Opening Keynote Featuring Eric Schneiderman

Here’s a recap of what happened during our opening keynote.

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Opening keynote featuring Eric Schneiderman

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Baratunde Thurston kicked things off.
. @baratunde cracking me up as MC at #nn12 opening keynoteVanessa Kritzer
Then Providence Mayor Taveras welcomed #NN12.
Mayor of Providence @Angel_Taveras U r a gr8 ambassador @Netroots_Nation #nn12Ruth Leitman
Raven Brooks, Netroots Nation ED welcomed everyone, and invited the union workers from the Westin, Biltmore and RI Convention Center up. They thanked Netroots Nation for standing behind them and helping them win back their benefits, pay and jobs.
Amazing. @ravenb brought up members of the local hotel union of the Westin Providence to the stage. They’re thanking #NN12. #goosebumps50+1 Strategies
Local employees from The Westin thanks everyone at #NN12 for honoring their boycott and helping them win their basic rights and jobs back.Demos_Org
Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America spoke about women’s health and showed this powerful video.
"I Have Sex" – students speak out against ideological attack on Planned Parenthoodcoffeepartyusa
"To most women it feels like we woke up to a bad episode of Mad Men" – @CecileRichards, President of @PPact at #nn12Anna Pycior
Bill McKibben spoke about blocking the Keystone XL pipeline and how we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry.
"The fossil fuel industry is the 1% of the 1%—they are the absolute center of trouble on this poor old planet" -@billmckibben #NN12 #99PowerThe 99% Power
@BillMcKibben #NN12 we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry and their money with our creativity, passion and spirit #p2 #OWS #ecologyrob kall
"We may lose this fight, but given the stakes, we are going to have to fight," @BillMcKibben at #NN12Jamie Henn
Lily Eskelsen, VP of the National Education Association, spoke about the need to stop the push to deregulate, defund and privatize.
Lily Eskelsen at #NN12: “#ALEC’s mechanics are simple 2nd grade arithmetic. Deregulate. Defund. Privatize.” Then PROFIT.NEA Public Relations
Lily #NN12: “We are the progressive cmty. We org ppl who care about #edu #healthcare, disabled, poor, discriminated, enviro. It’s OUR bond.”NEA Public Relations
Tammy Baldwin spoke about our current economic situation and ensuring a middle class that gets a fair shake.
"the middle class shouldered the burden of the collapse of the economy. The middle class can’t get a fair shake." @TammyBaldwinWI #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
At #NN12, @TammyBaldwinWI says she is "not afraid to take on on Wall Street." Btwn her and @elizabethforma, we CAN take our country back!Fem2pt0
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse welcomed convention attendees and spoke about how we must defend the pillars of American middle class economic security.
On social security, Medicare and Pell grants, progressives need to be unshakeable! @SenWhitehouse #nn12 #nn12lgbtThe Task Force
RT @mikeconrad1: .@SenWhitehouse nails it: Social Security, Medicare, Pell Grants are pillars of American middle class econ security #NN12jeanne mccann
Eric T. Schneiderman spoke about the state of our country and the political environment.
@AGSchneiderman talking about transformational politics vs transactional politics. Look 20 years out not at the current vote. Solid. #NN12michael donnelly
"the greatest damage done by the conservative movement was when Americans embraced policies that do harm to them." @agSchneiderman #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
We’re ready for another new deal.
"The #gop know that the people r at a point where we’re ready 4 another new deal. It is time 4 us to recognize it." @agSchneiderman #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
We are not the ones responsible for this situation.
#NN12 "Can’t comment on ongoing investigation but can say found no evidence teachers firefighters etc rspnsbl for recession" @AGSchneidermanEmily Mills
But we will work for change.
"Any true change requires movement building… Officials don’t create movements, movements create leaders. @AGSchneiderman at #nn12Demos_Org
"people get that there is a growing inequality and that people are ready for transformation for justice." @agSchneiderman #nn12DemocracyForAmerica

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