Netroots Nation 2015: Phoenix – July 16-19, 2015

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For Netroots Nation 2015, we’re choosing to go to Phoenix and make immigration a central issue to the progressive agenda.


We haven’t yet won on this legislatively and we haven’t yet won with the Obama administration. We’re mindful that we’re about to launch into the 2016 presidential cycle and it’s time to step up as a movement on this issue.

We want everyone aspiring for office in 2016 — from the President to the Senate to Congress to local elected offices – to know that if you don’t support taking real action on immigration reform, then you won’t win our community’s support.

So next year, just as 2016 will be heating up, we’re going to push the envelope further and head into the belly of the beast and send a powerful message with not only our voices but our presence. We, as a community, don’t believe in sitting on the sidelines. We, as a community, believe in taking on the fight head on.

Just like here in Detroit, there’s a burgeoning progressive infrastructure in Arizona that could use more support. We’ve also got a lot to discuss from a policy perspective. It’s time to start talking about how militarizing our police forces and borders is problematic, how trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA have created the economic conditions for the migration from Central America, and how this issue ultimately comes down to family.

We’ll talk about all that and more in 2015. And I want all of you there with us next July 16-19.

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