race Paper and other Secret Documents: How the FBI and DHS are Surveilling and Criminalizing Black Protest

In 2017, under court order, the Department of Homeland Security and FBI turned over hundreds of pages of emails, reports, policies and other documents to the Center for Constitutional Rights and Color Of Change. These documents reveal government surveillance of the Movement for Black Lives, and Black activists and organizers. They show how federal agencies characterized protesters as “Black Supremacist Extremists” and portrayed protected First Amendment protest activity as inciting violence to justify surveillance. These documents also reveal for the first time the existence of a report produced by the DHS Intelligence and Analysis office called the “Race Paper” and that is entirely blacked out in reliance on the National Security Act. We must refocus attention on law enforcement’s historic and current suspicion and targeting of Constitutionally-protected political speech and call for accountability.

Led by: Marbre Stahly-Butts

Panelists: Brandi Collins-Dexter, Omar Farah, Tabitha Mustafa

Hurricane Lessons: What We've Learned from Post-Katrina Disaster Capitalism in NOLA Schools

Thu 10:30am: Hurricane Lessons: What We've Learned from Post-Katrina Disaster Capitalism in NOLA Schools

Hurricane Lessons: What We've Learned from Post-Katrina Disaster Capitalism in NOLA Schools

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Following Hurricane Katrina, the state of Louisiana took more than 120 public schools in New Orleans in the name of “recovery.” A state-appointed board fired 7,500 unionized school employees (many of them black), and handed over most schools to charter school management companies. Under privately-operated rule, schools open and close frequently, routinely weed out more “difficult” students, and push kids out by inflicting harsh discipline—a pattern that’s being replicated across the country as school reform efforts take hold. Locals have little to no say in school governance and practices. Some are optimistic that the local school board will regain control of 52 state-run charter schools by summer 2018—but accountability and transparency are far from guaranteed. Our panel will discuss the evolving tactics of disaster capitalists and how communities can navigate these issues to push for progressive change.

Led by: Jeff Bryant

Panelists: Ashana Bigard, Karran Harper Royal, Andre Perry, Julian Vasquez Heilig

This Is What Democracy Should Look Like: 2018 & Beyond

Thu 9am: Navigating Partnerships with a New Democratic Party and the New Grassroots

Navigating Partnerships with a New Democratic Party and the New Grassroots

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

After the 2014 elections, the US Congress was noted as the most diverse in American history. It was comprised of nearly 20 percent women and just over 17 percent of members of Congress were non-white. As of January 2017 with the latest Congress, those numbers barely moved. The New American Majority makes up communities of color, young people and women and they are marginally represented especially at the federal and state level in elected office, as campaign and elected official staff; and in leadership of progressive organizations that set movement agendas. Come learn about some of the work being done to ensure race and gender equity not only in elected office, but in politics and movement organization work.

Led by: Atima Omara

Panelists: A'shanti Gholar, Carol McDonald, Madalene Mielke, Carlos Mark Vera

The Trump Threat Level: Resisting Dangerous National Security and Foreign Policies

Trump’s national security and foreign policies are extensions of his racist and authoritarian domestic agenda. He is making us less safe. This panel will discuss how his warmongering and bigotry have isolated the United States in the international community, perpetuated the worst of Trumpism at home and abroad, and hurt our chances for peace and real security.

Led by: Elizabeth Beavers

Panelists: Bonnie Jenkins, Wardah Khalid, Stephen Miles, Manar Waheed

A Green and Brown Coalition: Fighting Trump's Wall with Diverse Partnerships

The proposed border wall has many negative impacts. There are already miles and miles of “fence” along New Mexico’s southern border that have impacted both human life and wildlife along this corridor and increased building will only create more harm. In Doña Ana County, activists working with conservation groups like the Southwest Environmental Center and the New Mexico Wildlife Federation have teamed up with faith-based organizers working on immigration issues through NM Comunidades en Acción y de Fé (CAFé) and built a truly diverse partnership to fight the wall from multiple angles. ProgressNow New Mexico has worked to help amplify the work on the ground to statewide and national audiences. Hear from these organizers on how they’re coming together to stop the wall.

Led by: Lucas Herndon

Panelists: Johana Bencomo, Kevin Bixby, Angelica Rubio, Gabe Vasquez

Handbills and Hashtags: Cross Generational Organizing in an Anti-Worker Climate

For over 30 years, our political climate has been steadily shifting towards an anti-union, anti-worker environment. From politicians placing privatization over public interest to a conservative Supreme Court allowing unlimited corporate money into elections and stripping away union rights, we have created the ideal foundation for an economy that benefits the top 1% while pitting new workers against their older colleagues. Join us as we offer strategies and tips on bridging the gap between young and more experienced workers in diverse fields to build long-term solidarity and win economic justice for all workers.

Led by: Christian Castro

Panelists: Emmelle Israel, Gabriella Landeros, Jocelyn Sherman

Keep Marching 2018: Connect Locally, Build Power and WIN!

We’re well over a year into a massive wave of energetic grassroots organizing. From marching to #MeToo, from local townhalls to massive online mobilizations, communities are recognizing and using their own power. Midterm elections are almost here; special elections are getting unprecedented media and organizer attention. How do we sustain this momentum to connect and lift voices locally? What wins can we celebrate at every level, from local to national? What’s the current climate for our local and national priorities like racial justice, health care, paid leave, mass incarceration and more? Join us for an energetic panel with practical steps you can use right now to organize in your community sustainably, intersectionally and effectively.

Led by: Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Panelists: Monifa Bandele, Monica Roberts, Almas Sayeed

The New Digital Mercenaries: Harnessing the Power of Volunteers to Win Elections

The rise of effective online collaboration tools like Slack, peer-to-peer texting platforms, and an energized cadre of activists means that mass deployment of voter outreach operations can be organized and executed with lightning speed while “flattening” the information hierarchy of traditional campaigns. The effect of this is that meaningfully volunteering for an exciting election campaign, either near-to-home or far-flung, is more convenient and accessible than ever. Translating this energy into both online and offline actions can transform many races and mean the difference between win or lose. This panel will offer some ways to make meaningful impact in the electoral setting and offer some new experiments into the ways we can organize with volunteers leading the way toward engaging, large-scale, and creative ways to win.

Led by: Dylan Easterday

Panelists: Gabby Andrade, Allie Carter, Elizabeth Haynes

Turning 'High Times' into High Pay for Cannabis Workers (Sponsored Panel)

Thu 10:30am: Turning High Times into High Pay for Cannabis Workers (Sponsored Panel)

Turning High Times into High Pay for Cannabis Workers (Sponsored Panel)

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

The legalization of marijuana for recreational use in nine states and Washington, D.C. has legitimized the sale of a much-desired product for millions of Americans. But it has also created an opportunity for workers. At a time when wages for most remain stagnate, unions are getting active and organizing to turn the fledgling cannabis industry into an economic powerhouse that can benefit hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers. This Teamsters-sponsored panel will discuss how we can create good-paying jobs that won’t harsh your buzz.

Led by: Kristin Heidelbach-Teramoto

Panelists: Ricardo Baca, Barry Broad, OPHELIA CHONG, Richard Rodriguez

Polling Technology and Public Opinion in 2018

Thu 1pm: Polling Technology and Public Opinion in 2018

Polling Technology and Public Opinion in 2018

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Political polling is changing rapidly in response to shifting patterns of communication and new technological opportunities. Meanwhile, public opinion itself is in flux heading into the midterm elections. This panel brings together leading political pollsters and polling innovators to talk about where the public stands on the issues in 2018, what issues matter—and which don’t!—and how pollsters are going about measuring and projecting attitudes in the current political environment.

