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Getting Analytical with Google Analytics

Grassroots marketing used to mean going door-to-door or sending out mail, but today it is just as likely to involve YouTube or Pinterest. How can we tell which method of marketing is working the best for our cause and driving traffic to our websites? Are visitors from certain sources more likely to take action then others? Is it possible to track the success of real-world marketing in Google Analytics? This session will take a deeper dive into Google Analytics and show some tips and tricks for getting a better understanding of your marketing campaigns and how to identify the most successful ways to encourage action on your website.

Trainers: Phil Anderson

Gun Politics after Trayvon and Tucson: New Life for a Deadly Issue

In just over a year, a new grassroots movement has emerged to demand common-sense laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Representatives of two successful recent “Gun Politics 2.0” campaigns and political leaders will explore how progressives are using social media and organizing to reframe an issue sometimes—and wrongly—considered a political third rail. In January 2011, following the mass shooting in Tucson, Mayors Against Illegal Guns launched the National Drive to Fix Gun Checks to educate the public about the 34 Americans who are murdered with guns every day and to build support for reforming the national gun background check system. After Trayvon Martin’s tragic shooting, a new coalition of national civil rights groups and Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched the Second Chance on Shoot First campaign to demand that states reform reckless laws written by the NRA and ALEC that led to Trayvon’s death.

Gun Politics after Trayvon and Tucson: New Life for a Deadly Issue

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RT @CSGV: #NN12 panel "Gun Politics After #Trayvon" w/ @davidcicilline, @LoriHaasVA, @JamalSimmons, @cliffschecter, @markcglaze http://pic.twitter.com/gbi8d31CLance Orchid
Mark Glaze pointed out the biggest obstacle to reform.
NRA is overwhelmingly better funded, has milllions of members more than @maigcoalition creates big obstacle 4 gun control. @markcglaze #nn12Rania Khalek
But the panelists believed the obstacles could be overcome. 
Polling about gun control is misleading. Question should be "should gun buyer have a background check." Most say yes. — @markcglaze #nn12Rania Khalek
We shouldn’t be calling it gun control, we should be talking about it as gun safety to communicate power of reform – @DavidCicilline #nn12Rania Khalek
"We can talk about this, & we can win on this." – @LoriHaasVA discussing how to fight for common sense gun policies at #NN12MAIG Coalition
Talking about Trayvon Martin and other tragedies has brought gun violence again to the forefront of national consciousness.
RT @maigcoalition: "If you saw the pain that I’ve seen, you’d do something about this too." – @LoriHaasVA discussing experience w/ gun violence at #NN12Aaron Kinnari
The panel included an interesting exchange between Cliff Schecter, Jamal Simmons, and some in the audience.
"There has to be pressure on our side to do what is right." – @cliffschecter discussing how to push #Congress to take action #NN12MAIG Coalition
RT @exileinflyville: .@cliffschecter "I’m a Democrat but I’m a progressive first… as an activist, you’re not trying to elect Democrats." THANK YOU. #nn12Oliver Willis
.@JamalSimmons replies "Why does it matter if Dems are winning & good on 7 out of 10 of the other issues we care about" #nn12Rania Khalek
audience member asks @JamalSimmons "who are these blue dogs that vote on other 7 out of 10 issues?" followed by laughter #nn12Rania Khalek

Led by: Mark Glaze

Panelists: Rep. David Cicilline, Lori Haas, Cliff Schecter, Jamal Simmons

Military Sexual Trauma: The Women's War

The Department of Veterans Affairs has released data estimating that one in three women has been sexually assaulted and/or raped while on active service, double the rate for civilians, according to the DoJ. Rape is notoriously unreported, particularly in the hyper-masculine environment of the military. Women troops who do seek justice find themselves quickly ostracized, their psychological wounds left untended, their attackers not charged. They are expected to carry on and often face their rapists on a daily basis. This panel is designed to explore the issue of Military Sexual Trauma or MST.

