Kavanaugh + Redistricting = State Courts Matter

Proposed panel for Netroots Nation 2019

With Kavanaugh and Gorsuch elevated to the Supreme Court while McConnell and Trump continue to pack the federal courts with right-wing extremists, our state courts are more important than ever. The panel will expose ongoing threats that political and big-money interests pose for our state courts; how the progressive sector can leverage state courts to advance a range of issues; and why, where, and how activists can plug in to ensure independence, transparency, and accountability of their state courts.
  • Submitted by: Nick Lyell
  • Moderator: Nick Lyell
  • Panelists: Shauntay Nelson, Billy Corriher, Adriana Barboza, Alicia Bannon

What are the takeaways for people who attend this panel? Why is this panel important to the progressive movement?

Despite the critical power that state supreme courts hold over so many of the rights we are fighting for — from clean water, to enforcement of civil rights laws, to workers rights, to the very essence of our democracy — activists for many of these movements have left these fields of state supreme courts to lie fallow. Our movements can choose to let the weeds of unaccountable power grow there, or we can seize this opportunity to create more fair, diverse, and independent courts.

Why should the Netroots Nation community vote for your session?

State courts make decisions that are critically important to progressive movements. However, our side frequently leaves these important spaces open to the the right wing, which is busy bending the courts to their will. In addition, each of the panelists bring diverse, unique, and interesting perspectives on the topic including perspectives from movement leaders in North Carolina and Wisconsin — epicenters of many of these issues — and national legal, organizing, and policy expertise

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