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  • A progressive film Screening Series
  • Caucuses, networking opportunities, social events and more!

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As of May 9, only our training sessions have been announced. We’ll be announcing our panel lineup soon, so stay tuned!

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Presence and Authenticity: Media in the Age of Trump

Great actors save mediocre plays, but great plays never save mediocre actors. What is more memorable: the message or the messenger? In today’s celebrity culture, skilled media talent dominates the narrative. The messenger’s presence and authenticity is more important than ever. In this 11th anniversary training, renowned media trainer Joel Silberman demystifies the art of media performance with take-away skills that have been used by countless performers, elected officials, progressive spokespeople and media stars.“In a world where first impressions of our leaders are made in seconds, not minutes, how we present ourselves is crucial. Throughout my career, it has been my privilege to help my clients, in diverse professions, step up their game to realize their full potential,“ Silberman says. This rare public opportunity to look behind the camera and speakers’ platform through the eyes of a master trainer is offered publicly only at Netroots Nation.

This training is open to everyone.

Trainers: Joel Silberman

There's Power in Data: Targeting & Contacting Voters with PDI (Sponsored Training)

PDI has been the premier data and software provider for California campaigns for 30 years. Now we are available in all 50 states using the Catalist data file, and we have the most advanced campaign software on the market. Come look at what PDI is and see how we can help your campaign win. In this session, we will go through the basics of what our program does and show you how to use some of the advanced tools. We’ll cover voter targeting (creating universes and visualizing voters), contacting voters (mobile app canvassing, online phone banks, email and webforms) and other unique features and tools available in our system.

This training is for campaign volunteers, staff and managers of all levels. It is best if attendees have used other campaign software programs, but not required.

This training is sponsored by Political Data.

Trainers: Gary Brown, Russell Drapkin, Nic Zateslo

Standing Indivisible: How to Make Your Voice Heard in Congress

Want to make your Member of Congress listen to you? Hear from the co-founders of the Indivisible Project, who wrote the guide on how progressive groups can apply Tea Party tactics to stop Trump’s agenda in Congress. Learn what tactics are most effective, what your Member of Congress is most concerned about, and what you can do in both red and blue states to demand accountability and action from your representatives.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Leah Greenberg, Ezra Levin

Messaging 101: The Art and Science of Creating Powerful Messages

Creating powerful campaign messages is both a science and an art. The science is making sure the messages serve the campaign goal and overall strategy. We’ll help you get clarity around campaign goals and target audiences, identifying partners and constituents, nailing a power map and analysis of the issue you’re working on, and understanding how the change you seek will come about (theory of change)—and we’ll show you how to ensure your strategy remains nimble and flexible to be effective in these unpredictable times. With that solid foundation, we will then work on the art of messaging. Using several tools to engage our imaginations and foster creative thinking, you’ll leave with a better understanding of how to create messages that are persuasive and effective.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Maritza Schafer

The Truth and Racial Origin of Right-to-Work Laws

Right-to-work laws may sound like they protect working people, but they are actually written by organizations like ALEC and paid for by investors like the Koch Brothers. In this session, you’ll learn about the origins of right-to-work and how these laws increase the profits of corporations and investors, suppress pay and benefits, and bring worker organizing to halt, especially in Southern states. We’ll cover how race is still being used to divide and dilute the power of working men, women, their families and the communities they live in—giving you the history and knowledge needed to create a strategic resistance plan that educates and empowers all Americans.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Jamal Watkins, Robin Williams

Building Big Power through Small Campaigns

Most progressive attention is currently focused on national campaigns for President, Senate and Congress. While these races are certainly important, local campaigns are too! Through local campaigns, we can elect leaders who will stand up to Trump and protect local communities. We can propose bold and visionary policies through ballot measures. And we can build long-lasting grassroots power in our communities. In this training, renown trainer Nicole Derse will share the experience she’s gained in working on more than 100 local campaigns. You’ll leave with the tools you need to seek out campaigns that matter, make a big impact on a small budget, and build inspiring campaigns to win.

This training is for all audiences and is best suited for those with a passion for changing their communities. Participants do not need to have previous experience with local campaigns.

Trainers: Nicole Derse

Never Woke Enough: Talking to White People about White Supremacy

The racism that Trump condones is not new; it has operated implicitly and explicitly since colonial America. Scholars have long established that race is not biological but rather a divide-and-conquer invention and that racism is systemic. However, such scholarship does not often reach the general white public. People of color cannot bear the burden of teaching white people about race. This training will identify a few basic concepts related to the history of race and racism, emphasize how white people are often not taught these concepts and instead manipulated to believe a racial ideology of white supremacy, and discuss strategies for educating white people about these issues in order to dismantle white supremacy.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Karen Gaffney

Organizing with a Gender Frame: How to Step Up Your Game and Win

Many multi-issue organizing groups, even some with impressive scale, work on issues that deeply impact women but don’t use an explicit gender lens in determining their strategies, messaging or policy asks. As a result, the unique needs, experiences and perspectives of women, especially women of color, often remain out of view and an enormous amount of potential is left on the table. Make It Work has developed an engaging and accessible set of tools and a training curriculum to help progressive organizations close this gap. We know that organizing with an intersectional gender lens is a powerful tool for change, and has the potential to significantly impact the reach and scale of organizing efforts. We’ll show you how to do it!

