Info For Trainers

If you’re organizing or giving a training at Netroots Nation 2017 and you’re looking for information, you’re in the right place! Info about NN17 trainings is listed below.


Netroots Nation 2017 is August 10-13 in Atlanta, GA. Trainings will be scheduled during the breakout slots noted in the Schedule Overview. We’ll be assigning times to the trainings within the next several weeks and will be in touch once we’ve done that.


We ask that speakers register for the conference. This year we’re offering speakers who register by June 15 an earlybird registration price of $140. We’ll be offering a standard speaker registration rate of $190 after that. Both of these prices are heavily discounted from our normal rates. Training organizers received an email from with a link to register at the discounted rate, as well as a link to request to have the fee waived if needed.


Rooms will be assigned to the trainings after they are scheduled. We’ll be in touch in the coming weeks with room assignments, as well as additional details about how the rooms are set up, the equipment that will be available, etc.


Please update or add bios for all trainers to our website. These bios appear with the title/description of your session(s) and index well with Google, so it’s worth taking a minute to update. You can update your bio here.

Promoting Your Session

You can influence how many people attend your session! We promote the conference as a whole, but we encourage you to talk up your own session as well. Things you can do:

  • Post an announcement about your training on your/your organization’s blog or website
  • Email your organization’s list about it
  • Create a Facebook event invite for your training (and post to the Netroots Nation page)
  • Tweet about it (with the #NN17 hashtag)


If you have additional questions, concerns or changes to your training, please connect with us at Thank you!