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Building the Movement to Ban Fracking in a Regulation Climate

Session Type(s): Panel

Training Tag(s): Environment

Starts: Thursday, Jun. 7 3:00 PM

Ends: Thursday, Jun. 7 4:15 PM

Room: 551

At the same time that President Obama is pushing an energy plan built on natural gas, there is a national movement to ban fracking building around the United States and abroad. Find out how New York was able to get a moratorium on fracking and build a grassroots movement that has amplified the ban message in a climate where national mainstream groups are pushing for regulation. Learn how groups are engaging citizens through film, media and online and offline organizing to build a powerful movement that is calling for a ban on fracking.

Building the Movement to Ban Fracking in a Regulation Climate

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@Sarahatfww, Sonia Skakich Scrima, David Braun and Kristine Vaughn discuss the growing movement to ban fracking, which is threatening the quality of our air and water. The panel addressed larger energy issues and what we can do to join their cause.
"When you try to talk about fracking, remember you are really talking about the bigger story of energy." @caitlin_burns #NN12Amanda Cooper
Its the 11th hour for saving our water from fracking. Join the fight now in room 551 @ #nn12Elijah Zarlin
At #nn12 listening to David Braun talk about NY campaign to ban #fracking at Fracking Ban panel: @Netroots_NationKarla Fisk
Here at Netroots, we’re coming together to leverage our offline and online networks to protect our environment and to make real progressive change. 


Sarah Alexander


Sarah Alexander is the Education & Outreach Director at Food & Water Watch. She directs all of their online advocacy campaigns, as well as special events and outreach to new communities. Sarah has worked on issues related to food sovereignty, genetic engineering, and local food security. Her background is in community organizing, strategic campaigning and legislative campaigns, having previously worked with Green Corps, the White Earth Land Recovery Project, and the American Community Gardening Association.

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David Braun


David Braun has been working to stop fracking for a number of years and is the President and co-founder of United for Action and the lead organizer for New Yorkers Against Fracking, a statewide coalition for a ban. Previously, he was the grassroots coordinator for the film, Gasland, and designed the outreach plan for soon to be released new installment, Gasland 2. Previously, he was an organizer for MoveOn and has worked on numerous social, environmental and economic justice campaigns.

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Sonia Skakich Scrima

Sonia Skakich Scrima

Founded “What the Frack?! Arapahoe” and helped organize an alliance of groups to address oil and gas extraction issues in Colorado, for the purpose of sharing news & information, and coordination of efforts. Board member of Be the Change, Colorado. My M.A. is in cognitive developmental psychology and my passion is developing and teaching compelling multisensory curricula for critical thinking and learning. Currently a research coordinator & office manager for a health diagnostic facility.

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Kristine Vaughan

Kristine Vaughan

Kristine Vaughan, an Occupier, Fractivist and Associate Producer for the upcoming documentary, FORWARD 13: Waking up from the American Dream, hails from Canton, OH the recently dubbed “Utica Capital.” Kristine’s grassroots efforts to ban fracking have focused on organizing canvassing campaigns in both Massillon, OH and Meyers Lake Village as well as managing an Earth Day call-in event. She has spoken out against fracking at City Council meetings and Fracking Forums held by the Oil & Gas Industry and has managed to inspire anti-fracking activism in her nine-year-old daughter. Kristine is a practicing School Psychologist with Post-Graduate Certification in School Neuropsychology and she makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

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