Military Sexual Trauma: The Women’s War

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Sexual trauma in the military is a serious problem. One that is under-reported and under-prosecuted.
8 percent vs 41 percent prosecution of sexual assault military vs civilian #nn12 #fem2Suzanne Turner
Military women told reporting sexual assault was a deal breaker #standwmilitarywomen #NN12IsaRo
Why? There’s a lack of understanding about trauma.
need a greater understanding of what trauma does to someone. they can’t self-regulate. need to protect them. #nn12 military sexual assaultUna Spenser
Q: why doesn’t military see PR problem with getting military volunteers? A: info isn’t out there, so why care? #nn12 military sexual assaultUna Spenser
And the decisions regarding prosecution are being made by folks in their 20s.
decisions for what goes to court marshall is made by company commanders. They are in their mid-20s. #nn12 military sexual traumaUna Spenser
But lawsuits can help.
sometimes lawsuits, even if not successful in court, succeed in educating the public. #nn12 military sexual traumaUna Spenser
The women working on sexual assault in the military are doing amazing work. Bless them. #nn12Jessica Pieklo

Led by: Joan Brooker

Panelists: Elizabeth Stinson, Ann Wright

Saving Public Transportation: A Matter of Social Justice

In Rhode Island, public transit service is under perennial threat of service cuts and fare increases due to a flawed funding mechanism, the gas tax. Transit systems around the country—from Oakland to Detroit—face similar service cuts at a time when public transportation is more necessary than ever for both our economic and environmental sustainability. This panel will relate how workers, riders and even transit systems are forming coalitions in the fight to save and expand public transportation. We’ll explore the campaign in Rhode Island to Save RIPTA, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, and discuss how the successes of this local campaign can be translated to other communities nationwide.

Watch live streaming video from fstvnewswire at livestream.com

Saving Public Transportation: A Matter of Social Justice

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Transit systems nationwide are facing service cuts and fare increases, which disproportionately affect low income communities. The campaign in Rhode Island to Save RIPTA, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, was examined as a case study for other cities and communities as to how to be effective transit advocates.
Transit organizing #rockstars @electabel @electlibby Paul Harrington and Larry Hanley of ATU #saveripta #nn12 http://pic.twitter.com/a6TqaiDCCleanWaterAction RI
The transit battles tie into the larger fight for workers’ rights.
RT @sara_h: Very coordinated attack on #transit workers in Pittsburgh. Symptom of war on workers, not transit. ~ Hanley @atucomm #nn12 #nn12transitKenya Wheeler
"#Transit is a crutch for any struggling economy, and a backbone for a thriving economy." ~ Abel Collins, @risierraclub #nn12 #nn12transitSara
The need to organize is key. The opposition can be large and well funded. New solutions needs to be examined.
Greg LeRoy: You help organize riders, our policy wonks will navigate the shell game of transit funding. #nn12 #nn12transitTom Torres
Nearly three-fourths of transit riders use it to commute to work. Where are the employers to step up and protect #masstransit? #nn12Matt McDermott
Great Q/As re: public perception of "second class citizens," lower-income #transit ridership. Auto lobby doesn’t help. #nn12 #nn12transitSara
RT @MarkJGray: Transit advocates need to get big employers on their side #nn12 #masstransit #saveripta #1uATU, Transit Union
Attendees brainstormed some new ideas for policy and emphasized the importance of elected officials understanding the needs of their communities.
Interesting Idea! RT @lucasoconnor: What if there was an enterprise zone-type deal for locating jobs on transit lines? #NN12 #NN12transitKenya Wheeler
True, need to elect transit riders ;) MT @kenyaw Libby Kimzey agrees many lawmakers aren’t transit users & are out of touch w/riders #nn12Rebecca Saltzman

Led by: Greg LeRoy

Panelists: Abel Collins, Larry Hanley, Paul Harrington, Libby Kimzey

Bold Progressive 99% Candidates in 2012

Bold progressive candidates—those who publicly commit themselves to the 99% movement and a populist economic vision—are running for Congress across the nation this year. Progressive infrastructure is giving these candidates vital support, resulting in some early primary wins against conservative Democratic opponents. More big primaries are coming and then significant general election fights are ahead. Hear from some of these bold candidates and learn how you can help them succeed in 2012.