Led by: Drew Linzer

Panelists: Masa Aida, Albert Morales, Emily Norman, Alissa Stollwerk, alan rosenblatt

Facing Anti-Muslim Campaigns Head On—and Winning

Anti-Muslim political campaigns have been on the rise in the 2018 and 2017 elections, but they have been losing. These campaigns are inflaming bigotry and hate violence nationwide, but the unpopularity of this hateful rhetoric, the extreme nature of these candidates and the unified rejection from communities of all types has led to many more losses than wins. This panel brings together American Muslim candidates and activists who have faced threats and bigotry head on in rural, suburban and urban communities, a Republican pollster who has conducted an analysis of anti-Muslim messages and a national civil rights group to discuss how to blunt the impact of this rhetoric in communities and make it a loser at the ballot box.

Led by: Scott Simpson

Panelists: Jamiah Adams, Taneeza Islam, Adam Probolsky

Beyond Fake News: Opposition Research in a Digital World

Progressive opposition researchers make sure that our organizations are armed with the knowledge and messages they need to fight back on the ground and online, but 2018 is a complicated year for research. At a time when scandals play out in the public eye, bots leverage fake news to sway elections, and personal data is increasingly less secure—what is the role of opposition research in digital campaigning and how can we break through?

Led by: Patrick McHugh

Panelists: Jenna Kruse, Ellie Langford, Dorothy Scheeline, Shripal Shah

The FCC's War on the Poor

Thu 1pm: The FCC's War on the Poor

The FCC's War on the Poor

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

The FCC chairman and the Republican majority have been axing our communications rights for the past year. And those who will suffer the most from their policies are people living below the poverty line and people of color. It’s our job to intervene and make sure that—instead of being thrown to the wolves—vulnerable communities are centered in the policies that dictate how we communicate with one another. This panel is designed to sound the alarm about the FCC’s disastrous policies and provide useful guidance for progressive organizers and communities seeking to resist. The session will include a conversation between activists and advocates integral to the fight for #DigitalCivilRights.

Led by: Carmen Scurato

Panelists: Brandi Collins-Dexter, Laura Li, Erin Shields, Joseph Torres

DO Read the Comments: How to Build Genuine Facebook Communities

As digital organizers, we hear time and again that building a sense of community and a relationship with our supporters online is critical to transitioning our online community to offline organizers. And we know that Facebook is one of the best tools we have to foster meaningful online communities that advance our progressive goals. But how do you actually go about building a community on Facebook? And how do you ensure that you are having meaningful interactions with your supporters—and that your supporters are connecting with each other in genuine ways? In this panel, we’ll explore the use of tools like Facebook Groups, Events, and—you heard us right—comment threads.

Led by: Olivia Noble

Panelists: Grace Caldara, Christine Hanna

The Black and Brown Wave: What's with All These Candidates of Color Winning Elections?

Thu 1pm: The Black and Brown Wave: What's with All These Candidates of Color Winning Elections?

The Black and Brown Wave: What's with All These Candidates of Color Winning Elections?

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Over the past year, Trump blowback has hit every city, town and community with a force. Marchers who never marched and protesters who have never protested are using their first amendment rights to speak out. People are speaking out, using their voice and most importantly their vote to send a message that what is happening to our country is not OK. The biggest wave of wins is bigger than just its blueness, it’s also fueled by people of color and candidates of color who are deciding not just to vote, but to run so they can take control of the fates of their cities and communities. This panel will focus on what has been working and how these candidates are getting back to basics and not shying from controversial issues.

Led by: Camille Rivera

Panelists: Cristobal Alex, Carol McDonald, Colin Rogero

What’s a Strike and How Can I Help?

Over the last few years there’s been renewed interest in striking. With inequality on the rise and the Supreme Court poised to strike a blow to public sector labor unions, workplace actions are becoming more common. But why strike? And when? What are the upsides and downsides? Could it do more harm than good? Will it get me everything I want? When there’s a strike near me, how can I help?From the 2012 Chicago teachers strike to the 2016 Verizon strike to the 2017 West Virginia teacher’s strike, public interest and support in workplace actions has been growing.

Led by: Mary Cathryn Ricker

Panelists: Rebecca Diamond, Sarah Jaffe, Jonathan Westin

Electoralizing Our Resistance Strategy Lab

A blue wave may come, but don’t take it for granted. Real change demands we find an electoral expression of our movements, not just vote blindly for the “not Trump” candidate. This interactive “strategy lab” focuses movement energy on supporting bold ideas centered in racial and economic justice rather than a return to status quo liberalism. Participants will collaborate with panelists to build an open-source digital toolkit for electoralizing our resistance and winning progressive change. Panelists will facilitate four “Strategy Deep Dives,” and a team of scribes will assist in capturing notes and developing a toolkit in real time on an accessible platform.

Led by: Jennifer Epps

Panelists: Grecia Lima, Nelini Stamp, DeJuana Thompson

No Superpac? No Problem! How to Define a Candidate with Grassroots Actions

With the Koch brothers set to spend millions in elections and advocacy campaigns across the country, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to match their spending power. The good news is that we have grassroots momentum on our side. The even better news? By getting creative, you can match the power of big spending. This panel will explore what makes grassroots tactics successful versus why they can fall flat, how to use news coverage to compete with paid advertising, and how to make sure that you’re channelling your energy into actions that will stick.

Led by: Erica Sackin

Panelists: Amber Goodwin, Keauna Gregory, Ianthe Metzger, Eddie Vale

The Role of Progressive Media in Mobilizing the Resistance

How is progressive media amplifying the voice of the grassroots and the resistance to bring about electoral change? As we move closer to 2018, there is a question of persuasion vs. mobilization. This is a false choice: Progressives must both persuade through emotionally resonant content and mobilize the resistance to turn-out for the 2018 election. In order to win in 2018 and beyond, we need content that creates a community, draws on the work happening both to resist Trump and support progressive candidates, and also motivates people to take action.

Led by: Kaili Joy Gray

Panelists: Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza, Nicole Cairns, D.J. Koessler, Gabriela Melendez Olivera, Anne Thompson

Robots with Canvass Packets: The Future of Digital Organizing

For the past decade, Democratic campaigns and progressive advocacy groups have largely kept their “digital” and “organizing” strategies separate. With the rise of new digital organizing technologies and their increasingly widespread utilization among smaller campaigns and organizations, 2018 is the year that digital can meet field organizing in a meaningful way. From automated workflows to volunteer recruitment, event follow-ups, and GOTV, this panel will discuss what they’re seeing on the ground in 2018, and what is possible heading into 2020 and beyond.

Led by: Amanda Coulombe

Panelists: Clarke Humphrey, Mallory Long, Lauren Miller, Tessa Simonds

Local Victories Reveal a Path to Climate Equity

Can you envision policies that simultaneously center racial and economic equity, tackle climate change, and create good union jobs? It’s not a utopia. It’s already happening. From New York to New Orleans, local movements across the country are leading the way in pushing for policies to support a just transition to a clean energy economy. By building on local victories, progressives have an opportunity to build cross-sector, multiracial movement power behind a federal platform for good jobs and climate equity. Come hear local leaders from across the country offer concrete ideas for this policy platform, spotlight local successes, and offer grounded lessons for the national fight that lies ahead.

Led by: Anthony Torres

Panelists: Ben Beachy, Katherine Egland, Annel Hernandez, Colette Pichon Battle, LaTanja Silvester

Empowering Communities to End Mass Incarceration

Thu 2:30pm: Empowering Communities to End Mass Incarceration

Empowering Communities to End Mass Incarceration

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

The United States is the incarceration capital of the world, and Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the country. Louisiana’s incarceration rate is nearly five times Iran’s, 13 times China’s and 20 times Germany’s. But Louisianans are not taking this lightly. In 2017, community members—including those directly impacted by the criminal justice system—organized to advocate to reduce the number of people in prisons. People flooded the capitol and contacted their legislators demanding change. In 2018, bills passed that enfranchised a larger portion of the formerly incarcerated and sought to bring fairness to a unjust justice system. We’ll talk about how others can do the same.

