We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2012 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. You can view the program electronically here.

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Laughing Liberally

Join the performers of Laughing Liberally for a free special engagement at Netroots Nation. Enjoy an evening of laughter from the left with top political comics from Comedy Central, The Onion and the Laughing Liberally National Tour. Featuring Netroots Nation favorites including Lee Camp, Katie Halper, Negin Farsad, Julianna Forlano, Baratunde Thurston, Lizz Winstead, Elon James White and more.  Laughing Liberally, the national comedy project of Living Liberally, has been touring the country, producing videos and special campaigns with progressive partners, running Off-Broadway in New York City and is preparing an election season of political laughter across the country. laughingliberally.org.

Panelists: Lee Camp, Negin Farsad, Julianna Forlano, Nato Green, Katie Halper, Joseph Novick, Baratunde Thurston, Elon James White, Lizz Winstead

Karaoke Party, sponsored by SEIU

Join us for what’s become an annual tradition at Netroots Nation! Whether you can’t hold a tune or have ambitions to try out for American Idol, we want you on that stage. This event is generously sponsored by SEIU. An open bar and some late evening snacks to get you in singing mood will be provided. This event will be held at the The Dorrance located at 60 Dorrance Street, just a few short blocks from the convention center and HQ hotels.

Morning News Dump with Lizz Winstead, Shannyn Moore and Cliff Schecter

Grab your coffee before the action begins each morning while getting an freewheeling and hilarious update of the day’s news with Daily Show co-creator and comedian Lizz Winstead, Radio host, journalist Shannyn Moore and Pundit, author and teller of truths, Cliff Shecter.

The Morning News Dump is sorta like “Morning Joe,” minus the guests who have gotten everything wrong for the past 10 years. Each morning these three will also welcome some of your favorite bloggers and politicians as well to give you a download of the days news before you hit the Netroots ground running.

Roll out of bed and join them!

Generously sponsored by The Guardian US.

Led by: Lizz Winstead

Panelists: Shannyn Moore, Cliff Schecter

Base Building and Elections: Winning while Building Grassroots Power

This session will address how elections can be won in such a way that power is built up in the grassroots and that winning is more than 50 percent plus 1. We’ll discuss how base building isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do to win. Participants will learn how we can use elections to build and expand the base by bringing new people into the process by building authentic relationships in communities. We will also talk about how communities and constituencies must be seen as partners in this work in order to create infrastructure that last long after the election, builds power and grows new leaders. Finally, you’ll learn how to put together a base-building plan that utilizes power mapping and targeting.

Trainers: Peggy Flanagan, Rudy Lopez

How to Ensure Your Web Development Project is a Complete Failure

Set unrealistic deadlines! Don’t define your intended audience! Refuse to make decisions! Many of the ways you can mess up your new website or redesign are identical to the ways people fumble any endeavor. Other mistakes are unique responses to the age old demand—“Hey, overextended staffer! Create a cutting edge website for free, stat, with whatever the latest gizmo thingy I don’t understand is!” After years of working with a diverse range of organizations and campaigns we’re here to enthusiastically report on the classic mistakes even the best organizers and communicators make when overseeing major website development (or redevelopment). We’ll hold your sweaty, fearful hand as we walk you through the entire life cycle of website development, ensuring that the end result is as expensive and ineffective as possible.

Trainers: Cheryl Contee, Aaron Welch

What Progressives Can Do to Stop the War on Public Education

American public education is under concerted attack: Americans are told we are failing in international comparisons, urged to blame teachers and break their unions, turn more of our public education system over to private interests and rely ever more upon tests to make critical decision. These and other tactics are designed to delegitimize and ultimately destroy meaningful public education. Three nationally-known experts explore aspects of that attack and offer specific suggestions of how progressive supporters of public education can fight back.