Watch live streaming video from fstv2 at livestream.com

Bold Progressive 99% Candidates in 2012

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Panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities in drafting grassroots primary challengers.
#NN12 Panel on electing Bold Progressives to office with @AdamGreen, @StephanieTaylor, and @DanielMintz in Ballroom B. http://pic.twitter.com/H0ZolbgYBoldProgressives.org
@AdamGreen at #nn12 "ppl said tough wk for #p2–it’s a tough life for #p2. We’re purposely marching up hill. If you want easy go corporate."Audrey Edmonds
@stephanietaylor at #NN12 "starting a campaign is like a starting a small business & stopping it in 12 mos. Tough for a 1st time candidate."Audrey Edmonds
.@StephanieTaylor "We’re not just looking for candidates to be good on issues — are they activists who will work w/ the grassroots?" #NN12Seth Kaye
Daniel Mintz pointed out that a primary challenger can change the system without even winning the race.
.@DanielMintz: "Primaries work. We’ve seen it happen with Blanche Lincoln. @CFPB exists as it does because Halter challenged her." #NN12BoldProgressives.org

Led by: Stephanie Taylor

Panelists: Adam Green, Daniel Mintz

Coal and the Grassroots Fight for Environmental Justice

Community heroes across the country are taking great risks to stand up and say no to coal pollution and other environmental injustices, and they’re succeeding—more than 100 of the nation’s 500 coal plants have already announced that they will retire. Activists from Appalachia to Arizona are using creative strategies and tactics that are breaking through the noise and building power in communities that are often marginalized. This session will put some of these David vs. Goliath stories front and center and address how activists can use these lessons in fighting for environmental justice in their own communities.

Coal and the Grassroots Fight for Environmental Justice

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More closing comments: Lets not celebrate any victories too soon – we’ve only had them because of relentless grassroots pressure. So take that away if we declare victory too soon with coal plant retirement – this isn’t an industry that will just walk away from all the coal left in this country. 
Closing comments: No coal, no fracking, no Keystone. Say yes to something – bring the wind to Texas, Appalachia, Muskegon, and bring the sun to the United States.
Question on "Clean Coal" – @RL_Miller: only "clean coal" is "magical" coal that "is carried away by unicorns." #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
Allison Sliva; Coal companies are playing fast and loose with "clean coal" term #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
@RL_Miller: If there is a cause that is important to you, don’t rely on other green groups – speak out for yourself. #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
RT @SierraClubLive: @RL_Miller: Why are they sending "energy security" to China for 90 cents a ton? #nn12coal #nn12RLMiller
Californians, urge your state reps to pass AJR35, ban export of coal from w. coast, sez @RL_Miller. #nn12coal #nn12Gregg Levine
@RL_Miller: Attend hearings; if you are in CA, tell your state senator to support ban on coal exports on west coast. #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
@RL_Miller: Activists on local level are the only thing standing in the way of increased coal exports. #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
“Asia and Oceania – coal use is skyrocketing. Six new export terminals proposed in Oregon and Washington. Local activists are key to get the small towns aligned against it.” Panelist Allison Silva 
@RL_Miller: Two real reasons coal use in US is declining: price & activism. Get active, get organized. #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
“GOP wants people to think coal is declining because of the EPA. It because of low natural gas prices.” Panelist Allison Sliva.
RT @advomatic: "coal kills. we need to leave it in the ground" @RL_Miller #nn12coal #nn12Elana_Brooklyn
RT @neoblaque: @RL_Miller Historical hurricane map for Matagorda County, home of White Stallion coal plant #nn12 http://yfrog.com/h82pwbajSierra Club
RT @RL_Miller: White Stallion coal plant hires lead lobbyist straight from Tx Commission on Env’l Quality. #cronycapitalism #nn12coal #nn12Evan Mintz
Writing for leading environmental activist @RL_Miller to speak on coal and environmental activism. #nn12 #1u #p2Norwood Orrick

Led by: Mary Anne Hitt

Panelists: Tony Fuller, RL Miller, Allison Sliva

Citizens United, Super PACs and the Fight for Our Democracy

The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United opened the floodgates to massive amounts of anonymous corporate spending in our elections and allowed Super PACs to spend millions on campaign ads with no accountability. In the Republican presidential primary, we’ve seen Super PACs acting as shadow arms of the candidates’ campaigns. This new doctrine of “corporate speech rights” threatens to drown out the voices of the American people. Organized by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Center for American Progress Action Fund, this panel will examine the far-reaching impact of Citizens United and discuss how legislators, activists, bloggers and stakeholders can help restore sanity to our elections.