Led by: Jamila Johnson

Panelists: John Burkhart, Kia Hayes, Norris Henderson

The Kids are More than Alright: How Youth Will Save Us from Gun Violence

Thu 2:30pm: The Kids are More than Alright: How Youth Will Save Us from Gun Violence

The Kids are More than Alright: How Youth Will Save Us from Gun Violence

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Standing in solidarity with the Parkland students and young people across the United States, the 50 Miles More, Team Enough and March for Our Lives teams are keeping the national spotlight on gun reform in hopes that no child will live in fear of gun violence. The voices and fresh ideas of our youth are building intersectional coalitions of new and experienced organizations. What can we learn from the past? How do we support our young leaders to achieve true policy reform? And how do we sustain the momentum in light of continued tragedies and diversion tactics?

Led by: Kris Brown

Panelists: Shannon Carlson, Katie Eder, Tatiana Washington

Brown Is the New White: 2018 and the New American Majority

Thu 2:30pm: Brown Is the New White: 2018 and the New American Majority

Brown Is the New White: 2018 and the New American Majority

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Democrats have a tremendous opportunity to win big in 2018. But they will need to abandon the myth of the “white swing-voter” and build transformative campaigns capable of expanding the electorate and tapping the New American Majority: the multiracial, multicultural, and progressive coalition of voters consisting of people of color and progressive whites. This panel will discuss strategies for 2018 and feature candidates whose campaigns have demonstrated the power of mobilizing this majority and building a truly reflective democracy.

Led by: Aimee Allison

Panelists: Paulette Jordan, Summer Lee, Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, Gina Ortiz Jones

Harnessing the Political Power of Black Immigrants

Despite accounting for nearly 10 percent of the nation’s Black population, Black immigrants and refugees have yet to coalesce as a voting bloc and exercise their electoral power in the political arena. Lower levels of civic engagement lead not only to a lack of representation of Black immigrants in elected and appointed positions but also to disparate life outcomes including lower household income, higher unemployment, and disproportionate contact with criminal justice and immigration systems. This panel will explore recent electoral and organizing successes in the emerging Black immigrant community and why their latent potential to be politically powerful must be realized for the benefit of their communities and the country.

Led by: Will Jawando

Panelists: Mustafa Jumale, Francesca Menes

Latinx Voting Power! El Poder de las Latinas en las Elecciones

Latina/x voters have the power to change the vote and are highly influential at the national level. There are about 12 million Latina/x people who are voting-age U.S. citizens. Many groups have been reaching out to these voters, but there’s still a lot of opportunity to organize in these communities. Want to know where the openings are, what works and doesn’t, and how we can move the needle on Latinx voting in the US? Join us!

Led by: Xochitl Oseguera

Panelists: Lucy Flores, Leticia Salcedo, María Urbina

Interfaith 2.0: Harnessing the Power of Interfaith Advocacy for Progress

Progressive grassroots advocacy and organizing requires that we promote values of inclusion, equality and justice—and that means recognizing the often overlooked role that communities of faith and conscience play in pushing for progressive change. Join us for a diverse panel of experienced advocates from the Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Sikh faith traditions. We’ll discuss the indelible impact and power of interfaith coalitions in policy advocacy, implications of religious demographic trends on the progressive advocacy space, and ways for new and experienced activists to engage with and establish multifaith coalitions to achieve inclusive, intersectional progress and strengthen our social fabric.

Led by: Afif Rahman

Panelists: Bilal Askaryar, Rev. Jennifer Jones, Josh Protas, Sim Singh

Turning a Sprint into a Marathon: The Muslim Ban Organizing Efforts as a Model on Sustaining a Movement

On January 27, 2017, diverse communities of activists from across the country descended upon airports. Elected officials, families, people of all backgrounds showed up in droves to protest President Trump’s Executive Order commonly known as the Muslim Ban. As the months passed and new variations of the Executive Order conveyed the same Islamophobia, advocates—often from the most impacted communities—continued fighting in the airports, in the courtrooms and on the streets. How does a movement born quickly on a Friday afternoon harness the energy of the thousands compelled to action and engage them in long-term work?

Led by: Zahra Billoo

Panelists: Gadeir Abbas, Almas Haider, Mohammad Khan, Subha Varadarajan

Digital Sanctuary: Engineering Tools and Models for Racial Justice

As racial justice techies and campaigners, we have been talking about the problematic values that underpin the internet ecosystem, developing new advocacy models for racial justice, and defining our own narratives. We need to strategize to overcome algorithmic bias, problems with digital security, and how for-profit tech increases inequality and contributes to injustice. This panel will dig deeply into legacy online campaigning and how old organizing models are being replaced by grassroots tech solutions; how voter suppression in the digital age is inextricably tied to our fight for Net Neutrality; how we can transform campaigning by integrating digital security at every step; and how we are building new toolkits for digital sanctuary.

Led by: Mariana Ruiz Firmat

Panelists: Bex Hurwitz, Cayden Mak, Jess Morales Rocketto, Steven Renderos

It Takes Everyone: Building Power to Advance Ambitious Equitable Climate Change Solutions

In order to meaningfully address climate change, the solutions we build must engage a diverse set of stakeholders across issues—from health, to housing, to immigration, to others. Confronting climate change also demands centering economic and racial inequity. Ambitious climate campaigns today are building power through cross-sectoral coalitions, electoral engagement, and the leadership of people of color, low-income communities, and young people. In this panel, you’ll hear from groups advancing equitable climate change solutions, building new governing coalitions through democratic organizing, and advancing electoral strategies to win policy that confronts climate change and paves the way for a just economy for all people.

Led by: Adrien Salazar

Panelists: Annel Hernandez, tiffany.mendoza Mendoza, Andrea Cristina Mercado, Varshini Prakash

The West Virginia Teacher Strike: Sparking a National Movement for Public Education

February 23 through March 6, West Virginia teachers and service personnel united in a historic statewide strike to demand better healthcare, competitive wages, and respect for the public education system. Faced with ongoing benefit cuts, increased premiums, and ranked 48th in pay, teachers and service personnel began organizing using a secret Facebook group in November 2017 that grew to over 24,000 members. By providing a space for open dialogue and planning, and discussing escalation tactics, a movement was created that ignited the grassroots in not only WV but across the country. This panel will discuss some of the background of the strike organizing, the results, and how it has spread to multiple localities and states.

Led by: Ryan Frankenberry

Panelists: Erica Newsome, Brianne Solomon, Zanetta Stallworth

Guns Don’t Discriminate, People Do: Equitable Organizing in the Gun Safety Space

Recent school shootings are sparking an incredible movement around ending gun violence this country, but youth in Chicago and New York in predominately black and brown communities have been organizing around these issues for years. How can we build a movement for gun safety that is truly equitable and recognizes the participation of youth of color and allied communities to make an inclusive, diverse movement?

Led by: Jamiah Adams

Panelists: Amber Goodwin, Michelle Janaye Nealy, Qudsia Raja

Housing Touches Everything Progressives Care About. So Why Aren’t We Talking About It?

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that safe, affordable housing contributes to increased educational attainment, improved health care outcomes, stronger economic mobility and productivity, less homelessness, and greater equity and civil rights. Yet despite this demonstrable impact, only a handful of progressive advocates have embraced housing as a key political and organizing imperative. That needs to change. And it’s starting to change. This session will make the case for why all progressives should be involved in housing issues, introduce federal and state opportunities to get involved, and provide an opportunity for questions that dive deep into the intersection between housing and why it should matter to all progressives.