Watch live streaming video from fstvnewswire at livestream.com

What Progressives Can Do to Stop the War on Public Education

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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This panel focused on the war on education, and what progressives can do to stop it.
Authentic Education for All discussed. Ravitch, TeacherKen, Jackson #NN12 @dianeravitch @teacherken @johnjackson http://pic.twitter.com/aF51t2DRacttosaveourschools
@DianeRavitch: this is not just about education. This is about the future of democracy #NN12NEA Public Relations
Currently, the voices of students are being ignored.
.@teacherken: student voice is ignored. We’re doing education to our kids, rather than engaging them in their own education #nn12Steve Fletcher
We need to take action, and focus on how to help the majority of students.
.@SchottOtl: Let’s do away with the debates about charters, charters educate 4% of students. What’s the plan for the other 96%? #nn12VIVA Teachers
.@SchottOtl: sometimes direct action is the best way, not the tools of the other side. We have to organize, be strategic. #nn12VIVA Teachers
They talked about how this can be done.
@TeacherKen at #NN12: For this to be successful, it has to be done by a cmty organizing standpoint. Must be done by ppl within cmty. #eduNEA Public Relations
.@Teacherken I know some Republicans who are good on these issues: we need them as allies. #nn12VIVA Teachers
And other problems that must be addressed.
RT @NEAMedia: @TeacherKen #NN12 We cannot fix #edu in isolation without addressing the wrap-around issue of poverty, income inequality.Elyse Fradkin
@TeacherKen Undiagnosed probs w. hearing, vision, dental care, basic healthcare- not a right in this country, interfere with learning. #NN12NEA Public Relations
Education frames an memes are all conservative.
Framing & memes about #education are all conservative. The little we do frame, conservatives twist. @dianeravitch @teacherken #nn12Angela Jean
We must stand up and take action for real change.
.@SchottOtl: civil rights protesters didn’t fight to make the back of the bus more comfortable! #nn12VIVA Teachers
.@SchottOtl what would happen if poor folks amassed at doors of wealthy community’s schools and demanded to attend? #nn12VIVA Teachers
.@SchottOtl: time to stop being nice: it’s a civil right and are going to act on every child’s right to learn. applause #nn12VIVA Teachers
Saving education is about defending democracy.
#Applause!!! RT @VIVATeachers: round of applause for @DianeRavitch when she says saving public education is saving our democracy. #nn12Defeat Bullies
The panel closed with a call to action.
RT @jeffbcdm: @teacherken closes out edu panel at #NN12 with a call for everyone in attendance to vow to take on the fight "Let’s Do It!"VIVA Teachers

Led by: Kenneth Bernstein

Panelists: John H. Jackson, Diane Ravitch

Foreclosure Fraud: How the Banks Broke the Housing Market and How We are Fighting Back

Despite the fact that we’ve been in a foreclosure crisis for more than four years, precious little attention has been paid to how banks have used faked documents to steal homes from American borrowers. This panel will break down just how the banks have defrauded homeowners, local governments and the state judicial system, and why meager settlements or more promises for loan modifications are completely inadequate to hold the guilty parties responsible for the crime. This panel brings together foreclosure fraud experts, along with the people actually working on the front lines to stop illegal evictions and bring forward justice. We will also take a look at citizen-led efforts to protect people’s homes and hold banks accountable—and how you can join those efforts.

Foreclosure Fraud: How the Banks Broke the Housing Market and How We are Fighting Back

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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During this panel, Neil Barofsky spoke about the financial fraud settlement.
At #ffraud #nn12 @neilbarofsky explaining why the $25bil financial faud settlement is such a joke. Much of money diverted to other uses…bmaz
.@neilbarofsky explaining how mortgage settlement largely just pays banks to do what they do anyway w no accountability #nn12Miles Kampf-Lassin
@neilbarofsky laying out how the mortgage settlement will actually make profits for banks through HAMP incentives. Epic FAIL #nn12Matt Browner Hamlin
Additional information about this session is available in emptywheel’s live blog.
Foreclosure Fraud: The Most Dangerous Panel in the World | emptywheelThey’ve scheduled DDay’s Netroots Nation foreclosure fraud panel-with Lynn Szymoniak, Malcom Chu, and Neil Barofsky-in a room with no str…

Led by: David Dayen

Panelists: Neil Barofsky, Malcolm Chu, Lynn Szymoniak

Blogging for Transgender Equality: History, Challenges and Progress

Transgender advocacy has exploded in recent years in no small part due to the ability of transgender people to connect nationally online. The immediate and swift outcry against the proposed stripping of gender identity protections in the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) demonstrated this community’s online power. But while blogging significantly shapes political activity within the transgender community, there is a risk that all of the community’s concerns may not be considered in online responses to real-world events. This panel will explore the historical development of the activated transgender community and the impact blogging and online activism have on its formation and focus. Presenters will share examples of the powerful role this online community plays in moving transgender rights forward, while also examining what is missing from the conversation.