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Terrysa Guerra, Alicia Jay

Look Alive! Communication Strategies for Direct Action and Rapid Response

Media is a key component to the majority of communication/outreach strategies, yet many lack the training necessary to be truly effective. In this training, you’ll learn how to create, develop, and implement successful communication campaigns for direct actions and rapid response situations. The last part of the training will include an interactive simulation activity during which participants will be asked to implement the skills shared during the training by creating a media strategy responding to a given scenario.

This training is intended for all levels. This training is great for grassroots organizers, social media influencers (or those who wish to be), spokespersons, people interested in resistance movements and anyone responsible for communications efforts.


Trainers: Ashley Yates

Be Bold! 7 Legal Rules for Digital Advocacy that Every Nonprofit Should Know

Advocacy is more important than ever to build power and protect our communities. Wondering if your 501(c)(3) can bring unwanted controversy? Or how to speak out on what decision-makers are doing? If so, this workshop is for you! Social media can help an organization shape public policy, but it comes with its own set of rules and regulations. Join Alliance for Justice for an interactive training that will clarify the rules for using social media, blogs, and email as part of your advocacy toolkit. AFJ’s attorney-trainer will share concrete examples and invite you to discuss hypothetical situations to develop a deeper understanding of the rules that apply to online advocacy.

For 501(c)(3) and/or 501(c)(4) staffers, volunteers, and board members interested in engaging in advocacy. All experience levels are welcome and all will leave with a better understanding of the rules.


Trainers: Keely Monroe

Advanced Communications Strategies for Working on Controversial Issues

If you work on issues that spark public controversy and challenge deeply held convictions, strong controversy communications strategies should be a foundational part of your campaign toolkit. From immigration to abortion, expertly navigating and influencing public conversation can be the key to success. Engaging contentious public conversations as proactive strategies can propel your campaigns. Using case studies and best practices, the session will explore the spectrum from preventing crisis to managing one using both online and offline strategies. The session is led by experts deeply engaging today’s most entrenched social debates, from a viral video attack on Planned Parenthood to immigrant rights.

This training will be of value to anyone who is responsible for public communications on behalf of an organization or campaign.


Trainers: Elizabeth Toledo

Legalize Marijuana! How to Counter the Rhetoric of Prohibition (Sponsored Training)

The prohibition of marijuana has resulted in more than 26 million arrests in the past 80 years. Even in the age of legalization, more than 600,000 were arrested last year. With less Democratic power at the federal level and in many statehouses, convincing Republican legislators to repeal prohibition is a top priority in states like Georgia. Join Peachtree NORML and national NORML for a training on how to convince those who have been indoctrinated in the ways of Reefer Madness that marijuana decriminalization, medical programs, and outright legalization is the path forward on cannabis policy. You’ll hear best practices from those who have been on the front lines and participate in an exercise that will challenge your abilities to do verbal jiu jitsu in countering the tired old rhetoric of prohibition with facts, data, and a healthy dose of morality.

This training is for all audiences.

This training is sponsored by NORML.

Trainers: Sharon Ravert, Justin Strekal

Lean Data Practices for Civil Society Organizations (Sponsored Training)

All data is interesting, but only some data is useful. Lean Data Practices (“LDP”) are techniques for managing data. You don’t need an engineering degree or a dedicated budget to apply LDP. All you need is a commitment from your organization to consider data decisions thoughtfully. The pay-off? LDP helps you build trust with members and reduces operational risk. In this workshop, you’ll hear about the risks of having too much data, learn from real examples of organizers creating their list strategies with lean data, and discover how to mitigate the risks and apply Lean Data Practices to your work today. We’ll explore the LDP toolkit together and talk through different ways this approach can help guide your data collection and security. You’ll walk away with the toolkit and next-steps for securing your email lists and more!

This workshop is best suited for those who work with collecting, securing, and using data for organizing purposes.

This training is sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation.

Trainers: Will Easton, Melissa Romaine

Diversity is for White People: Strategies for Organizing against White Supremacist Violence

Diversity,’ ‘tolerance,’ and ‘white privilege’ are all terms that keep white people pacified within a system of violence that requires diversification and modification rather than radical shifts toward equity or full dismantling of the current political system. Within organizing, diversity or a push for PC politics keeps our conversations limited and our ability to cultivate a culture of radical honesty around white supremacist violence and anti-blackness. In our pursuits for liberation, it’s imperative that we analyze our own political organizing strategies that limit our effectiveness. This interactive training will help participants develop new strategies for organizing for liberation within white dominated spaces and organizing.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Ashleigh Shackelford

How to Turn a Social Media Moment into a Traditional Media News Story (and Get Funding for It!)