Led by: Chantelle Wilkinson

Panelists: Allison Bovell-Ammon, Mike Koprowski, Lisa Bland Malone, Andrenecia Morris, Agatha So

Black Women Teach: Electoral Perspectives from Black Women Electeds

Fri 9am: Black Women Teach: Electoral Perspectives from Black Women Electeds

Black Women Teach: Electoral Perspectives from Black Women Electeds

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, August 3, 2018

Since November 2016, there has been an increase of women candidates across the country. Come engage with decorated elected officials and hear what the political process has entailed for them. All of the panelists will have served at least one term in their respective state legislature and will come ready to share and answer any questions that you may have about their process. As we head into an unprecedented election season, it’s important that we continue to collectively share the resources that enable progressives to take over GOP controlled seats and win at every level.

Led by: Michelle Wright

Panelists: Rep. Park Cannon, Leslie Herod, Rep. Renitta Shannon, Emilia Sykes

#UsToo: Overcoming Invisibility and Battling the #MeToo Backlash

Fri 9am: #UsToo: Overcoming Invisibility and Battling the #MeToo Backlash

#UsToo: Overcoming Invisibility and Battling the #MeToo Backlash

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, August 3, 2018

Movements like #MeToo and #TIMESUP have drawn an influx of new people, media and policy attention to longstanding efforts to end our society’s culture of sexual violence. But with heightened visibility comes a heightened risk of problematic “solutions” and vehement backlash. How can we leverage this visibility to make lasting change in schools, at work and beyond? How can progressives fight the erasure of communities most severely impacted by sexual violence to ensure that much-needed policy and cultural shifts center members of these communities? How do we create a world where care and respect are the norm, not abuses of power? Join this diverse panel of experts to build a future where no one has to say “Me, too” when it comes to sexual violence.

Led by: Sabrina Stevens

Panelists: Dara Baldwin, Girshriela Green, Mary Cathryn Ricker, Catalina Velasquez

Rural ≠ White

Since the election of Donald Trump, many pundits and professional Democrats have “white washed” rural America. But the fact is, immigrants are revitalizing small towns and rural communities across the country while African African voters across the rural south and Native American voters in the Great Plains have long been critical members of the Democratic coalition. This panel will feature rural leaders of color across the country working to pass progressive reforms at the state, local and federal level.

Led by: Matt Hildreth

Panelists: Lanon Baccam, Nereyda Calero, Francys Johnson, Alli Moran

Fighting the Global Right (Sponsored Panel)

Fri 9am: Fighting the Global Right (Sponsored Panel)

Fighting the Global Right (Sponsored Panel)

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, August 3, 2018


Donald Trump and his people have been part of a sharp rise of an ethno-nationalist right wing that has spanned borders, a network that has shared funding and is knit together on social media. Progressives need to marry strong organizing and bold tactics to meet this challenge. Campaigners from Europe and the U.S. who are on the front lines in this fight will join us to talk about how they have been fighting back, and winning.

Led by: Brian Young

Panelists: Patrik Hermansson, Nelini Stamp, Dirk Van Den Bosch

Our Rights, Our Fight: Why Progressives are Uniting Across Issues to Protect our Courts

Fri 1pm: Our Rights, Our Fight: Why Progressives are Uniting Across Issues to Protect our Courts

Our Rights, Our Fight: Why Progressives are Uniting Across Issues to Protect our Courts

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, August 3, 2018

Federal courts are holding the line against some of Trump’s worst attacks on our rights, including the transgender military ban, the Muslim ban, and more. But this bulwark is at risk. He could still fill over 100 judicial vacancies, reshaping the courts for decades. Among his nominees are one who called transgender youth part of “Satan’s plan”; attorneys who defended a voter ID law that a court said targeted black voters with “surgical precision”; and the lawyer who fought for Hobby Lobby to deny employees contraceptive coverage. Advocates for LGBTQ rights, communities of color, women and workers are uniting to fight back. Hear from leaders about why they’re doubling down on courts and lessons learned from cross-issue nominations campaigns.

Led by: Keith Thirion

Panelists: Karol Alzate Londono, Elizabeth Beavers, Hilary Shelton, Ian Wilhite, Ambalika Williams

From Chains to Change: Race and the Right to Vote in the Nation's Incarceration Capital

Formerly incarcerated organizers are flipping the script in Louisiana. Organizing inside prisons and in community, members and leaders of VOTE (Voice of the Experienced) are leading the fight for the rights of the formerly incarcerated. On this panel, we’ll discuss how VOTE took an idea hatched behind bars and turned it into a power-building machine where the formerly incarcerated deliver the change they need in their lives. We’ll also touch on an active, historic lawsuit where VOTE is demanding that the State of Louisiana restore the vote for more than 71,000 Louisiana citizens on probation and parole. From prisons to courts to the streets, these local grassroots visionaries are reinventing and expanding the path to freedom.

Led by: Jennifer Lai-Peterson

Panelists: Andrea Armstrong, Andrew Hairston, Norris Henderson, Ariel Jeanjacques

The Dangers of Disruption: Privatization is Not Progressive

Disruption has become a buzz word, especially in the tech and business sectors. Many innovations meant to ‘disrupt’ have made life easier for those who use the services. But there’s a downside to disruption and it can have a devastating effect on communities. AirBnb was meant to disrupt expensive hotels. It’s also driven an affordable housing crisis in places like New Orleans. Uber and ride sharing apps pay poverty wages. Charter schools have contributed to contributed to a rise in segregation. In the San Francisco Bay Area, there are private elite busses, which are used mostly by white people and are not handicapped accessible. Join us for an honest discussion about ways to screen for downsides as disruption happens and hear examples of how people have organized and fought back.

Led by: Sarah Jaffe

Panelists: Brandon Johnson, Charles Khan, Julian Vasquez Heilig

Nuts and Bolts 4.0: From the Bottom Up!

Fri 1pm: Nuts and Bolts 4.0: From the Bottom Up!

Nuts and Bolts 4.0: From the Bottom Up!

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, August 3, 2018

Nuts & Bolts represents a longstanding series on Daily Kos built around the development of successful small campaigns. While the series focuses on state and local races, Nuts & Bolts has also been used as a point of reference by federal candidates. Join us for a panel heavy on Q&A about what makes for great campaigns, how to build a campaign that wins, and humorous stories from the last election cycle that inform the next cycle.

Led by: Christine Pelosi

Panelists: Michael Blake, Carolyn Fiddler, Deb Haaland, Angeliina Lawson, Chris Reeves

Progressive While Black in 2018

Building on last year’s panel and growing trends in movement spaces nationwide, this panel will analyze the challenge facing the progressive movement to organize and engage Black voters and provide practical tactics for engagement that will lead to wins in 2018 and beyond. With a panel comprised of black progressive thought leaders, grassroots organizers and former Sanders campaign staff, participants will gain insight from the shared experiences of each panelist through their respective roles in the movement. Participants will be challenged to examine how to bridge the gap between intention and action when engaging black progressives in key upcoming races.

Led by: Anoa Changa

Panelists: Anoa Changa, Elle Hearns, W. Mondale Robinson, khalid kamau

Collective Fundraising Power: How Teaming Up Builds Powerful Movements

When candidates and organizations on the left fundraise together, they’re able to build stronger coalitions and secure electoral wins. Since the 2016 election, groups have been teaming up in innovative ways and using ActBlue’s Tandem Fundraising forms, which allow donors to give to a slate of candidates or organizations, to not only raise money for their own work but also to change the map and build stronger progressive ties. You’ll hear from leaders in the fundraising space about how they’ve reached out to their communities to help raise for down-ballot candidates, progressive partners, disaster relief charities, and advocacy organizations, which has led to more engaged supporters and a stronger movement overall.

