We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2013 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. Over the next several weeks we’ll be confirming and adding speakers, and assigning rooms and times. For now the session titles and descriptions are available to browse.

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The Price of the Ticket: Uncovering the Real Cost of Mass Incarceration

America’s addiction to incarceration has reached a crisis level. More than 2 million people are currently locked up, we spend more on lock-up than on higher education. One in 15 black men are behind bars. Join us for a panel that exposes the problem of mass incarceration. We’ll also explore how we can change the terms of the debate to turn the tide. The mainstream media labels whole classes of people as lifelong “criminals” and creates an atmosphere of fear that the beneficiaries of the prison economy use to quell reform. The Netroots can change that, and we’ll talk about how.

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Led by: Jakada Imani

Panelists: Lenore Anderson, Julianne Hing, Luis Nolasco

Not Your Mother’s Abortion Fight: Millennials, Youth of Color and the Fight for Reproductive Justice

Many youth of color and young feminists today see the fight for abortion rights as part of a broader fight for justice in multiple arenas. We’ll talk about reproductive justice as a framework for creating a more inclusive conversation about what it takes for every person to make decisions about sex, health, reproduction and parenting and how these issues intersect in the fight for economic justice and human rights.


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Led by: Colleen Crinion

Panelists: Travis Ballie, Jessica González-Rojas, Atima Omara, Mari Schimmer, Aimee Thorne-Thompson

Battleground Caucus: Florida

Want to know more about what’s happening in battleground states like Pennsylvania and Virginia? Curious about key races and major ballot initiatives coming up? Come to one of these battleground state caucuses and find out how you can get involved. Facilitators will give an overview of the landscape in each state, talk about whats’s at stake and tell you ways you can volunteer or plug in to existing efforts. NOTE: These sessions are not just for residents of those states; come if you’re interested in getting involved or learning more.

You Get Paid to Do This? Tips for Supporting Your Blog through Advertising and Fundraising

Want to get paid to blog? Today, successful bloggers are funding their work through advertising, direct reader appeals and other mechanisms that afford the time and resources to keep great sites going. This panel will explore successes and failures in blog funding, the trajectory of online advertising and the trend of bloggers consolidating under one site. Panelists will also suggest how the progressive movement as a whole can help sustain and support our blog infrastructure.

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Led by: Katherine Haenschen

Panelists: Roxanne Cooper, Donald Hughes, Heather "Digby" Parton, Chris Savage

How to Fix That: Modernizing Our Elections

Thousands of voters waited for hours to cast their ballots in November, standing in lines long after the polls closed. Even President Obama commented that “we have to fix that” in his election-night speech. To ensure our democracy remains free, fair and accessible for all eligible Americans, we need new and innovative ways to think about voter registration. This panel will bring together a diverse set of voices to discuss recent battles over voting rights, what activists can do to ensure fairness at the polls and how we move forward in 2013.

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Led by: Ari Berman

Panelists: Nicole Austin-Hillery, Jotaka Eaddy, Justin Levitt, Assemblymember Phil Ting

Your Rights at Risk: Drones, Guantanamo and America's Never-Ending "Global War"

For more than 10 years, the U.S. government under two Presidential administrations has claimed the authority to deny human rights in the name of a never-ending and vaguely defined “global war” against al-Qaeda and other armed groups and individuals. In this panel we’ll explore two key laws—the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force and the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act—that are being used to justify killing people with drones and holding people indefinitely without charge at Guantanamo and discuss the implications for our lives, our country and the world.

Led by: Zeke Johnson

Panelists: Morris Davis, Pardiss Kebriaei, Naureen Shah

Community Colleges: The Best Kept Secret in America and Why they Need our Help

More than a million Americans earned degrees or certificates from community colleges last year. Nearly half of them were part of the first generation in their family to go to college, and nearly half relied on state or federal aid to pay for tuition. As the cost of college continues to rocket, community colleges offer a less expensive, job-oriented degree to many needy Americans. So why are they shutting their doors to so many students? Money. State and federal funding is drying up, making myth of the American Dream. Learn what’s at stake and how you can get involved.

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Led by: James Salt

Panelists: Mary Ann Pacheco, Alexis Ploss, Linda Shieh, Rep. Mark Takano

Pop, Politics and Activism: Redefining the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) have been in the national spotlight more than ever: as the fastest growing racial group, the fastest growing segment of the electorate, and for casting overwhelmingly lefty votes this past election (according to exit polls,77% voted for Obama). Politicians and pundits were shocked, but should they have been? This session will question assumptions about AAPI political beliefs, reclaim an AAPI identity beyond “model minority” or wedge and explore issues and concerns held in common with other minority communities. Panelists will speak from their analysis and expertise rooted in research, culture, and off and online organizing.

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Led by: Cynthia Brothers

Panelists: Christine Chen, Karthick Ramakrishnan, C. M. Samala, Jeff Yang

Artists for Justice: How Artists are Transforming the Narrative on Immigration and Equality

The migrant rights movement is rich with artists and producers who are producing culture that reach audiences beyond the bounds of what community organizing and policy-based organizing can do. Visual artists, designers, coders, rappers, emcees, street artists, musicians, poets and performers are increasingly working together to form a cultural front that speaks out for a fair and just immigration policy. From theater productions to creative online apps to the use of the monarch butterfly symbol, art is a powerful and undeniable tool in the migrant struggle. Come hear how organizers and artists are employing cultural strategy and online tools to activate innovative art that shifts hearts and minds around immigration. We will discuss case studies and successful models of cultural organizing and cultural strategy.

Watch live streaming video from fstvnewswire at livestream.com

Led by: Favianna Rodriguez

Panelists: Julio Salgado, Deyden Tethong, Jasiri X, jose d lopez

So You Want to Be a Pundit? Women Progressives on the Keys to Success

Progressive women’s voices in world of political commentary and punditry are few. Yes, there are some high-profile exceptions, but research shows that only about 20 percent of political “talking heads” are women, and women comprise only 17 percent of op-ed writers for major newspapers. This panel will explore the various avenues for progressive women to grow their political presence in the media to promote a progressive agenda. The panelists will offer expert advice and practical tips on developing contacts to secure media appearances.

Watch live streaming video from fstvnewswire at livestream.com

Led by: Joanne Bamberger

Panelists: Veronica Arreola, Jehmu Greene, Saru Jayaraman, Sally Kohn

Organizing Support for Abortion Rights in Hostile Territory

When legislation is introduced in Virginia that severely imposes on reproductive rights, women across the country leap to attention. (Transvaginal ultrasounds anyone?) But when this kind of legislation is passed in Mississippi, progressives barely bat an eye. There is currently one abortion clinic remaining in Mississippi, and it’s currently under threat of closure. Arkansas has outlawed abortion at 12 weeks, and North Dakota at six. As access to abortion becomes increasingly restricted across the county, the fight over reproductive rights in these states becomes even more important. This panel will include experts who are working in these states and fighting the uphill battle to protect access to abortion. Hear from them about what they need in terms of support, resources and more.

Watch live streaming video from fstvnewswire at livestream.com

Led by: Kate Sheppard

Panelists: Julie Burkhart, Jessica González-Rojas, Kierra Johnson, Sarah Stoesz

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