Citizens United, Super PACs and the Fight for Our Democracy

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The panelists talked about the immediate effects of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.
@senjeffmerkley talks about the dangers of #citizensunited @netroots_nation #nn12 http://pic.twitter.com/mGtDQMd3Patrick Crowley
Corporations are going to spend more of stockholder’s $ than all citizens combined in this election. – @SenJeffMerkley #CitizensUnited #nn12CAP Action: Congress
.@thetrevorpotter “You’re seeing a real intimidation of the legislative and electoral process” because of SuperPAC money. #NN12Emily Mills
They all agreed that the decision perverts the values we all hold dear.
.@SenJeffMerkley "Citizens United crosses out ‘We the People’ in the Constitution and replaces it with ‘We the Powerful." #NN12Emily Mills
@SenSherrodBrown says all the $ in politics from people like the #Koch brothers gives all new meaning to "buy American" @Netroots_NationPatrick Crowley
@bbond from @credomobile says it’s not #citizensunited it’s billionaires united #nn12Tracy Viselli
There are concrete steps that Congress can take.
@SenWhitehouse says #discloseact up in senate again in July. That requires superpacs to tell who pays for ads. #NN12Bob Plain
And Citizens United challenges us all to be more active to counterbalance the flood of corporate money.
RT @drdigipol: RT @MichaelBouldin: @BBond: "There are thousands of people waiting to be asked to do something big." #nn12 #CitizensUnited”craignewmark
Senator Whitehouse mentioned something that you can read at home.
Curious about the amicus brief Sheldon just mentioned at #NN12? The one he filed with Senator John McCain? Details: http://www.whitehouse.senate.gov/news/release/whitehouse-and-mccain-file-supreme-court-brief-critical-of-citizens-united-super-pacsSheldon Whitehouse

Led by: Tom Perriello

Panelists: Becky Bond, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Jeff Merkley, Trevor Potter, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Your Phone Is Political

Androids and iPhones are quickly becoming our primary gateways to the Internet. The ways that we organize political and advocacy campaigns, produce and communicate with our world depends on access to them and the broadband data connections they provide. But imagine livestreaming video from a protest and running up against data caps. Imagine planning out your next SMS campaign, and the phone companies telling you they don’t like the content. These threats to mobile freedom are real. As we fight for control over our mobile experience, it’s fair to say that your phone is political. This panel will discuss how the power dynamic between the carriers and the public is affecting our ability to communicate via mobile phones, why the progressive community must stand up for mobile freedom and how we can create better policies that protect us from wireless carrier abuse.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

Led by: Josh Levy

Panelists: Garlin Gilchrist II, Joaquin Guerra, Sabrina Hersi Issa, Jamilah King

EXCLUSIVE: 10 Ways to Win the Internets Through Sexier Sharing and Epic Visuals*

Fact: You are the worst predictor of what content will go viral in the world. Learn how to optimize your headlines and content, double your Facebook fans and increase user engagement. Hang out with the crack team of sharers at Upworthy. Steal our secret recipe to get larger shares. We’ll tell you all the counterintuitive things we learned, like why “Republican” tests better than “GOP” in headlines, why pretty design actually hurts sharing and how to leverage partnerships to get your organization on the top of the social sharing heap. We’ll explain the latest strategies in optimizing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more to make sure you are maximizing your results, plus we’ll teach you quick and easy ways to double your efforts by testing, testing, testing.

*Kegs of really good beer will be provided. (No beer will really be provided. We’re just giving you a secret tactic up front as an example.)

Trainers: Sara Critchfield, Adam Mordecai

Test Screen Your Video

Working on a video for your cause, your organization or yourself and need some counsel from people who do it everyday? Have a 1-to-3-minute video that didn’t quite perform how you’d like and want a test audience to get a sense for what you need to fine-tune next time? This is one panel that is focused on YOUR content—and how we can in turn make better media for the progressive movement.

Led by: Negin Farsad

Panelists: Josh Bolotsky, Zach Roberts, Baratunde Thurston, Rebecca Wind

Marriage Equality Caucus

Our moderated issue caucuses are aimed at forming greater strategic alliances on progressive issues including the environment, labor, LGBT community, immigration, women’s issues, social justice and education.

Latino Caucus

Connect with like-minded folks and talk with others from your community in our identity caucuses.

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