You’re at Netroots, so we already know you can put together killer social media campaigns. But before you bask in your digital glory, do you also leverage your social media success to get earned coverage in traditional media—turning your online moment into the breaking news story of the day? For every organizer or digital staffer who has ever had to convince your executive director, board, or funders why these social media moments have impact, this session is for you. Learn from the team that brought you campaigns like #CanYouHearUsNow, #MuslimsReportStuff, and #LetMIAVote, and your campaigns will be making headlines in no time.

Attendees should know at least the basics of Facebook and Twitter to advocate for their issues, as well as some knowledge of how to measure if a campaign is successful. We’ll take it from there.

Trainers: Zainab Chaudary, Dorry Levine

How to Make Political Ads Not Look Like Political Ads

This training will touch on how award-winning advertisements like Echo, Cards Against Insanity, Tasty, and Sold to the Highest Bidder came about, impressing that it’s possible to execute smart, creative ads that work online despite short timelines and small budgets. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to conceptualize and execute new kinds of political creative, and how to get their clients and candidates to buy in to a different approach.

This training is for all audiences. Takeaways are focused on those who have some background in political advertising but would be beneficial to anyone interested in video.

Trainers: James Mastracco, Christina Sheffey

Our Brand is Not in Crisis! How to Prevent or Survive a Media Mistake and Deal with Fake News in your Campaign

With the current administration’s daily attacks against progressives and their causes—and its supporters’ use of “fake news” to incite action—it is imperative that we learn to exist in a crisis-ready environment. This training will show you how to recognize and stop “fake news” stories and sources in their tracks. We’ll cover basic crisis prevention strategies and response strategies, as well as how to inoculate “fake news” before it becomes a crisis.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: John Rowley

Master Class: Hustle

Hustle is the leading peer-to-peer messaging tool used by campaigns and nonprofits around the country. Most recently Hustle has worked with groups like Sanders for President, Planned Parenthood, Everytown for Gun Safety, and the Human Rights Campaign to enable them to communicate with their donors and supporters in a high personalized way. In this training, we’ll do a quick intro on what Hustle is and how you use it, then our trainers will dive into expert tips and tricks on using SMS to communicate with your supporters.

This training is best suited for organizers and data/outreach teams using SMS to communicate with their supporters. Though participants do not need any background with Hustle, they should be familiar with basic text messaging tactics.

Trainers: Soleil Kellar, Hillary Lehr

Baptism by Fire: Advanced On-Camera Media Training

Organizers are our secret weapon in the #resistencia. We know our communities best and deserve to be on the front lines of our movement, telling our own stories. We must be equipped to do battle for our people and issues in the media, and this training is the equipment you need. Come take a crash course in (bilingual) messaging with on-camera practice and feedback. We’ll ask the tough questions and guide you so you can leave with the confidence to pitch yourself to outlets and become powerful messengers for your community.

This training is targeted toward organizers of color but primarily Latinos/as ready to represent our community but who lack the practice to go live. An introduction to messaging via basic media training or experience talking to media is helpful.

Trainers: Jorge Silva, Jess Torres

The Story of Self: Amplifying Vulnerable Voices

Our most vulnerable undocumented immigrant communities are being targeted and their voices need to be heard. Whether it’s through town halls, press outlets, or social media, learn how to implement key tactics for strategically telling stories of immigrants in your communities to counter and reshape negative narratives which propel destructive policies.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Dara Adams, Sandra Shelly

Activist Toolbox: Organizing to Win Progressive Local Policy

In this new political landscape, many who had previously never been politically engaged are pining to get involved in community organizing. Join us for a participatory, interactive session that empowers community members—novice and experienced organizers alike—and offers a comprehensive set of tools to turn an acknowledgment of a social justice issue into an actionable plan. Based on Athens for Everyone’s theory and practice for organizing, the training will cover problem/issue definition, policy development, messaging, audience and ally identification, community outreach strategies, and more. You’ll have a chance to put your learning into practice with an interactive group exercise and presentation.

The training is relevant for both experienced organizers and those who have been struggling to know where to start. While this training is valuable for all community members, the Activist Toolbox is best suited for those who want to spearhead organizing efforts in their local community to achieve progressive policy change and build power at the grassroots level.