Watch live streaming video from fstv2 at livestream.com

Blogging for Transgender Equality: History, Challenges and Progress

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The Blogging for Transgender Equality session was a full house, with lots of anticipation for an inspiring conversation.
" Blogging for transgender equality " #nn12 #LGBTQ http://pic.twitter.com/1keZLup0William Anderson
#NN12LGBT panel Blogging for Transgender Equality: History, Challenges and Progress at #nn12 has just started….ready to be inspired!Zerlina Maxwell
Watch the live-stream of @jostruitt’s panel Blogging for Transgender Equality at Netroots! http://bit.ly/MRviFA #nn12Feministing
Panelists discussed some of the recent small victories in the fight for transgender equality and acceptance.
RT @TheTaskForce: Minnesota was the first state to pass protections for transgender people, 2nd was Rhode Island #nn12 #nn12lgbtAllyson Diane Hamm
RT @thetaskforce: .@jostruitt: there has been a shift in the media coverage of transgender women #nn12 #nn12lgbtAimee Thorne-Thomsen
American Apparel & @glaad launch first #transgender ads as #nn12 holds first transgender panel #nn12lgbt http://bit.ly/LCMiIiRich Ferraro
While there has been progress there are still challenges.
.@TransGriot: it feels like we only get coverage of transgender people of color when there’s violence. #nn12lgbt #nn12The Task Force
Data from GLSEN: 69% transgender students felt unsafe in school bc of sexual orientation & 65% how they expressed gender #nn12 #NN12LBTRealLifeUnplugd
. @jenniferlevi1 helping to define #transgender and talking about breaking expectations of what gender looks like #NN12LGBT #nn12Michelle Weiser
It is important for ally communities to continue to provide support for transgender individuals. A shift in perceptions will only be possible when the larger ally community is engaged.
@AutumnSandeen: We should be able to embrace our entire identity; not be seen ONLY as transgender ppl #nn12 #nn12lgbt #noi12Jamie McGonnigal
We need to be better advocates for our #transgender brothers and sisters #NN12LGBT #NN12 #lgbtwondermann5
.@transgriot Monica Roberts talking about transgender activists across African diaspora. #nn12Jay Carmona
All in all, individuals felt empowered to be advocates for effective change.
#NN12 Blogging for Transgender Equity – amazing panel! Learning so much!Nolan Pack

Led by: Jillian Weiss

Panelists: Jennifer Levi, Monica Roberts, Autumn Sandeen, Jos Truitt

Combatting Criminal Justice Violations: Challenging Assumptions and Winning Campaigns

How can social and racial justice organizations leverage technology on behalf of criminal justice campaigns? Panelists will discuss how their respective organizations utilize the internet, social media platforms and mobile devices to spread awareness about criminal justice violations impacting communities of color. Particular campaigns to be highlighted include those against the NYPD’s racially-targeted “Stop and Frisk” policy; the wrongful imprisonment of 10 innocent men in Cook County, IL, on the basis of forced confessions; the execution of Troy Davis without proof of guilt beyond reasonable doubt on the basis of unreliable eyewitness testimony; and the proposal to replace the storm-damaged Orleans Parish Prison with a massively-expanded facility. Panelists will share best practices, successes and challenges and ways to improve the efficacy of 21st century technology in criminal justice campaigns.

Combatting Criminal Justice Violations: Challenging Assumptions and Winning Campaigns

