Climate Change: Who Will Be Hit First and Worst if We Don’t Act?

Climate Change: Who Will Be Hit First and Worst if We Don’t Act?

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Thursday, Aug. 10 10:30 AM

Ends: Thursday, Aug. 10 11:45 AM

Room: Grand Hall C

So you’ve heard about Flint and Standing Rock, right? For every frontline community that makes the news, hundreds more don’t. People are speaking out about the poison and pollution they’ve lived with for decades. Hear community leaders share their stories about what it’s like to live in some of the worst pollution in America and solutions they are innovating to fight back. Walk away with toolkits and resources for how you can act on climate with solutions that put the frontlines first. Let’s build a stronger climate movement. Will you join us?


Michelle Romero

Michelle Romero is Deputy Director of Green For All, where she works to end environmental segregation in America by prioritizing communities of color in climate policy.

In March, Michelle coordinated a bus tour of Flint, MI with Van Jones, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Steyer, and Vien Truong, to expose the environmental racism that is the #FlintWaterCrisis and uplift community solutions to #FixFlint.
Michelle also coordinated national partners to co-create and publish a series of toolkits – the Clean Power for All Solutions Series – to give states needed policy guidance to ensure the Clean Power Plan’s benefits reach frontline communities.

Immediately prior, Michelle worked in issues management and policy analysis for the University of California system, and spent five years at Greenlining Institute, a California-based nonprofit, where she did extensive work to shape the state’s 2011 Citizen Redistricting Process and expand opportunities for people of color in the electoral process.

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