Trainers: Briana Bivens, Tim Denson

Stop Telling Me to Make It Viral: Establishing a Compelling Digital Presence for Your Org or Campaign

We can’t teach you how to make a post go viral, but this workshop can help you establish a compelling digital presence for your organization or campaign. We’ll introduce messaging and branding (including graphics, photography, and basic design theory); discuss how to find and grow your audience, cover events, generate buzz and engagement, and measure impact. Finally, we’ll share how to build this multi-channel digital strategy into your entire organization’s work and form external partnerships. Our digital strategy will be informed by a racial justice, feminist and LGBTQ lens, and it is our hope that our training will help change the online conversation on progressive issues to be more inclusive and intersectional.

This training is for beginning/intermediate social media and digital strategists. Ideally participants should have familiarity with managing an organizational Facebook page and Twitter account.


Trainers: Aaron Smith, Kayley Whalen

Strategic Communications: Connecting through Emotions and Values

As progressives, our instinct is too often to bring facts and figures to a feelings fight. Truman Project’s nationwide organization of veterans, policy experts, and political professionals arguing for a strong, smart, and principled American foreign policy has a better way forward. We’ve found that connecting through emotions and identifying shared values are the surest ways to win “permission to be heard” from audiences who aren’t used to listening when progressives talk about foreign policy. And regardless of what issue you care about, the science and strategies in this training can help you reach persuadable audiences and have a genuine conversation rather than a knock-down-drag-out fight that gets you nowhere.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Jalina Porter, Graham West

Your Group, Stronger: Understanding and Reacting to Common Group Dynamics

Ever been frustrated by a group of people you’re responsible for leading, managing, or coordinating? That wouldn’t be surprising, as we all bring different styles and experiences to our work. As leaders, we have to know about our own style and understand how other styles show up, so we can build the kinds of diverse and equitable staffs, coalitions, memberships, and more that we need to in this moment. In this training, you’ll learn about a few models that group leaders, managers, and others can use to build teams that respect, value, and understand our differences so we can win big.

No experience necessary. This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Kaytee Ray-Riek

Storytelling as a Tool for Change

Our organizations are committed to making the world a better place, yet we often struggle to communicate our vision and mobilize people around it. Storytelling can help bridge the disconnect with people and issues that our communities face. Stories create empathy. They allow people to intimately and emotionally understand the situation of a person they’ve never met before. Inspiring stories show solutions that exist. Through storytelling, our organizations can show its direct impact on people and make our vision real and tangible for the audience. We’re still figuring out the secret sauce, and we invite you to join us in this safe space so we can learn together.

Beginner to intermediate. This training is best suited for those who know the basics of social media engagement, messaging and framing.

Trainers: Kim Rescate, Burt Vera Cruz

Digital Strategy 101: Building Your Digital Campaign from the Ground Up

Since the election, thousands of Americans have decided to run for office for the first time in communities across the country. An effective digital program can help you raise money, communicate with voters, and drive supporters to take action. But with endless platforms, tools, and tactics available, how do you decide what the right solutions are for your campaign? This training will cover the basics you need to know to run a smart, cost-effective digital campaign, including email, social media, and advertising. We’ll cut through the noise and help you understand how to build your digital campaign from the ground up.

This is an entry level training for candidates and organizers who may have no exposure to digital strategy or for those who may be unsure of how to adapt the strategies, tools, and tactics they may be familiar with for local efforts.

Trainers: Ben Dotson

Campaign Data Management 101

We’re living in a world of big data and often find ourselves in campaigns against big moneyed interests that are able to use that against us. In this training you will get the information needed to turn the tables. Join us for a session on the strategic importance of data before, during, and after a campaign. You’ll learn how to tailor a data management strategy for your campaign and leave with best practices for campaign data management.

This is a beginner level training for anyone who wants to better understand data’s role in campaigns.

Trainers: Italia Garcia, Hakan Jackson

Dare to Compete! Women Leaders for a Democratic Future

Interested in running for office, but don’t know where to start? Let Emerge America point you in the right direction during our Dare to Compete! training. Learn the basics on starting your run for elected office or support women who are running. After the 2016 election, America desperately needs the unique perspectives and skills women can bring to the table. Emerge America and the Emerge affiliates share one mission: to increase the number of Democratic women leaders from diverse backgrounds in public office through recruitment, training, and providing a powerful network.

This training is best suited for women who are thinking about running for office or who plan to run for office and want to learn the basics of how to get started. This is also a good refresher course for those who have taken previous trainings on how to run for office.

Trainers: A'shanti Gholar, Judy Neufeld

Protecting Students and their Families from the Threat of Deportation

More than 750,000 individuals adjusted their immigration status through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The AFT and its partners across the country are on the frontlines fighting to keep families and communities together while President Trump keeps his campaign promise targeting undocumented and refugee immigrants. Join us for a candid conversation about immigration and ICE raids. Learn about the tools and resources available to community members, allies, and schools to help undocumented students prepare and fight back against the attacks and defend DACA.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Elana Levin, Cesar Moreno Perez

Email 101: Best Practices for Running an Effective Email Program

Come to this training and learn best practices for running an effective email program for your non-profit or campaign, as well as best practices for writing advocacy and donation emails. This training is geared toward experienced non-profit or campaign people who are now in charge of their first mass email program. Prior mass email writing knowledge is helpful but not required.

