The Power of Persona: Shape Your Story Into a Powerful Digital Presence

Proposed training for Netroots Nation 2019

A fun, interactive session that will give social justice activists ideas on how their personal story is connected to the causes they care about, directions to help them navigate the online universe, and tools to understand the different audiences and pick the media with the highest potential. Whether they want to fundraise for a campaign, get people to turn out to an event, or allies to take action, our goal is to empower activists by helping them develop concrete skills to shape their personal narratives and the stories familiar to them in ways that elevate progressive values and support good causes.
  • Submitted by: Alessandra Perotti
  • Trainer(s): Alessandra Perotti, Rafael Shimunov

Categories: Basic Online Organizing

What are the takeaways for people who attend this training? What skills will be taught to people who attend?

You’ll walk away with:

- A set of skills to identify personal stories and use them to develop powerful digital narratives.
- A solid understanding of which medium to use, based on audience and goals.
- A deeper awareness of how to select targets and allies.

Describe the skill level of this training and the intended audience.

If you work in the social justice space, are familiar with the basics of social media, and are eager to step up your online game to support progressive causes, this training will help you make sense of the complexity of the online universe, understand the dynamics happening “behind the scenes,” and get the most out of the stories you’re connected to by developing narratives with viral potential.

Why should the Netroots Nation community vote for your session?

This training aims to be a hands-on session, where participants who don’t have a background in communications will have a powerful tool to become ambassadors for the causes they care about in the digital social justice space.

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