Whether you’re a grassroots organizer, fundraiser or digital director, our training sessions will teach you how be to more effective in your work. Our 40+ trainings cover a breadth of skill levels, from basic online organizing to advanced, as well as topics like testing and optimization, communications and grassroots organizing.

Below is an outline of the types of sessions we plan to offer this year. The full line-up will be announced in March.

Basic Online Organizing

These trainings cover the skills needed to run a successful online campaign. If you’re new to digital organizing, these sessions are for you.

Past trainings include:

  • Digital Organizing on a Dime: The Low-cost Tools You Need to Launch a Digital Program
  • There’s Only Me in Team: How to Conquer Social Media as a Staff of One
  • Victory from Day 1: Ensuring a Successful Launch for Your Online Campaign
Advanced Online Organizing

Are you interested in cutting-edge techniques and technology? If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, these sessions are for you.

Past trainings include:

  • Best Practices in Digital Analytics: Using Website and Social Media Testing to Optimize for Virality
  • Extreme Makeover, Website Edition: How to Optimize Your Website and Reach Your Campaign, Fundraising and Engagement Goals
  • Using Digital Ads to Boost Your Multi-channel Campaign

Want to get more media coverage or looking to improve your messaging and media presence? Then these sessions are for you.

Past trainings include:

  • Oppositional Messaging: How to Marginalize your Opponents While Uplifting Your Values
  • Presence and Authenticity: How to Be a Media Star
  • Saving Millions with Earned Media: How to Organize Kick-Ass Press Events and Get Your Campaign Covered
Grassroots Organizing/Campaigns

Looking to hone your offline activism skills? These sessions on topics like coalition building, fundraising and voter contact are for you.

Past trainings include:

  • Building Winning Coalitions
  • Campaign Strategy: How to Pick Your Target and Powermap Your Way to Victory
  • Flip the Script: More Money, More Power