We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2013 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. Over the next several weeks we’ll be confirming and adding speakers, and assigning rooms and times. For now the session titles and descriptions are available to browse.

Click here to download a PDF of the 2013 schedule grid.

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Up Up, Down Down: Cheat Codes for the Internet

Did you know there are cheat codes that can help you win the internet? In this session you’ll learn how to game the two big bad bosses of the internet—Google and Facebook—and position your content to win. You’ll learn the basics of Google-Fu, the offensive and defensive martial art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as guidelines for staying ethical in experiments. Topics include page layout, URL structure, linking strategies, coalition building and tricks for quick ranking boosts.  You’ll also learn what Facebook really thinks about your content and how you can make the algorithm love you with some easy content tricks and tips.

Trainers: Nate Thames, Salim Zymet

Can Online Video Still Change The Debate? Facebook, Social Graphics and Political Video

Online video still is a significant medium of communication for many progressive groups and activist efforts – but it’s got new competition, with shareable social-media content like Facebook and Tumblr graphics taking their place alongside it. How can online video still change the debate in an age where social media punishes outside-links and promotes internally-shared graphics? When is video the best medium to tell the story, and when is some other form of shareable content? We’ll talk with the creative geniuses with a track record of creating content that changes the debate, whether it be video, graphic, or otherwise, and give our best take on where organizers should best spend their online messaging energies in 2013 and beyond.

Led by: Andy Menconi

Panelists: Nicole Carty, Andy Cobb, Adam Mordecai, Amy Rubin

Weak Democrats vs. Strong Progressives: Lessons from the Social Security Fight

A Democratic president is proposing cuts to Social Security benefits. Some Democrats in Congress are sitting passively by, but bold progressive organizations and elected leaders are fighting back with strength. This panel will share some important political lessons and organizing lessons that are being learned by progressives during this fight. It will also explore how progressives are pivoting to offense – even proposing to expand Social Security benefits. Come hear behind-the-scenes stories and discussion about power, progressive organizing, and the Democratic Party. Due to commitments in his district, Rep. Grayson will join the panel via Skype.

Led by: Heather "Digby" Parton

Panelists: Becky Bond, Rep. Alan Grayson, Adam Green, Rep. Mark Takano

Environmental Caucus

Our moderated issue caucuses are aimed at forming greater strategic alliances on progressive issues. Join this session to meet and learn from other activists interested in this issue.

Southern Caucus

Connect with like-minded folks and talk with others from your community in our identity caucuses.

Refreshments generously sponsored by Indigo Strategies.

Netroots Nation Candidate Meet and Greet

Democracy for America and ActBlue are proud to present the annual Netroots Nation Candidate Meet and Greet featuring candidates from city council to the U.S. Senate.

Join Senator Jeff Merkley, Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Keith Ellison, State Senator Barbara Buono (who’s taking on Chris Christie in New Jersey this year), Councilman Michael Tubbs, and Congresswoman Robin Kelly. Last year, Senator Elizabeth Warren made a surprise visit — never know who else might stop by. Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy drinks sponsored by ActBlue and meet these progressive rock stars!

Screening: "Citizen Koch"

“America — they’re coming for you next.”
That’s the warning from a Wisconsin state employee after her union rights were destroyed by a Republican governor funded by corporate and billionaire donors whose ultimate goal is to break the unions nationwide — and cripple the labor-backed Democratic party. Citizen Koch explores what the Wisconsin playbook and the U.S. Supreme Court decision that unleashed a new era of unbridled special-interest spending mean for us all. And it poses a crucial question: Who owns democracy in America?

Panelists: Carl Deal, Brendan Fischer, Tia Lessin

Chairman’s Pub Quiz VII: Faster, But Slightly Less Furious

Once a series extends beyond the initial trilogy, all bets are off. Sometimes, you get the majesty of the cold war epic Rocky IV; others, Jar-Jar Binks shows up and disputes arise over the recognized names of Southeast Asian nations. Please join us as we try to avoid nuking the fridge as teams of 8-10 will assemble to answer rounds of trivia questions testing your collective knowledge of politics, history, and popular culture. Tensions will be high at this spirited competition, as will the collective blood-alcohol content of the room by the end, so do join us as we bring this Netroots Nation staple to a state that’s untouchable like Elliot Ness.

Generously sponsored by DLCC.

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