Led by: Julia Rosen

Panelists: Michael Langenmayr, Adrienne Lever, Caitlin Mitchell

Base Drop: How "Missing" Base Voters are the Key to Democratic Majorities at Every Level

Fri 1pm: Base Drop: How "Missing" Base Voters are the Key to Democratic Majorities at Every Level

Base Drop: How "Missing" Base Voters are the Key to Democratic Majorities at Every Level

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, August 3, 2018

Democratic campaigns and committees leave millions of votes on the table every national campaign cycle. Whether it’s the “missing millions” of Obama voters who sat out the 2010 and 2014 midterms, or the rising multi-cultural millennial generation with millions of potential “new” voters, Democratic decision makers too often choose between swing voters and base voters, or they focus on likely voters, missing opportunities to attract, engage, and convert younger voters who may lack strong voter history. This isn’t a messaging problem, but a commitment problem; our panel will address these shortfalls and recommend positive and actionable steps towards building sustainable majorities at every level.

Led by: Paul Rivera

Panelists: Glynda Carr, Quentin James, Camille Rivera

New Phone Who Dis? How to Text Your Community and Not Be Gross

Mobile has become a vital part of progressive campaigns, advocacy organizations, and other movements; and it gives practitioners the opportunity to reach people where they are. Sometimes, investing in mobile can help make the difference between winning and losing. We’ll provide an overview of the differences between subscription and peer-to-peer SMS, how they work together (and how they don’t), and offer recommendations for your campaign or organization’s mobile strategy.

Led by: Ben Dotson

Panelists: Taylor Behnke, Maya Cantrell, Lloyd Cotler, Meg DiMartino

Indigenous Communities and the Progressive Movement

Post-Standing Rock, Indigenous communities have emerged as powerful global forces and voices for environmental and social justice. We are on the frontlines of fights for social, environmental and climate justice. We are mobilizing, litigating and advocating to strengthen rights, self-determination and sovereignty. And we are becoming an increasingly powerful voice in electoral politics, with an unprecedented number of Native women running for office as part of the Blue Wave in 2018. How can the progressive movement strengthen partnerships with these resurgent communities? And how might Indigenous movements, communities and voices reshape progressive politics in the 21st century?

Led by: Prairie Rose Seminole

Panelists: Chrissie Castro, Deb Haaland, Neeta Lind

From Online Message Boards to Trump’s Tweets: How Fake News and Online Harassment are Threatening Our Democracy

Fri 4:30pm: From Online Message Boards to Trump’s Tweets: How Fake News and Online Harassment are Threatening Our Democracy

From Online Message Boards to Trump’s Tweets: How Fake News and Online Harassment are Threatening Our Democracy

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, August 3, 2018

The far-right has long dismissed concerns about widespread fake news and online hate since the 2016 election, suggesting that these realities are mere figments of progressive imagination. But the online weaponization of fake and hate-based stories has real-life consequences. Many originate from anonymous online message boards and are weaponized by “alt-right” and other trolls on major social media platforms to target Muslim activists, people of color, journalists, young activists, and other communities. Too often, these fallacies spur in-person harassment (sometimes yielding a body count) and get an assist on Trump’s Twitterfeed. Digital activists share what progressives should know about this landscape and what we can do to fight back.

Led by: Rebecca Lenn

Panelists: Madihha Ahussain, Greg Greene, Shireen Mitchell, David Neiwert, Melissa Ryan

Broke AF: Economic Justice Campaigns to Mobilize and Empower Millennials

Millennials—the largest eligible voting bloc in America—have been ravaged by runaway crony capitalism. Saddled with unprecedented student debt, besieged by unaffordable housing costs, and strained by a gig economy with few prospects for financial stability, young Americans are demanding new economic models to get ahead. Youth organizers from rural communities to the Rust Belt are forging bold campaigns to force action making housing and higher education guaranteed rights for all people. By connecting these issues to electoral politics, these local organizations are building a powerhouse to mobilize the Millennial vote around their economic self interest in unprecedented ways.

Led by: Dawn Boudwin

Panelists: James Cersonsky, Prentiss Haney, Rachel Huff-Doria

10 Years After the Crisis: The Fight to Take on Wall Street

This panel will look back on the decade since the financial crisis, reflecting on how Main Street is still suffering while Wall Street enjoys record profits. Panelists from the Take On Wall Street (TOWS) coalition will discuss the protections put in place following the crisis, and the work we’re doing to maintain those protections against a daily assault by Donald Trump and his team of Wall Street cronies. As in so many other issue areas, it is not enough to resist Trump. TOWS exists to present a vision for how Wall Street’s power can be tamed, financial stability can be restored, and the spiraling inequality we have seen for decades can finally be addressed, including the disparate way the last crisis affected communities of color.

Led by: Jordan Haedtler

Panelists: Maurice BP-Weeks, Alexis Goldstein, Ashley Harrington, Shawn Sebastian

We're Living It: An Inside Look at the Health Care Fight through Storytelling

Everyone thought Obamacare was dead after the 2016 election results. With a Republican President, House and Senate, we unexpectedly prevailed. Join us as we look at how we fought to save the ACA and Medicaid, and look at what happened on the tax fight (which included back door attacks on the ACA). What does the health care landscape look like for 2018 and the future? As individuals personally facing health care battles, we became accidental activists and spoke up to put a face on health care. We’ll share our stories and what we learned.

Led by: Laura Packard

Panelists: Matthew Cortland, Steve Gomez, Elena Hung, Odunola Ojewumi

Daily Kos Elections Q&A

Fri 4:30pm: Daily Kos Elections Q&A

Daily Kos Elections Q&A

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, August 3, 2018

Come join the editors of Daily Kos Elections for an in-depth Q&A about special elections, general elections, the 2018 midterm landscape, and everything in between. NO presentations, NO PowerPoints, and NO speeches—just your questions (and our answers) on any race in the nation you care about. Progressives need to be well-informed about the races that matter most so we can deploy our limited resources effectively. So if you want to know more about what’s happening in elections around the country and what it will means for Democrats, Republicans, and the nation at large, join us!

Led by: David Nir

Panelists: Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza, Carolyn Fiddler, Arjun Jaikumar, Jeff Singer

Progressives for Palestinian Rights

The election of Donald Trump has reinvigorated many progressive causes as activists are pushing back against his administration’s dangerous policies. These policies include further supporting Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights, such as by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which completely contradicts past U.S. policies and undermines basic demands of Palestinians and Israelis seeking peace. This session features leading voices working nationally and locally to continue pushing for progressive policies in support of Palestinians rights. Panelists will share successes, challenges, and the importance of ensuring that the progressive agenda includes freedom, justice, and equality for Palestinians.

Led by: Zahra Billoo

Panelists: Cheryl Davila, Ahlam Jbara, Tabitha Mustafa, Rafael Shimunov

Dear White Progressives

Progressive spaces pride themselves in welcoming and understanding the role of the Black liberation tradition. Nonetheless, the reality is that many so-called progressives remain uncomfortable, if not defiant, to the idea of directly addressing the roles race, systemic racism and white supremacy play in averting many of the policy platforms they stand for. The aim of this panel is to impress upon the progressive community the requisite need to center systemic/institutionalized racism as a means to address intersecting crises including, but not limited to, wealth inequality, climate change and mass incarceration. We’ll also challenge the myopia of removing “identity politics” from electoral and organizing strategies.

