When Preparation Meets Opportunity: A Simulation on Rapid Response Communications

Proposed training for Netroots Nation 2019

Crisis communications is usually viewed as responding to negative events, but the same principles apply to situations you can leverage to advance your cause. Progressive advocates and candidates can expect that they will have strategic, but unexpected opportunities to engage in the public conversation and change how people approach their issues. ReThink Media has worked for 8 years with Muslim, Arab, Sikh, & South Asian communities to coordinate a collaborative communications approach to crisis response incidents. We'll guide participants through an hour-by-hour crisis of opportunity simulation. Participants will walk through every action they would take in response to the developing story and how they can shape the media narrative.
  • Submitted by: Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons
  • Trainer(s): Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons, Firdaus Arastu

Categories: Communication

What are the takeaways for people who attend this training? What skills will be taught to people who attend?

Opportunities for creative rapid response come daily: a progressive MoC tweets your petition, your issue is mentioned in a Democratic debate, or President Trump attacks your organization. We can’t be caught flat footed. This training will prepare communications professionals to respond effectively and swiftly in the event of a crisis of opportunity. This is a valuable opportunity to think through a crisis scenario step-by-step, so that participants can refine/define their own organizational plan

Describe the skill level of this training and the intended audience.

Participants should have at least 1-3 years of experience working in communications at an advocacy organization. This training will equip staffers who are on the frontlines to answer their Executive Director's question "what do we say?" when a major news story breaks about their issues.

Why should the Netroots Nation community vote for your session?

This hands-on training flips the script on the usual format of trainings. We’re not going to give a presentation; instead we’ll throw participants into a crisis simulation head first. We’re supercharging the idea of an “interactive” training, providing an environment for experiential learning with experts on-hand providing recommendations and advice from years of on-the-ground experience. Participants will walk away with a practical understanding of how they can plan for own crises.

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