This training is ideal for those who want to learn more about mass email programs and which tools they can take advantage of in order to create an effective campaign on the local level. Prior CRM knowledge is not necessary.

Trainers: Drew Hudson

Building an Effective Volunteer Army

There are a lot of people who want to help your campaign right now, but do you know how to find and engage them? In progressive campaigns, engaged volunteers are the bedrock for success. Our exercise-based curriculum will help you learn ways to use volunteers’ skills, energy, and enthusiasm effectively. You’ll leave this training knowing how to recruit volunteers to join your campaign, set them up for success, maximize their impact, and keep them coming back time after time.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Lucy Sedgwick, Teddy Smyth

Fighting Everywhere: How and Why to Run in Deep Red Territory

Running for local and state office in deep red territory is one of the most powerful things you can do to change your state and the nation. Forget everything you thought you knew and come learn just how powerful you can be—and how to implement a strong state or local campaign that yields quantifiable progress.

This training is best suited for activists and operatives living in difficult states or districts. Attendees may be considering a run for office or may be interested in supporting those who do, either as staff or in a volunteer capacity. No previous political experience is necessary.

Trainers: Madison Paige, Tony Panaccio

From School Board to Governor: The Fundamentals of Running for Office

If you’re fired up, motivated, and ready to step up and run for office but aren’t sure where or how to start, this training is for you. Based on our experience getting races of all sizes off the ground, we’ll answer questions such as: What should you consider when making the decision to run? What are the first steps you should take? What roles do you need on your team and how do you fill them? What resources are available to help you? Whether you are considering running for alderman, school board, park district, mayor, or governor, this training will help you get started!

This training is for anyone interested in running for office or helping someone run for office.

Trainers: Rachel Campbell, Kate Catherall

So You Want to Win a State Legislative Race...

We know that many of the biggest upcoming electoral fights—with the highest stakes—will be fought on the local level. The question is, how can we bring our community’s tools and best practices to bear downballot in scope, scale, and cost? Join our conversation about the newest tools for strategic planning and execution in state legislative races.

This training is for all audiences. Great for those interested in leveraging their skills and knowledge to support state legislative races professionally.

Trainers: Haris Aqeel

ActBlue Skills Training for Non-Profits

ActBlue is a tool used extensively throughout the political world, but it is also available for 501 c4s and 501 c3s! In this training, we’ll help nonprofits explore the tools and features of ActBlue that are most useful to their work. There will be a large focus on Q&A, so bring your questions and we’ll have answers.

We expect folks with very basic questions, as well as more advanced users. The intended audience is any nonprofit with questions about ActBlue tools or about online fundraising more generally.


Trainers: Patrick Frank

Fundraising 101: Donor Research and Baller Asks

Improving your fundraising is critical, whether you’re running a small grassroots campaign or running for office. Our exercise-based curriculum will help you learn hands-on how to research donors and ask for money more effectively. And when progressives can raise more grassroots dollars, we win more. It’s that simple. This training received rave reviews at Netroots Nation last year, and we’re excited to offer it again!

This training is for all audiences. The training is geared toward beginners and includes basic information on grassroots organizing and campaigns.


Trainers: Sarah Badawi, Sam Barrett

Friend-to-Friend Outreach: Going Beyond Phone and Door with VoterCircle

Elections can be won with passion or money. This training gives “passion” campaigns a path to victory. Join us and learn how to implement a friend-to-friend outreach program to help you win your race. We’ll show you how to identify and locate super influencers in your electorate, enable hundreds of your supporters to reach hundreds of their friends (helping you get thousands of volunteers), and dramatically reduce the time and cost of voter outreach.

This training is valuable to novices and experts alike. Suggested attendees: candidates, issue activists, campaign managers, data managers, firle organizers an fundraisers.

Trainers: Sangeeth Peruri

Getting Started with Facebook Live: How to Amplify Your Action and Bring More People into the Movement

Join this training and learn how to use Facebook Live to reach tens or hundreds of thousands of people with your action or protest. In this interactive workshop, we’ll break down the components to a successful Facebook Live broadcast: how to script your broadcast, how to build an audience, how to interact with viewers and how to move people from Facebook spectators to movement participants. You’ll also leave with a list of inexpensive gear that will improve the quality of your broadcast.

This training is best suited for those who use dramatic actions to achieve their goals. The lessons from this training can be used by an activist with an Indivisible group, a local or statewide organization or a national organization.

