We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2013 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. Over the next several weeks we’ll be confirming and adding speakers, and assigning rooms and times. For now the session titles and descriptions are available to browse.

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Morning News Dump with Lizz Winstead, Shannyn Moore and Cliff Schecter

It’s the third year in a row that this trio helps you jump start your Netroots mornings talking the big news stories of the day with zero regard for FCC regulations. Grab your coffee before the action begins each morning while getting an freewheeling and hilarious update of the day’s news with Daily Show co-creator and comedian Lizz Winstead, Radio host, journalist Shannyn Moore and Pundit, author and teller of truths, Cliff Schecter.

The Morning News Dump is sorta like “Morning Joe,” minus the guests who have gotten everything wrong for the past 10 years. Each morning these three will also welcome some of your favorite bloggers and politicians as well to give you a download of the days news before you hit the Netroots ground running.
They already have lined up Joan Walsh, Dave Dayden, David Waldman joining plus some other very special guests!

Roll out of bed and join them!

Not Another Newtown: Building a Movement to Prevent Gun Violence

Rampant gun violence has plagued our country for decades but thanks to NRA lobbyists, it’s been a nearly untouchable issue. Each shooting seems to be more violent and tragic than the last. When a man was able to easily access guns and massacre 26 people, including 20 children, at a Connecticut elementary school last December, it opened the country’s eyes to the need for stronger gun laws. It seemed that our elected leaders finally had the backbone and integrity to take action. Sadly, we were disappointed that even the most common sense and widely supported legislation couldn’t pass in the Senate. But an outside movement is still building power, and several state legislatures have begun to take bold action to curb gun-related deaths. In this session we’ll hear from some of the leaders of this movement about our successes, failures and what the Netroots can do to help stem the tide of gun violence and keep our communities safe.

Led by: Jehmu Greene

Panelists: Lily Eskelsen Garcia, Anna Galland, Mark Glaze, Rep. Robin Kelly, Senator Darrell Steinberg, Randi Weingarten

SiriusXM’s The Michelangelo Signorile Show

SiriusXM’s The Michelangelo Signorile Show comes to Netroots Nation!  Speaking with activists about the future of the major issues facing LGBT people.  For two hours we’ll hash out the major issues regarding ENDA, the Obama Executive Order on government contractors, the future of the Marriage issue and more.  Be part of the show as we will be taking questions from the audience.  Entire panel including your questions will air later in the day on SiriusXM OutQ 109

Led by: Michelangelo Signorile

Panelists: Tico Almeida, Michael Crawford, Heather Cronk, Shannon Price Minter

Voting Rights for a Shifting Demographic

Again, the battle for voting rights in America rears its ugly head. As the demographic shifts, voters in states across the country are faced with assaults to their voting rights that unfairly target the poor and communities of color. Legal redress has been the norm—and now we’re facing challenges that have reached the highest court. We’re fighting these new laws with everything in our organizing arsenal—including mobile messaging and other means of digital media. Civil rights groups, law organizations and labor all have a stake in this battle—and we’ve gathered leaders from these organizations to address the state of voting in America.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

Led by: Jotaka Eaddy

Panelists: Julie Greene, Benjamin T. Jealous, Sec. Mark Ritchie, Wendy Weiser

Women Leading on Gun Violence Prevention

Women have a special role to play in moving policy and culture when it comes to the detrimental impact of gun violence in our society. In recent polling it has become clear that women view gun violence differently than men do and are nearly unanimous in wanting a multi-faceted response. Women have enormous potential to change the policies and politics that can reduce gun violence. In the wake of the horrific Sandy Hook shootings, we are in a new moment for action on this issue, which is much broader than just guns but gets to other deep-rooted societal issues we must tackle. By working on this issue, we can also help build cohesion and strength among women leaders and activists.