Storified by Netroots Nation · Fri, Jun 08 2012 17:22:14

Criminal justice violations disproportionately affect low income communities and communities of color. As progressives, addressing this problem is an important part of creating a more equitable society. Panelists today discussed the many challenges surrounding this intricate issue.
Starting "Combatting criminal justice violations" w/ @danaknola, Kamau Franklin & Matt Nelson of @ColorOfChange #NN12 #NN12Black #nn12cjDani McClain
There is much at stake. Communities must be united and a voice must be given to those that have suffer because of these types of injustices.
For people of color, interactions w/ cj system can go from benign to dangerous instantly says Matt Nelson #nn12cj #nn12Rania Khalek
Fighting prisons uniting Black and Brown communities uniting to fight immigrant detention centers in #nola #nn12 #nn12cjLaurie Ignacio
Dana Kaplan: ppl who had been incarcerated testify to city council to stop huge new NOLA jail: the system is destroying our lives. #NN12Austen Levihn-Coon
Vigilance is key.
Monitoring police should be part of our everyday civic engagement duties says Matt Nelson #nn12cj #nn12Rania Khalek
Kamau Franklin from Malcolm X Grassroots Movement talking about Cop Watch Program in Brooklyn to monitor police brutality. #nn12Rania Khalek
Attendees asked questions that touched on issues that are currently in legal limbo. The resulting decisions will have a significant impact on individuals rights and protections.
Question about right 2 film police. Matt Nelson & Kamau Franklin highlight recent & upcoming court cases in various states. #nn12cj #nn12Rania Khalek
The system can be changed; we do not need to stand for the status quo.
Geo Group prison company no longer allowed to opperate in Mississippi. Now we know it can be done. Matt Nelson @colorofchange #NN12Austen Levihn-Coon
RT @RaniaKhalek: Fundamental flaw in #privateprison model is profits — Matt Nelson #nn12cj #nn12Joe Moses
Attendees left the conversation with a renewed sense of purpose.
If u missed the criminal justice panel at #nn12 you should def watch it online. Best panel I’ve been to do far.Rania Khalek

Led by: Dani McClain

Panelists: Kamau Franklin, Dana Kaplan, Laura Moye, Matt Nelson

Love, Compassion and Other Outrageous Forms of Activism

Activists tend to be motivated by a powerful, inclusive sense of connection to all beings and the planet. Yet guilt, frustration, weariness and internal conflict can remove us from the sense of purpose we need to work for the long haul. When activism is disconnected from a deep understanding of interdependence, we may unintentionally create some of the very conditions we are fighting against—persecution instead of justice, hatred instead of compassion. The vital source of reconnection to a larger vision was called “the love that does justice,” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gandhi called it “satyagraha,” or truth force. The Netroots offers an unparalleled opportunity to create a community of change that is aligned with our deepest values of a more just and sustainable world. This panel will explore in-person and online tools for resilience of body, mind and spirit to help support a sustained, transformational activism.

Love, Compassion and Other Outrageous Forms of Activism

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

Storified by Netroots Nation · Fri, Jun 08 2012 13:51:41

The panelists started by framing a couple of questions.
Inhaling love. Exhaling rage. How do we do our work w/o hurting ourselves & our movement? w/ @mallikadutt #NN12 #womentogetherBekah Mandell
How do we organize w/love & the whole person? Learning w/ @mallikadutt @breakthrough @omega_institute #NN12 #womentogetherDomestic Workers
They spoke about dignity and wisdom.
"what does an unbroken world look like?" @mallikadutt "we must begin w/ our human dignity" #womentogether #NN12Domestic Workers
Knowing our lives interconnectedness is wisdom in the mind & compassion in the heart @sharonsalzberg #NN12Laila Fahimuddin
Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the session.
Human rights activist @mallikadutt rocks the room with a call to focus on our interdependency & personal transformation. #NN12mindoca
Grateful to @mallikadutt, @SharonSalzberg, panelists & attendees at Compassion/Activism session. I’m not alone in attempting balance! #NN12Sara

Led by: Carla Goldstein

Panelists: Mallika Dutt, Leslie Salmon Jones, Sharon Salzberg

Salsa, Cumbia and Merengue: Connecting to the Different Beats of the Latino Electorate

The Latino vote is expected to exceed 12.2 million in the 2012 elections. This diverse electorate includes those who have been here since the days of Aztlan and others who arrived more recently. Latinos are not a monolithic group. We don’t all know what arepas taste like, and many of us might not know how to salsa. So what ties us together? Ask five Latinos, and you’ll likely get five different answers. Whether it’s language, religion, culture or a sense of rhythm, Latinos make up a key voting bloc. This session will serve as a cross-pollination of regional knowledge that will help organizations springboard their 2012 electoral narratives. We’ll look at the strategies, tools and approaches organizers are using in a variety of regions around the country to create a powerful and progressive Latino voting base.

Led by: Eddy Morales

Panelists: Sindy Benavides, Ana Beatriz Cholo, Tomás Garduño, Aparna Shah

Take a Walk, Scott: Post-Mortem of the Wisconsin Recalls

On June 5, progressives across the country will either be celebrating Scott Walker’s recall loss or angry about his victory. Either way, this panel will serve as a post-mortem for the long, hard fight for sanity in Wisconsin.

fstv1 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Led by: Kaili Lambe

Panelists: Kristen Crowell, Emily Mills, Josh Orton, Harry Waisbren

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