Trainers: Yonah Lieberman, Thaís Marques

Lock It Up: How to Secure Your Website Against the Internet's Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

Ransomware. Viruses. Data breaches. Phishing emails. Website defacement. Ad network hijacking. These are just some of the cyber threats that every progressive organizer, campaign, and nonprofit needs to be aware of and on guard against. This training will cover best practices for securing websites, personal computers, and mobile devices that everyone should know. Learn how to protect yourself and your organization against the hive of scum and villainy on the Internet that would do you harm. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This training is geared towards any nonprofit staffer or activist who organizes online and wants to improve their personal/organizational security hygiene. No programming knowledge or coding experience needed.


Trainers: Andrew Villeneuve

Google Analytics: Using Data to Improve Your Website

Say goodbye to being overwhelmed by the information in Google Analytics. In this session, we’ll cover just the data points that are most applicable to your nonprofit’s website. We’ll discuss what each data point is actually telling us about the areas of our website that need improving. Armed with our new data know-how, we’ll walk through specific ideas you can use to start improving your site. (And to keep all of us focused on the data that matters, you’ll receive a link to a dashboard template that you can save and use directly in your nonprofit’s Google Analytics account.)

For beginner to intermediate users, preferably with some responsibility over their organization’s website.

Trainers: Yesenia Sotelo

Municipal Initiatives: A Petition for Change

Activists are changing their cities for the better at the ballot box. You can petition in your city to increase worker rights, liberalize marijuana policy, influence criminal justice policy, and enact countless other changes. Come to this training to learn how a small group of motivated activists can put legislation directly on the ballot.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Scott Tillman

When the Ladder Isn't Enough: Engaging New Supporters for Long-term Organizing

How do you best absorb new action takers? Post-November, people don’t need to be convinced to get involved. Instead, they need meaningful actions to channel fear and frustration, and in a variety of interconnected ways so they don’t lose steam. The ladder of engagement is too limited—a healthy digital program looks more like an ecosystem, especially given the challenge of how quickly we’re having to provide opportunities for supporters to respond to the consistent barrage of attacks on progressive values. In this training, we’ll draw from lessons learned to help others identify areas of focus to build and scale healthy digital organizing programs—ones that can effectively absorb and sustain the recent outpouring of interest.

All are welcome, from independent activists who want to build their friends into an informal network of action takers to organizations looking to revisit and refine their engagement strategy.

Trainers: Jennifer Warner, Alex Woodward

HeartMob How-To: A Bystander's Guide to Online Harassment

During the 2016 presidential campaign and since the election, harassment and violence across the country—both in physical spaces and online—has increased. Online harassment of people of color, religious minorities, women, and others has driven some to abandon social media as a public space. But we’ve also heard about many who are rising up and intervening when they see harassment happening. With so many eager to step up, bystanders need to know how to intervene safely and effectively. Join us for a bystander training to prepare everyday people to intervene when they witness harassment online.

This training is relevant and accessible to anyone who uses social media, yet offers new tactics even to seasoned online activists. Folks at any skill level will gain from this training.

Trainers: Leah Entenmann

Design 101: How to Visually Stand Out in a World of Noise

Have you ever wondered why we notice some things but not others? What stopped your scrolling through the timeline and take notice? Learn how artists throughout history have taken advantage of human behavior to grab your attention. Join this training to learn how to use science to get people not just interested, but ultimately activated! We’ll cover how humans process visual information and how design can help motivate people to action. This training will cover the basics of photo-based design and help you improve the visuals you need to stand out in a world of noise.

This training is for both beginners/non-designers as well as intermediate designers/communication professionals who want to improve their design and communication skills and gain insight.

Trainers: Candice Dayoan

Digital Advertising Dos and Don'ts

From advertising on social media to voter-targeted display and pre-roll, the world of digital advertising continues to evolve and get more complex—but also more effective. Digital advertising experts at Bully Pulpit Interactive will walk you through the basics of digital advertising and how to approach your digital campaign, advertising channels, audience targeting, and measurement so that you leave knowing how to make an impact with any budget.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Amy Kelleher, Madeline Twomey

D.I.Y. Guerilla Video

If you want tips on how to produce guerilla-style video for online campaigns and social media, this training is for you! You’ll learn how to conceptualize and produce grassroots style video for progressive causes and candidates from some of the best in the business.

This training is for all audiences.


Trainers: John Rowley

Protecting the Movement Online: Digital Security 101

Progressive organizations can’t make change happen if they’re breached, and right now too many of us are at high risk. Although cyber threats are not unique to the political space, cyber security is a threat we face as a community and one we need to address together. Come learn how to think about your threat model, how to identify phishing (the primary method of intrusions), how to add two-factor authentication on various services, and how to use password managers. In the process, you’ll hopefully become vigilant not only about your own security, but the security of those with whom you interact.

This training is an introductory level course in online security. It is not intended for people who already have strong security in place.