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Led by: Jenifer Fernandez Ancona

Panelists: Lori Haas, Rep. Robin Kelly, Betsy McKinney, Shannon Watts

By Progressives, For Progressives: Businesses as Movement Infrastructure

Corporations are not people, but some are a critical part of progressive infrastructure. Social movement ventures such as CREDO Mobile, Kos Media, Salsa Labs and Ethical Electric don’t just sell phones, blog ads, campaign tech and clean energy; they have fought for policy reforms and build consumer movements for positive social change. However, there are pitfalls to building a social movement enterprise. This session will introduce the power of social movement enterprises as an tool for organizing and activism, the challenges to staying true to progressive values in business and how to launch one of your own, the right way. This panel is for all progressives curious about bringing our values to the wider business world, those critical of the trend in light of recent events and those looking to learn practical ways to launch a progressive enterprise.

Led by: Richard Graves

Panelists: Christie George, Michael Kieschnick, April Pedersen, Will Rockafellow

What We Can Do to Expose "Red, White and Blue-Washing"

Corporations such as Apple, Walmart, Maytag and General Electric have pledged to move jobs back to the U.S. or stock more Made in America products on their shelves. We’ll dissect what’s real, what’s not, how we can influence companies to do even more and what it all means for good jobs and the American economy. Politicians have made similar commitments. We’ll also explore which policies could make a real difference in bringing good jobs back to the United States.

Led by: Tracy Sefl

Panelists: Rep. Bruce Braley, Laura Clawson, Scott Paul, Marcy Wheeler

Your Rights at Risk: Drones, Guantanamo and America's Never-Ending "Global War"

For more than 10 years, the U.S. government under two Presidential administrations has claimed the authority to deny human rights in the name of a never-ending and vaguely defined “global war” against al-Qaeda and other armed groups and individuals. In this panel we’ll explore two key laws—the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force and the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act—that are being used to justify killing people with drones and holding people indefinitely without charge at Guantanamo and discuss the implications for our lives, our country and the world.

Led by: Zeke Johnson

Panelists: Morris Davis, Pardiss Kebriaei, Naureen Shah

ALECexposed: Strategies and Tactics for our 2013 Campaign

This session will focus on strategies and tactics by groups and individuals working to expose ALEC. It will include new angles to our corporate campaign, new tactics in our outreach to legislators and new research on ALEC “stink tanks” and on immigration, guns, voting, climate, federal legislation and other issues.

Led by: Lisa Graves

Panelists: Aniello Alioto, Marge Baker, Rep. Mark Pocan, Rashad Robinson

Don't Rock My Vote: How GOP Legislators are Stealing National Elections

From voter ID laws to gerrymandering, Republicans have used their power to change the outcome of national elections. This panel will shed light on this important story, provide best practices of state policies that enfranchise voters and encourage voter participation, and provide messaging for fighting back against Republican attempts to steal election outcomes. We’ll look at how states like California have used online voter registration to increase voter participation and provide strategies and tactics to stop schemes like the Republican attempt to introduce Electoral College gerrymandering to steal presidential elections from progressives.

Led by: Ian Millhiser

Panelists: Assemblymember Paul Fong, Sean Hinga, Rep. Erin Murphy, Michael Sargeant

How Successful Application of Data was Used to Win in 2012

Each cycle, campaigns use data in new and improved ways. In 2012 voter data was king for helping identify and persuade voters, as well as for online persuasion advertising, list building, GOTV and donor solicitations. This panel will tell the story of how advocacy groups, progressive data warehouses, online advertising networks, campaigns, consultants and activists came together and won in 2012 using data.

Led by: Christopher Massicotte

Panelists: Gayatri Bhalla, Sarah Flowers, Heather Holdridge, Jamie Ruth

Carrying on Aaron Swartz's Legacy

Aaron Swartz was a leader in so many ways. From revolutionizing the internet by co-authoring RSS 1.0 to leading the charge against SOPA and PIPA, Aaron continually pushed the bounds of what was possible to make the world a better place. Since his passing in January, we’ve been working to carry forward his legacy by reforming the CFAA and investigating prosecutorial overreach. We’ll address both where we are and where we’re going from here.

fstv2 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Led by: Charlie Furman

Panelists: Sen. Mark Begich, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Rainey Reitman, David Segal, Ben Wikler

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