Led by: Anoa Changa

Panelists: Darrick Hamilton, Jacqueline Lugman, YahNé Ndgo, Anthony Rogers-Wright

Inclusion Riders for the Movement: Why Inclusive Hiring is Just as Important as Inclusive Elections

Much of the movement’s focus has been on the barriers electing candidates. But what about the staffers who make their offices function, select their priorities, or help communicate those priorities to the general public? Studies show that our movement is failing to achieve meaningful inclusive hiring. Worse, the movement is losing critical support from Millennials and Gen Zers who feel like the system simply is working to advance their interests. Hiring more voices of color, and recruiting them earlier could transform the movement and help us win. Hear from staffers who’ve successfully navigated these challenges and are working to ensure doors stay open behind them.

Led by: Nina Smith

Panelists: Akilah Ensley, Gabriella Landeros, Linda SerratoYbarra

Mi Voto Cuenta: How Latino Voters and Candidates Will Impact the 2018 Midterms (Sponsored Panel)

Fri 4:30pm: Mi Voto Cuenta: How Latino Voters and Candidates Will Impact the 2018 Midterms (Sponsored Panel)

Mi Voto Cuenta: How Latino Voters and Candidates Will Impact the 2018 Midterms (Sponsored Panel)

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, August 3, 2018

With everything at stake for both parties in this year’s midterm elections, it is paramount to turn out voters. However, Latinos, while the largest minority group in the US and the youngest (half of Latino voters are Millennials), historically have the lowest turnout of every group. What is different this year? Everyone wants to find a “magical” way of mobilizing more Latino voters, but nothing beats hands-on engagement. Join our session to learn from experts and candidates effective tactics to increase the turn out of the Latino vote. This panel is sponsored by Phone2Action.

Led by: Ximena Hartsock

Panelists: Cristobal Alex, Sindy Benavides, Ramiro Luna

Digitally Organizing the Latinx Generation

Latinx millennials are the largest group of eligible voters in the US, comprising nearly half of total eligible Latino voters. However, Latino voters are not turning out at the rates they could be. As we move closer towards the midterms and the 2020 presidential election, inspiring, registering, and engaging the Latinx millennial population is of paramount importance. 2018 could be the first year Texas, a Latino-majority state, elects a Democrat to the Senate since 1993 — a seismic shift in national politics. If Democrats want to flip the House in 2018 and make sure Donald Trump becomes a one-term President in 2020, we need to ensure Latinx millennials are tuned in and turn out.

Led by: Abby Loisel

Panelists: Juan Escalante, María Urbina

A Progressive Vision for a 21st Century Social Contract

As progressives engage in urgent fights today, it’s important to also think about where we’re going in the longer term—what does a progressive vision of the future look like? What policies will we eventually need to enact to create a 21st century social contract that supports and empowers all members of our society? And how do we hold onto this long-term vision while still engaging in the critical battles we face right now? Join us for a discussion with leading progressive advocates and thinkers as we explore these questions.

Led by: Sandhya Anantharaman

Panelists: Jessica Bartholow, Rakeen Mabud, Aisha Nyandoro, Ai-jen Poo

Fighting Back Against Russian Active Measures

Sat 9am: Fighting Back Against Russian Active Measures

Fighting Back Against Russian Active Measures

Posted by Netroots Nation on Saturday, August 4, 2018

There is no longer any question that Russia played a role in the 2016 election of Donald Trump. Learn about how we can fight back in 2018 and beyond, including how state election officials are securing their election infrastructure from cyber attack, best practices from an election and cybersecurity expert, and how to combat the bots, fake news, and social media skullduggery of Russian and the alt-right.

Led by: Gabe Rosenberg

Panelists: David Becker, Denise Merrill, Melissa Ryan

Reclaiming Citizen Power in Redistricting

2021 redistricting begins now. 2018 is a pivotal moment—dozens of governors with veto power of 2021 maps, hundreds of four-year termed legislators who will draw the maps, and once-in-a-lifetime ballot initiatives will shape American life for the next twelve years. Join us for a discussion on how advocacy can undo gerrymandering and restore fairness to our democracy.

Led by: Bethany Khan

Panelists: David Daley, Irene Godinez Godinez, Gregory Moore, José Morales, LaTanja Silvester

The Future of Progressive Pop Culture Organizing

The power of pop culture and fandoms are still largely untapped and unorganized by progressives, despite reaching and influencing millions. By engaging with, responding to, and shaping cultural narratives, organizers can reach new audiences, change the frame and conversation around issues for a mainstream audience, and channel newly engaged viewers into action. We’ll discuss the conception of, execution, and lessons learned from past pop culture campaigns, including the #IfIwasTheMayor campaign, the Black Panther #FanActivistCon, and #tellblackstories hashtag. We’ll also talk about how you can integrate pop organizing into your own campaigns.

Led by: Tracy Van Slyke

Panelists: Samantha Antrum, Elana Levin, Angelique Roche, Francoise Stovall

Manager Confessions: Yeah ... I'm Gonna Need You to Come in on Saturday

The non-stop attacks on our communities under the Trump administration have presented a new series of challengers to managers. How do we protect our staff from burnout? How do we be emotionally supportive when their friends, family, and even they are under attack? How do we teach all these fresh faces in the movement how to successfully organize without passing down our bad habits? Both a confessional and group-help session, we’ll try to figure out some of the answers to these questions together.

Led by: Jill Raney

Panelists: Sean Carlson, Malinda Frevert, Rachael Junard, Adrian Reyna

Power in a Union: Organizing your Campaign, Organization or Firm

2018 has seen an invigorated movement to unionize campaigns with the launch of the Campaign Workers Guild and the unionization of large progressive consulting firms like Revolution Messaging and M+R. Learn about how and why to unionize your workplace from the wide-ranging experiences of the campaigns, organizations, firms, and labor experts who’ve done it.

Led by: Carla Aronsohn

Panelists: Neha Mathew-Shah, Aneta Molenda, Meg Reilly

Race, Class, Gender and the Progressive Agenda: The Future of the Democratic Party in the Age of Trump

The future of the Democratic Party is in a state of high uncertainty in the era of Donald Trump’s presidency and an increasingly extreme Republican Party being in control of Congress and most state governments. Especially given the urgency of winning elections to keep right wing extremism from taking over the country, there’s a cacophony of voices arguing over what our strategy, message, and coalition should be in 2018, 2020, and the years to come. This panel will talk about how to put together a sustainable governing coalition, and how we both fire up the progressive base and appeal to swing voters.

Led by: Mike Lux

Panelists: Deb Haaland, Jennifer Palmieri, Marvin Randolph

The Future is Now: How Young Americans are Already Changing Our Democracy

Sat 9am: The Future is Now: How Young Americans are Already Changing Our Democracy

The Future is Now: How Young Americans are Already Changing Our Democracy

Posted by Netroots Nation on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Millennial voters are no longer on the cusp of changing American politics—they’re already changing it. From the March for Our Lives movement to an entirely different set of expectations for elected officials, young American voters are making their presence known in ways that will only grow as they become the country’s largest voting bloc. Hear from young progressive leaders in civic engagement nonprofits, activism, and elected public service on this issue of increasing importance.

Led by: Jimmy Dahman

Panelists: Erin Carhart, Amanda Litman, Sam Sinyangwe

Workers Standing Up to Federal Contractors: Town Hall with US Rep. Tim Ryan (Sponsored Panel)

Sat 9am: Workers Standing Up to Federal Contractors: Town Hall with US Rep. Tim Ryan (Sponsored Panel)

Workers Standing Up to Federal Contractors: Town Hall with US Rep. Tim Ryan (Sponsored Panel)

Posted by Netroots Nation on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Join workers on the front lines of organizing and U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) for a Town Hall conversation about fighting poverty pay, wage theft, and union-busting by federal contractors. America’s government is betraying it’s workers. Uncle Sam is America’s leading low-wage job creator, funding more poverty jobs through federal contracts than the top 20 corporations combined. To add insult to injury, federal contractors steal more than $2.5 Billion dollars from the pockets of low-wage workers every year. The good news is that workers are fighting back to transform this rigged system. Join us to hear from workers on the front-lines of this struggle. The event will also feature a screening of “We the Forgotten,” a mini-documentary series by Good Jobs Nation. This panel is sponsored by CWA.

