Miss Classification is Not a Beauty Queen! (Sponsored Panel)

Miss Classification is Not a Beauty Queen! (Sponsored Panel)

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Thursday, Aug. 10 10:30 AM

Ends: Thursday, Aug. 10 11:45 AM

Room: Regency V

One of the weapons corporations have used in the War on Workers has been to rob them of fair wages and benefits and the right to form a union by misclassifying employees as independent contractors. The Teamsters and other worker allies have been front and center in this fight. Global trucking giant XPO Logistics has doubled down on using this illegal employment scheme despite government agencies and courts ruling against it. Hundreds of thousands of port, last-mile, and truckload truck drivers across America have fallen victim to this corporate greed while they struggle to make ends meet. This panel will take a look at the ongoing fight to get workers across the country the fair pay, benefits and union membership they deserve.

This panel is sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.