Recap from Charlotte

Thanks to each of you who supported The PPL, the event/workspace we co-hosted in Charlotte during the DNC. About a thousand bloggers, independent journalists and activists came through our doors throughout the week, as well as numerous elected officials who stopped by to say hello.

Special thanks to Democracy for America, AFT, SEIU, Progress North Carolina, NGP VAN and the National Stonewall Democrats for their support of The PPL and Netroots Nation.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can check out video from the week, including archived panels, interviews with attendees and daily recaps, here. And be sure to check out this great photo essay from photographer Kris Krug.

Here are a few excerpts from press coverage of The PPL:

From Voice of America: “The digital age has allowed us to tear down a lot of walls and allow access to folks who generally wouldn’t have access to information.” —”New Media Revolutionize DNC”

And from the Charlotte Observer: “Former Wisconsin Sen. Russell Feingold stopped by for a tour. (…) ‘This is cutting edge,’ said Feingold, ‘appropriate to what’s happening in North Carolina—very forward looking.’” —”New Media Revolutionize DNC”


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