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Promoting People of Color in the Progressive Blogosphere

Session Type(s): Panel

Training Tag(s): Media / Journalism / Blogging, Organizing & Movement Building

Starts: Friday, Jun. 8 4:30 PM

Ends: Friday, Jun. 8 5:45 PM

Room: Ballroom C

This panel will address the needs, successes and obstacles to having greater participation from people of color in the blogosphere. Using the models of the Native American Netroots and Black Kos as a beginning point for the discussion, we’ll cover topics such as color blindness vs. representation and how to get historically underrepresented groups and their views heard. We’ll discuss how to organize outreach between the larger blogosphere and blogs that are specific to communities of color and how to form stronger connections to ongoing organizing efforts and activism in communities of color. We’ll also focus on how organizations can promote diversity within new grassroots organizations.



Renee Chantler

California Lawyer, practicing for 21 years. Currently Pro Bono Counsel for a commercial law firm. Graduate of Stanford Law School and Stanford University (Psychology). Formerly a commercial litigator focusing on business litigation, unfair competition and real estate. Passionate yet information/data driven blogger about race — particularly African Americans — politics, womanism, poverty and the places that each intersect. Currently also an appointed public official (Planning Commissioner).

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Neeta Lind


Neeta Lind is the founder of Native American Netroots, an online forum for the discussion of political, social and economic issues affecting the indigenous peoples of the United States, including their lack of political representation, economic deprivation, health care issues, and the on-going struggle for preservation of identity and cultural history. Neeta has led the Native American Caucus at Netroots Nation every year since 2006. Her blogging in 2010 caught the attention of Keith Olbermann, who focused two segments of “Countdown” on the winter ice storm disaster in South Dakota that devastated the Lakota Reservations. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised to help these tribes as a result. Neeta, who blogs as navajo at Daily Kos, is also the community organizer of SFKossacks, the readers of Daily Kos in the San Francisco Bay Area, and co-editor of the Daily Kos weekly series “First Nations News & Views.”

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Denise Oliver-Velez


Denise Oliver-Velez is currently an adjunct Professor of Anthropology and Women’s Studies at SUNY New Paltz. She is a Featured Writer for Daily Kos, and is an editor of Black Kos.

She has been a political activist and community organizer for more than 40 years, was in the civil rights movement, women’s movement, AIDS activism movement and was a member of both the Young Lords Party and the Black Panther Party.

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Ian Reifowitz

Ian Reifowitz

Ian Reifowitz is the author of the book Obama’s America: A Transformative Vision of Our National Identity, to be published in July by Potomac Books. He teaches history at Empire State College of the State University of New York, and in 2009 received the College’s Susan H. Turben Award for Scholarly Excellence. His articles on American politics have appeared in Newsday, The New Republic, The Post-Star, and elsewhere. His first book, Imagining an Austrian Nation: Joseph Samuel Bloch and the Search for a Multiethnic Austrian Identity, 1846–1919, was published by East European Monographs and distributed by Columbia University Press. He has also published academic articles on national identity in the Journal of Jewish Identities, Nationalities Papers, and East European Quarterly, amongst other publications.

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