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Turn It Up: Using Hip-Hop to Mobilize in 2012

Session Type(s): Panel

Training Tag(s): Arts & Culture, Elections, Organizing & Movement Building

Starts: Saturday, Jun. 9 3:00 PM

Ends: Saturday, Jun. 9 4:15 PM

Room: 551

This panel will discuss how hip-hop can be utilized as a tool to amplify the message of the progressive movement, as well as inspire and energize activists across the country. Panelists will address the political ideals of current artists and their fan bases and how the progressive movement can work congruently with both. Learn how hip-hop could be the game-changer in the 2012 election.

Turn It Up: Using Hip-Hop to Mobilize in 2012

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@Jasiri_x, @BDOLANSFR, @drgoddess and @paradisegray discuss using Hip Hop to get communities who aren’t normally politically active to be involved and be engaged. Music is a powerful medium to communicate and to inspire people to unite, collaborate and work towards real world change.
B. Dolan @BDolanSFR on Mobilizing w/ Hip Hop in 2012 panel #nn12 #nn12hipHop
In the Using Hip-Hop to Mobilize in 2012 session, @drgoddess tells us "It’s ok to ask artists to be change agents" #NN12PolicyLink
@paradisegray dropping hip-hop history on how music transformed NY gang culture & created a strong community-voter registration, etc #NN12PolicyLink
We need a story telling project specifically for hip hop. Forrealz. #nn12hiphop #nn12jenifer daniels
Davey D is talking about a lot of institution – building that was done through hip hop. #nn12 #nn12hiphopJamie Boschan
RT @ErikasWay: Using Hip Hop to Mobilize session at #NN12 @drgoddess @jasiri_x @mrdaveyd and Paradise Gray #NN12hiphop X
I stress the potential of hiphop 2 affect local politics Vote on judges that are putting the people that you love in jail #nn12 #nn12hiphopChenjerai Kumanyika
Hip Hop music used to be about community, but now it’s more about personal vanity. The panel discussed today the importance of bringing a community message back in to the music to get folks moving and mobilized.
Great point @mrdaveyd, hip-hop used 2 be about community & now it’s more "look at me, don’t u wish u could be like me" #NN1212HipHop #NN12Amber Washington


Jasiri X

Jasiri X

Emcee and community activist Jasiri X is the creative force and artist behind the ground breaking internet news series, This Week with Jasiri X, which has garnered critical acclaim, thousands of subscribers, and millions of internet views. From the controversial viral video What if the Tea Party was Black?, to the hard hitting truth of A Song for Trayvon, Jasiri X cleverly uses Hip-Hop to provide social commentary on a variety of issues. A six time Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Award winner, Jasiri recently became the first Hip-Hop artist to receive the coveted August Wilson Center for African American Culture Fellowship. A founding member of the anti-violence group One Hood, Jasiri started the New Media Academy to teach young African-American boys how to analyze and create media for themselves.

Other sessions: Video that Changes the Debate, Criminal Justice in America

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B. Dolan


B. Dolan is an American rapper and activist based in Providence, Rhode Island. He is most recently noted for the creation of “FILM THE POLICE,” a viral hit that informs and raises awareness about the rights of citizens to film police officers at protests and in neighborhoods. Dolan is also known for the creation of KNOWMORE.ORG alongside SAGE FRANCIS, which is a ‘corporation-policing search engine’ that allows consumers to enter the name of any brand, product or company and view an ethical profile and history of the people and practices behind the logos.

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Kimberly 'Dr. Goddess' Ellis

Dr. Goddess

Affectionately known as “Dr. Goddess,” Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D. is a Scholar of American and Africana Studies, an Artist, Activist and Entrepreneur. An international thought leader on culture, gender and social technology, she a published author, speaker and producer with many successful campaigns. Dr. Goddess is a staple presenter at Netroots Nation, PDF and SXSW and her writings and appearances can be found across the internet, from Alternet, Ebony and BlackEnterprise, to HuffPostLive, Al Jazeera America and radio programs on NPR, BBC_WHYS, Voices of Russia, MomsRising and Sirius XM. She is also in the WMC’s “SheSource” Directory. Dr. Goddess is the Digital Director of the National Black Theatre Festival, co-founder of #AskaSista, founder of the civic tech project, #BlackPoliticsMatter, author of the upcoming book, “The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter,” and the producer of “You’re Beautiful to Me,” a feature documentary film about the journey with her Mother’s dementia.

Other sessions: Tweeting the Revolution: Twitter Training for Campaigning, Screening Showcase #2, Ask a Sista: Black Women Muse on Politics, Policy, Pop Culture and Scholarship

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Paradise Gray

Paradise Gray

Hip-hop Legend, Architech of X Clan, Manager of The Latin Quarter, DJ, writer, author, producer, promoter, film maker, keynote speaker and artist.

Mentor to Jasiri X and hundreds of Legendary Hip-hop Artists.Curator of “The Paradise Collection” Hip-hop history, photos and memorabilia collection.

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