#NN13 Party Roundup



Each year the Netroots Nation schedule is stacked with things to do. In addition to the 80 panels and 40 training sessions, we’ve got some amazing parties lined up! Here’s the skinny on our official parties:

Wednesday – 06/19/2013

Thursday –06/20/2012 

Friday – 06/21/2012

Saturday – 06/22/2012:

Sunday – 06/23/2012:

There are unofficial parties and events that will happen that are worth checking out as well. For the full list of unofficial parties visit the AFTer-Party Guide by clicking this link!  To submit and have your own event included on the AFTer-Party Guide click here.

If you haven’t registered yet, get your ticket today at http://netrootsnation.org/register and we’ll see you in San Jose!


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