Trainers: Shauna Daly, Mike Sager

Organizing the Unorganized: Getting Your Organization or Movement off the Ground

Organizing in a new area can be challenge, and some efforts die before they even get started. This training is designed to help grassroots activists learn how to create an effective organization. We’ll cover topics like outreach, organizational structure and communication, and how to engage new populations—helping you more effectively organize and win.

This training is primarily designed for those who are starting or recently started a campaign/grassroots movement.

Trainers: Robert "Slate" Goodwin

Evidence-based GOTV

This session will include the latest advances in evidence-based GOTV tactics. The Analyst Institute assists organizations in building randomized controlled tests into their voter contact efforts, and collecting and using academic experiments. In this session, we’ll present the most up-to-date information on how to turn out voters.

This training will be accessible to all levels of experience, from those needing an introduction to randomized controlled trials and GOTV work to those seeking to brush up their skills.

Trainers: Daniel Gonzales

Fired Up and Burnt Out: Keeping It Together in Uncertain Times

How can we keep ourselves grounded as we participate in this movement moment? In our current political climate, we’re seeing many new activists and increasing momentum but also increasing burnout and despair. The Icarus Project works at the intersections of social justice and mental health. Join us for a workshop on how to collectively address burnout and make sure our movement work is sustainable. This hands-on workshop will use The Icarus Project resources, group exercises, and role plays to help activists get tools for sustainable resistance.

This training is for all audiences.

Trainers: Agustina Vidal, Natalie Yoon

Not Just Bill O'Reilly: Combatting Sexual Harassment as a Progressive Employee

We know sexual harassment is a problem in the progressive movement. It’s time for solutions that every single one of us can implement. Whether you’re someone who has been targeted for sexual harassment and needs to know how to respond; someone who has witnessed or been confided in about harassment occuring and wants to be supportive; or someone responsible for creating organizational policies and processes, this training will give you concrete strategies to implement immediately. If harassment happens again, you’ll be ready. But you can also do work in advance to hopefully prevent harassment from ever happening, armed with the latest and most effective approaches recommended by experts.

This training is for all audiences. Intended audience is anyone who works in an environment where sexual harassment could happen (which is everyone!) and/or who believes progressives should do better at identifying and responding to sexual harassment.

Trainers: Paula Brantner

Using SEO for Social Change, Profit and Fame!

SEO is straight up magical. It’s free, easy, and can drive millions of visitors to your website. We’ll show you how we used SEO to secure top Google placement for almost any voting-related search, allowing us to run the largest—and cheapest—voter engagement program in America. During this training, you’ll learn five things you can immediately do to your website to improve your search engine ranking and reach more visitors without spending any more money. Bring your laptop and your admin password so you can get under the hood of your website and start making changes now.

This is an intermediate to advanced level training for people who love the internet, love user-generated content, know HTML and have administrative access to at least one website. Bring your laptop and your admin password so you can get under the hood of your website and start making changes.

Trainers: Debra Cleaver, Jim Pugh

Legal Resources 101: How to Support Immigrants Digitally and in their Communities

The Trump administration’s executive orders have drastically changed the legal landscape for immigrants. Learn the basics about what has legally changed for immigrants and hear how allies can help immigrants with accessing information and legal services. As the immigrant community continues to encounter expanded interior enforcement and ICE actions, everyone must be informed about how to stay safe, secure their rights, and be ready to help a neighbor in need secure theirs too.

This is a 101 training for people who are new to the immigration landscape, want to understand the legal changes, and are looking to support immigrants digitally and in their community.

Trainers: Avideh Moussavian, Hemly Ordonez

How to Gather and Use Audience Insights in Your Campaign

The Mobilisation Lab has developed a unique campaign planning process that blends high-performing advocacy campaign strategy tools and collaborative processes with proven methods inspired by design thinking. Audience sensing—the process of gaining insight into motivations, needs, barriers to action, and context for the audiences that matter for your campaign or project—is a core part of this methodology and a foundation of human-centered design. In this session, you’ll learn how to frame and conduct audience sensing in a low-cost, rapid way—and how to use the insights you gather to improve your campaign or project. This process was designed with people-powered advocacy campaigns in mind, but can also be applied to electoral work.

Some familiarity with campaign planning and a need to plan campaigns in some form as part of your life (could be your job or as a volunteer) is needed. Those with some background in facilitation will likely get even more out of this, but it’s not required.


Trainers: Ben Simon

The Digital Lab: Better Outreach through Email Testing

Every email list is different, so how do you know what messaging will motivate your supporters the most? What subject lines will grab their attention? Which email layout will get them to click through? Here’s the good news: the answers to those questions—and more—are a simple email test away. In this session, attendees will learn the basics of email testing including what makes an effective test, what tools they need to start testing, best practices, how to analyze the results of a test, and how to apply those lessons to future emails.

This training is for digital organizers and digital professionals who are new to email and/or testing but who want to launch an effective testing program. Some takeaways will also be useful to those who have email testing programs they are looking to take to the next level.

