The Netroots Nation Screening Series runs throughout the conference, presenting films, videos and discussions of the use of such media in progressive organizing and communications. Past series have included premieres of full-length works, showcase segments of works-in-progress, discussions about grassroots and online film production and distribution and interviews with filmmakers and activists. Click over here to check out the 2013 Screening Series sessions.

Due to the limited time and the abundance of talent and expertise, we show very few full-length features. Instead, we highlight films—finished and in-progress—through a series of showcases, where filmmakers have 15 minutes to show clips, answer questions, solicit ideas, seek alliances and supporters.

The deadline for panel and training submissions is February 19, 2014.

The first deadline for films is February 19, 2013. Because of the nature of film promotion and production, the February 19 deadline WILL NOT be a firm deadline. After the February 19 deadline, we’ll take stock of what film submissions we’ve received and we’ll likely hold open the submissions on a rolling basis after that time. Check back on this page for details after February 19.

Click here to submit a film for consideration.

To submit a workshop, training session or panel pertaining to video, art, film, etc, please do so through our panel or training submission forms.

How are submissions chosen?
Netroots Nation Screening Series organizers will review all of the submissions, both films and sessions. We’ll be evaluating them with many of the same criteria in mind as general session proposals, so we encourage you to read those guidelines.

Organizer roles and responsibilities

  • FOR FILMS: If needed, organizers may request up to two complimentary registrations for a film for the filmmaker(s) and/or producer(s). Participants are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel expenses. Information about Netroots Nation’s hotel block can be found here.
  • FOR SCREENING SERIES SESSIONS: If needed, organizers may request up to three complimentary registrations for participants in the session. Participants are responsible for booking and paying for their own travel expenses. Information about Netroots Nation’s hotel block can be found here.
  • — text about speaker registration —
  • The organizer and panelists should promote and engage on the session or film prior to Netroots Nation. This can include blog posts, tweets, diaries, social networking, etc.
  • FOR FILMS: You may be required to send a screener to the selection committee in order to help make final decisions. A mailing address will be provided at that time.

NEW FOR 2014: There is a registration cost for panelists, trainers and speakers. Because we have more than 400 speakers each year, we ask that panelists and trainers pay something to help us cover some of the cost of attendance. The speaker rate is just $125 for the entire conference, which is less than the cost of a day pass to attend. We will also be offering exemptions to this policy based on need. You will be able to request a complimentary speaker pass for your panelists after panels have been accepted, and we’ll send that information to along to panel organizers at that time. If you have more questions about this policy, email us at

If you have questions on the session submission process, please feel free to email us at panelsNN14 at

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