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH)
General Dynamics Contract Call Center Workers
National Guard Contract Workers

Moderator: Joseph Geevarghese, Good Jobs Nation

Led by: Joseph Geevarghese

Panelists: Rep. Tim Ryan

Why the Fight Over Taxes is Central to the Progressive Movement—and Why it's Not Over

We know the new tax law tilted the tax code further in favor of millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations. But the old tax code was already a key accelerant of the racial wealth gap—which the new tax law will widen even further. With the corporate tax benefits being passed to shareholders and not workers in the form of new jobs or higher wages, the economy is working hard for those at the top but leaving everyone else behind. Combined with cuts to federal programs proposed by Trump and his allies in Congress, the fight over taxes is far from over. We’ll recap lessons from last year’s tax fight and look ahead to reclaiming our power to shape a tax code that actually works for workers and their families.

Panelists: Nicole Gill, Rakeen Mabud, Delvone Michael, Rebecca Vallas

People-first Persuasion: Rethinking the How and Who of Engagement

In the wake of the 2016 election, Catalist undertook an expansive, research project that sought to consider voters from a “people first” perspective—without preconceptions—in order to provide the progressive community with a more complete view of the electorate and how to engage with them. Join us for a discussion on how to better ground your content with a more multi-dimensional understanding of what motivates the people you want to be your voters—the substance of their lives and beliefs—and how to design messages and media plans to open conversations with new segments of the electorate.

Led by: Christina Coloroso

Panelists: Valerie Coffman, Jon Fraser, Amber Phillips, James Slezak

Fighting Nazis on the Internet: Free Speech in the Age of Hatemobs

Sat 2pm: Fighting Nazis on the Internet: Free Speech in the Age of Hatemobs

Fighting Nazis on the Internet: Free Speech in the Age of Hatemobs

Posted by Netroots Nation on Saturday, August 4, 2018

While we use the internet to do crucial work bringing voices from the margins to the mainstream, the tactics of the reactionary right are unforgiving and make our work incredibly difficult. Sociologist Zeynep Tufecki suggests that in this “golden age of free speech,” it’s inexpensive to speak, but attention is dear. In today’s media environment, organizers must rise to the challenge of finding people, building trust and moving them to effective action. This panel will examine these shifts for activists working online. We will consider the future: What can we do now to strengthen our organizing? What can, or should, we ask the state or the platforms to do? What are our responsibilities for new practices for action?

Led by: Cayden Mak

Panelists: Evan Greer

Making Progressive Values a Winning Issue: SCOTUS, Public Education and Guns (Sponsored Panel)

Sat 2pm: Making Progressive Values a Winning Issue: SCOTUS, Public Education and Guns (Sponsored Panel)

Making Progressive Values a Winning Issue: SCOTUS, Public Education and Guns (Sponsored Panel)

Posted by Netroots Nation on Saturday, August 4, 2018

This is the SCOTUS vacancy fight of our lives. Federal courts are holding the line against some of Trump’s worst attacks on our rights. But this bulwark is at risk, with Trump potentially filling a second Court vacancy and over 100 federal judgeships. Brett Kavanaugh met Trump’s two political litmus tests – gutting Roe v. Wade and overturning the Affordable Care Act – and believes presidents can be above the law. But we’ve won before, including defeating a judicial nominee who called transgender youth part of “Satan’s plan,” and we can win again. Advocates for LGBTQ rights, communities of color, women and workers are uniting against Trump’s court takeover. Hear from leaders about why they’re doubling down on courts, lessons learned from successes, and how you can join the fight.

Led by: Mary Cathryn Ricker

Panelists: Drew Courtney, Amber Goodwin, Helen Gym, Brandon Johnson

Organizing Around Jerry Brown's Legacy, the Global Climate McSummit

California Governor Jerry Brown is organizing a Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco September 2018 to cement his legacy as a climate leader; but he’s never come to grips with California’s role as one of the largest oil-producing states in America and home to the dirtiest oil on the planet. This panel will use the summit, and progressive response to same, to explore California’s role as a nation-state setting a global agenda, and whether any state can fully phase out fossil fuels.

Led by: Jason Kowalski

Panelists: David Braun, RL Miller, Kassie Siegel, Kevin de León

Looking to the Brown Belt for 2018 and Beyond

While much of the 2016 election centered on the Rust Belt, the next and future elections will have more to do with the Brown Belt—states with significant and increasing numbers of Latino voters stretching from California through the southwest to Texas. This panel will discuss how building political power by focusing on the large young Latino population in these key states will help narrow the gap in voter participation and influence upcoming critical elections. We’ll take a look at recent elections like those in Virginia and New Jersey where progressive groups worked to turn out Latino voters.

Led by: Jessica Reeves

Panelists: Sarah Audelo, Natalie Montelongo, Nelini Stamp

Moving the Ball Forward in the Deep South: Why What Works in Your Town Doesn't Work in Ours

Join us for a discussion centered around mid-to small size city organizing in the deep south when relationships and trust are everything and there is plenty on the line. Attendees will attain key takeaways as to why organizing in deep red territory often looks so different from more progressive cities across the country. Not only will we center the voices of organizers doing the work, but we’ll talk about how strategies attained can be used elsewhere in reframing work and navigating policy, respectability culture and getting results.

Led by: Amanda Hollowell

Panelists: Edward Gresham, Molly Lieberman, Coco Papy, Moncello Stewart

Reclaiming the Narrative on Voting Rights

Sat 2pm: Reclaiming the Narrative on Voting Rights

Reclaiming the Narrative on Voting Rights

Posted by Netroots Nation on Saturday, August 4, 2018

2018 marks many of the first federal elections since Donald Trump was elected to office. False claims of voter fraud and fears of foreign interference have shaken many people’s trust in our elections—so how can voting rights advocates stop playing defense and instead drive progressive, inclusive voting policies? This panel will discuss how we can reclaim the narrative on voting rights using communications, digital, on-the-ground, and state-based strategies.

Led by: Shaneice Simmons

Panelists: Kat Calvin, Jonah Minkoff-Zern, Myrna Perez, Adrienne van der Valk

Designs on Democracy: The Roles and Responsibilities of Graphic Designers in the Trump Era

As graphic designers and media makers, how can we best develop strategic visual communication to win campaigns and stay accountable to the leadership of community organizers? Join us for a panel discussion on best practices and case studies. As people of color, women and immigrants, we will reflect on opportunities and challenges we face as media makers doing this work.

Led by: Tanzila Ahmed

Panelists: Sabiha Basrai, Candice Dayoan, Yash Mori

Inside the Media Union Revolution: Organizing Case Studies from the Writers Guild of America, East

In less than three years, more than 1,200 workers across more than 12 digital media companies have organized unions with the Writers Guild of America, East. At this panel, union members and activists will share their experiences and recommendations for winning worker-led union campaigns. Topics will include best practices in organizing a geographically diffuse workforce, successful use of social media and digital tools in campaigns, and what is (and isn’t) distinct about organizing professional workers.

Led by: Megan McRobert

Panelists: Kim Bellware, Kim Kelly, Sarah Lloyd, Hamilton Nolan

Break Through the Noise: How to Create Actions that Cannot be Ignored

With a constant stream of news about Trump and an ever increasingly saturated social media space, this panel will cover how to break through the noise. From direct action to creative tactics, the panel will discuss how to create actions that get noticed—and how to amplify their reach through social and earned media. From giant screens on the mall to multi-day sit-ins, panelists will discuss how to create actions that cannot be ignored.