Trainers: Malinda Frevert, Damien Shirley

Beyond Email: The Future of Digital Organizing and Advocacy

In a rapidly changing world, digital organizing is constantly changing. Just a few years ago, having a website was revolutionary. Now, we often struggle to maintain engagement as best practices fluctuate in effectiveness and new tools and approaches enter the scene. Join us for a training and discussion of what’s next, with a rigorous emphasis on what can work for folks on the ground.

This training is for beginner and intermediate digital organizers. We won’t rely on heavily technical skills, but we will have a fairly high-level conversation and training that will assume some familiarity of digital organizing practices.

Trainers: Beth Becker, John Brougher

Beyond A/B Testing: Upping Your Digital Analytics Game

More and more organizations are adopting the fundamentals of analytics into their digital programs: tracking key metrics, A/B testing, and making data-informed decisions. But is there more you could be doing? This training will cover advanced digital analytics practices: best practice testing, multi-stage testing, multivariate testing, challenges with ad testing, and effective test tracking.

Attendees should be very familiar with A/B testing and how analytics can help guide a digital program.

Trainers: Sandhya Anantharaman, Jim Pugh

Democratizing Digital Ad Tech to Empower Campaigns Up and Down the Ballot Using brings the targeting technology from the presidential and federal level down to the most local of races. Down-ballot candidates and issue campaigns should be empowered to utilize the same cutting-edge technology available larger campaigns in order to reach registered voters wherever they go online—and makes it easier than ever. In this training we will talk about how to create, place, and evaluate your digital advertising campaign. We will show you our integration with NGP-VAN’s Votebuilder, allowing you to choose a targeting option that is best for your campaign’s needs and budget.

This training is for all audiences. The platform is built to be accessible to all campaigns of any budget or technical expert.

Trainers: Amanda Coulombe, Jesse Juntura

How to Win the Internet and Influence People

Digital-driven movements succeed through the power of people. Dale Carnegie was right: It’s important to make friends in order to persuade people effectively. The game has changed and a reality TV star has become the most successful online influencer in history as the leader of the free world. Silicon Valley startups and major corporations have understood the power of microinfluencers for years. Learn how you can use free or low cost tools through platforms like Hootsuite and Instagram to build relationships with those people who have reach and relevance in key communities. We’ll show you how you can use cutting edge techniques in influencer engagement and smart segmentation to get the right message to the right person at the right moment for maximum outreach, organizing, and advocacy.

This is an advanced training best suited for those who are using social media for a campaign or organization.

Trainers: Cheryl Contee

Harnessing the Power of Digital-first Content

The message matters, but so does how and where we tell the message. During the 2016 cycle, the digital team behind Chuck Schumer’s reelection campaign found that digitally optimized ads would perform significantly better in an online presentation than made-for-TV ads in terms of user engagement and view completion rates, and provide a measurable brand lift. In this training, we’ll show you what digital-first content is and review tests that prove its effectiveness, then we’ll teach you how to develop it yourself. Join us for an interactive discussion on digital-first content, and learn how digital organizers at every level can develop content that engages more activists and persuades and turnouts more voters.

Participants should attend our training with the goal of understanding the power of digital first content, and have the tools to produce it.

Trainers: Raffi Appel, Tatenda Musapatike

Coding as Activism: How to Write Apps with NGP and VAN

NGP and VAN are widely used by tens of thousands of Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, and labor unions. Both apps have robust APIs, making it easy to develop new apps to engage voters and raise money. Whether you’re writing an entire application; you have a website and would like to integrate your form; or you just want to automate some repetitive task, these APIs help you write code with impact. Join us for a quick summary of available APIs; a training which shows you how to build a simple, three-form application; and a look at the API roadmap. We’ll wrap up with a quick Q&A session.

This session is targeted at activists with some degree of technical knowledge. It’s best suited to software developers or front-end developers who know what an API or a Javascript app is, although detailed knowledge of these topics is not necessary.

Trainers: Sandy Gani, Shai Sachs

SMS Outreach: What Works, What Doesn't, and What's a Waste of Your Time and Money

The hottest new tactic of the 2016 election cycle was peer-to-peer texting. It’s a powerful, scalable, and cost-effective organizing tactic that can complement both field and digital programs. But do you know how to run a program, what worked, what’s hype, and what’s possible? If you answered “no” to even one of those questions, you should attend this training. In 2016, sent 6.3 million messages via peer-to-peer SMS, including just under 1 million on Election Day alone, making our program one of the largest in the country. We promise a lively session packed with the information you need to get your own program up and running.

This training is best suited for organizers and consultants who have a background in either digital or field organizing and are looking for opportunities to grow their audience, more deeply engage, and be more nimble and efficient.

Trainers: Debra Cleaver, Hillary Lehr