Led by: Natalie Green

Panelists: Elizabeth Cuna, Yasmina Dardari, Bruce Darling

Second Chances Florida: Restoring the Eligibility to Vote to 1.4 Million People

1.4 million people in Florida are permanently excluded from voting because of a past felony conviction. Florida is one of only four states with a lifetime ban on voting. It’s past time to return the eligibility to vote to Floridians who have already completed their sentence. These are our family members, friends, and neighbors who have earned back the opportunity to participate in and give back to their communities. Join us for a panel about Second Chances Florida – the ballot initiative in Florida that could restore the eligibility to vote to 1.4 million people – and learn what we can do nationwide to ensure this essential initiative wins in November.

Led by: Jonah Minkoff-Zern

Panelists: Reggie Hubbard, Myrna Perez, W. Mondale Robinson, Shaneice Simmons

Lawyering in the Age of Trump: Protecting Civil and Economic Rights in the Courts

Sat 3:30pm: Lawyering in the Age of Trump: Protecting Civil and Economic Rights in the Courts

Lawyering in the Age of Trump: Protecting Civil and Economic Rights in the Courts

Posted by Netroots Nation on Saturday, August 4, 2018

The past 18 months have been a whirlwind for public interest litigation, starting with the Trump travel ban, and ending … never. And one of the things we have learned—just as Republicans did in the Obama years—is that courts matter, and that even without political power, policy can still be impacted through litigation. Our panelists are on the legal front lines, fighting in the courts to protect basic civil and economic rights on every issue from public access to Twitter accounts, to Department of Education loan forgiveness, to keeping refugee families together, to combating a resurgent white supremacist movement.

Led by: Arjun Jaikumar

Panelists: Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza, Aunna Dennis, Neil Sawhney, Vincent Warren

Putting the ALL in Medicare For All: Eliminating Minority Health Disparities as We Build Health Justice

The individual and collective health of minority communities struggle with the inequities, inefficiencies, and injustices of American health care. Some health disparities have improved with the Affordable Care Act while others have persisted or worsened. As progressives build the groundwork for Medicare for All, how do we engage minority communities who have been overlooked or under-prioritized by American health care? How do we build enthusiasm for reducing health inequities? Our panel of public health experts, physician activists, and community organizers want to prioritize health justice in progressive movements building Medicare for All.


Panelists: Yolandra Hancock, Ari Rabin-Havt, Jean Ross

How Saving Refugees Might Just Save Us Instead

Sat 3:30pm: How Saving Refugees Just Might Save Us Instead

How Saving Refugees Just Might Save Us Instead

Posted by Netroots Nation on Saturday, August 4, 2018

Basic American principles of inclusion, refuge, and religious freedom are all intertwined when lawmakers discuss admitting refugees. However, to other lawmakers, the term “refugees” is a dog-whistle that evokes national security fears and suppresses voter turnout. In this panel, we’ll discuss how and when refugees have been used in campaigns to talk about bigger democratic principles and inversely when “refugees” have been used in elections to ignite fears of uncertainty about national security and jobs. Finally, we’ll talk about what we can do, locally and nationally, to prevent refugees from being used as political footballs in 2018 and improve our own framing to protect candidates who protect our values.

Led by: Jasmine El-Gamal

Panelists: Scott Cooper, Susannah Cunningham, Manar Waheed

NAFTA and the Midterms: Why We Must Fight to Replace NAFTA

NAFTA slammed working class families across racial and geographic lines. Trump hijacked progressives’ longstanding fight against corporate-rigged trade policies to win battleground states promising to stop job outsourcing by renegotiating NAFTA. We can take the issue back and win the House by revealing how GOP congressional leaders are blocking any new deal that removes NAFTA’s job outsourcing incentives or adds tough labor standards to stop corporations from moving jobs to Mexico to pay workers poverty wages. By promoting a People-and-Planet-First trade agenda the #ReplaceNAFTA campaign can drive a wedge between Trump and working class voters while activating young voters alarmed by Trump’s xenophobic NAFTA rhetoric and climate denialism.

Led by: Lori Wallach

Panelists: Ben Beachy, Celeste Drake, Colette Pichon Battle, Rep. Tim Ryan

Vota Boricua

Sat 3:30pm: Vota Boricua

Vota Boricua

Posted by Netroots Nation on Saturday, August 4, 2018

The devastating effects of Hurricane Maria had a diaspora effect on residents of Puerto Rico. The impact of this forced migration will reverberate in the state and national political landscape. Estimates indicate Florida has welcomed at least 300,000 Puerto Ricans so far. If just one third of that group had the ability to vote in 2016, Hillary Clinton would likely have won the state. The importance of harnessing the potential of a Puerto Rican voting block in a swing state like Florida cannot be overstated. But there needs to be strategic, concerted efforts to integrate and mobilize this powerful new group of voters. Hear from some of the players who are working to do just that, as they discuss the methods that are being employed towards the midterm.

Panelists: Mayra Macias, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Iris Y. Martinez, Amy Mercado, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz

Menstrual Equity: Practical Action to Public Policy

The cultural stigma around menstruation has impeded the implementation of good public policy, allowing the fundamental needs of the impoverished and incarcerated to be ignored. We need to address why menstrual supplies are not provided as freely as other products our society deems “essential.” Communities should continue to focus on practical solutions; however, we also need smart public policy mandates to regulate government, corporations, businesses, schools, prisons and jails. Join us to learn about the evolution of the Menstrual Equity Movement and and how a partnership between grassroots advocates, national leaders and state legislators successfully created sustainable, long term, institutional change in Virginia.

Led by: Catherine Read

Panelists: Jennifer Boysko, Mark Keam, Holly Seibold, Jennifer Weiss-Wolf

Not Today, Satan: Using the Internet to Fight Erasure and Displacement in Asian American Communities

As the U.S. hurtles through “modernization” and gentrification, it is important that the histories and people at risk of being displaced are preserved for future generations and for their own survival. From the erasure of historical sites of Japanese American incarceration to the gentrification of metropolitan Chinatowns and ethnic enclaves across the nation, Asian American communities are taking matters into our own hands. We’ll share how the Internet fuels our organizing rooted in public memory, multi-media activism and inter-generational learning. We’ll discuss invisibilized histories of resistance, how that is shaping Asian American organizing today, and our vision for the future.

Led by: Laura Li

Panelists: Huiying Bernice Chan, Nina Wallace, Diane Wong, Maari Zwick-Maitreyi

Back to Our Roots: How the Movement for Energy Democracy Starts with Rural Progressives

Energy democracy is already here—for the 42 million members of America’s 860 rural electric co-ops. These democratically owned electric utilities could build the just transition to local, clean energy we need, while keeping $41 billion in annual electricity purchases in local communities and addressing deep inequities in racial and economic justice. But it will take a renaissance in democratic organizing at the grassroots across the country to win this future, particularly in rural places in the South and Midwest that have been a blind spot to many progressive campaigns and funders. Join a discussion with four of the nationally recognized grassroots organizers who are leading in this growing movement.

Led by: Jake Schlachter

Panelists: Jay Carmona, Stan Hammons, Nsombi Lambright

Avoiding the Savior Mentality: Strategies for Accountability in the Movement

Accountable organizing and solidarity are central to healthy movements. Join us to hear from New Orleans organizers discussing strategies for accountability and successful movement building. How can those of us with privilege avoid falling into the savior mentality, and instead work effectively for liberation? In this interactive session, we’ll explore concrete examples including stories of organizing in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Led by: Jordan Flaherty

Panelists: Ashana Bigard, Ursula Price, Tracie Washington