We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2012 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. You can view the program electronically here.

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How Sports Shapes Our Politics and Why It Matters

Can sports ownership actually shape the 2012 election? Can sports media’s dominant racial narratives influence opinion on Barack Obama? Is Tim Tebow the most influential American challenging Roe v. Wade? Baseball’s integration once influenced desegregation; Billie Jean King promoted advances in gender equality; and sports owners and local politicians perfected a “welfare for billionaires” movement that helped shape broader public policy. Today, millions of Americans learn about government abuse through a steroids trial, institutional racism and exploitation through college athletics and the consequences of unchecked power and privilege through a Penn State “scandal.” This panel will address how sports shapes our national discussion and share examples of netroots, grassroots and legislative responses. Discussion will include roles of sports owners to sports mascots, white male privilege in sports media and the progressive blogosphere’s potential to embrace sports coverage as print media previously did.

Watch live streaming video from fstvnewswire at livestream.com

Led by: Charles Modiano

Panelists: Eden James, Eddie Moore, Jr., Diane Williams, Dave Zirin

When Democrats Aren't Democrats: The Story of Rhode Island

How did voter ID laws pass in a blue state? How many RI state legislators are anti-choice? What’s the deal with civil unions? Why does everyone keep saying tax breaks for the wealthy create jobs? As Democrats move to the right and progressives are fighting tooth and nail to get anything done, it couldn’t be more important to answer these questions. Hear the story of Rhode Island and how fights for tax justice, protecting a women’s right to choose, equal rights for our LGBTQI neighbors and access to the polls played out. Veteran advocates and organizers will talk about what works and what doesn’t when having a D next to a name means nothing.

When Democrats Aren’t Democrats: The Story of Rhode Island

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Panelists spoke about taxes, marriage equality, etc.
"We cut taxes on the wealthy, have to find the money somewhere, and so cut funds to municipalities." @katebrock1980 #nn12 #ripolMatt McDermott
Economic theology in Rhode Island: tax the rich and they’ll leave the state, ‘Flight of the Earls’ @katebrock1980 #nn12 #ripolMatt McDermott
@RaySullivan says the votes were there last year for #MarriageEquality in RI and leadership would argue that they weren’t there. #NN12Andres Taborda
Interesting @RaySullivan backgrounder on how RI lost on gay marriage, then Chafee signed EO on recognizing out of state gay marriages. #NN12Erika Niedowski
@RaySullivan "We are going to pass this next year. I swear to God." on #MarriageEquality #NN12Andres Taborda

Led by: Patrick Crowley

Panelists: Kate Brock, Steven Brown, Paula Hodges, Ray Sullivan

New Media on the Campaign Trail: Case Studies from Winning Programs

Every campaign talks about new media, but too many stop at Facebook and Twitter. Successful campaigns leverage the full breadth of tools and strategies new media has to offer across all their departments to raise money, turn out volunteers and spread a campaign message efficiently and effectively. This panel will present case studies from successful new media programs like those run by the Elizabeth Warren campaign and her allies Eric Griego and Lois Frankel, with new media directors from these campaigns (along with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee) sharing the innovative strategies they’re using to win in 2012.

Led by: Jason Rosenbaum

Panelists: A.J. Carrillo, Audrey Edmonds, Brandt McCool, Lauren Miller

Intervention, Isolation and the Future of Progressive Security Policy

The long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the economic crisis at home, have soured many progressives on foreign policy ideals long held dear by liberals: human rights, multilateral interventions, nationbuilding and support for democracy abroad. Recent debates over Libya, the Arab Spring, drones and Israel/Palestine have deepened this split between interventionists and isolationists. So where’s the common ground? What should the next progressive foreign policy look like? Can liberal interventionists distinguish themselves from right-wing neocons? Is Ron Paul onto something with his anti-war stance? From sanctions and special forces to drones and no-fly zones, attendees to this panel will hear a variety of views on humanitarianism, state sovereignty, multilateralism, limited conflicts and domestic war fatigue from the left’s most prominent experts in international affairs.

Watch live streaming video from fstv2 at livestream.com

Intervention, Isolation and the Future of Progressive Security Policy

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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What up @adamweinstein @mmhastings @tomperriello! #natsec #NN12 @ Netroots Nation 2012 (#nn12) http://instagr.am/p/Lqa6yBg0Wa/Richard Allen Smith
Panelists spoke about viewpoints on war, the President’s anti-war platform and progressive foreign policy.
Viewpoints allowed on war is too narrow. It’s neoconservatives on 1 side and liberal hawks on the other. – @mmhastings #nn12Rania Khalek
President came into office on an anti-war platform, accepted Nobel, then escalated a war. Where was email from @moveon? @mmhastings #nn12Ploughshares Fund
.@mmhastings didn’t know there WAS a prog. foreign policy. "You’re managing empire even if couched in humanitarian terms." #natsec #nn12Joe Macare
"I would classify Obama foreign policy as realists, which is positive considering nuts that Romney has." – @mmhastings #nn12Rania Khalek
.@tomperriello "This president has been more of a practitioner of smart power & surgical power than diplomacy." #nn12Joe Macare
.@Ali_Gharib agrees w. @tomperriello that Obama foreign policy not progressive – "those paying attention didn’t expect much." #nn12 #natsecJoe Macare
They also spoke about Paul.
.@mmhastings on Paul: progressives are drawn to him because of lack of #antiwar voices, they don’t agree once you drill down in detail #nn12Joe Macare
They spoke about intervention and human suffering.
.@tomperriello says "coming from the human rights movement" makes him have hard time not backing intervention if atrocities committed. #nn12Joe Macare
We have more tools to legitimize engagement. Don’t have to choose b/w human suffering & sending troops. @tomperriello at #nn12 #natsecPloughshares Fund
"We never talk about if we could, when we talk about if we should. " @AdamWeinstein on US interventionism. #NN12Jenny Churchill
There was disagreement among the panelists.
#NN12 "Security" panel mod @AdamWeinstein claims Obama as progressive president, praises Ron Paul foreign policy. Panel having none of it.Angus Johnston
"It’s useful to have voices like Ron Paul’s out there, but doesn’t mean his ideas are good" – @tomperriello #nn12Rania Khalek
They spoke about Libya.
Kristin Lord: I was wrong to doubt the president on #Libya. Credit to @adamweinstein for asking who disagrees it was a success #nn12 #natsecJoe Macare
Didn’t agree with Libya intervention and still don’t think we should have done it, says @mmhastings #nn12Rania Khalek
.@mmhastings: We intervened in Libya b/c principles aligned with self-interest (oil). We don’t act if there’s nothing in it for us. #nn12Adam Lee
And the motivations for war.
"I don’t think that what animates a national security state, is the desire to help people". @mmhastings #TASatNN12 #nn12Alyona
Argument here between @mmhastings & @tomperriello over "responsibility to protect" is interestingly about intent rather than outcome. #NN12Darcy Burner
.@tomperriello: critical of some humanitarian rhetoric eg Darfur campaign activism; but in favor of earlier Kosovo action. #nn12 #natsecJoe Macare
humanitarian interventions taken only when principles and self interest align. – @mmhastings #nn12 #natsecYusra Ahmed

Led by: Adam Weinstein

Panelists: Ali Gharib, Michael Hastings, Kristin Lord, Tom Perriello

The War on Voting

In 2011 we witnessed the most significant rollback of voting rights since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965, with conservative legislators and governors passing laws in more than a dozen states to restrict access to the ballot. These laws included requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, restricting voter registration drives, curtailing early voting, disenfranchising ex-felons and mandating government-issued photo identification to cast a ballot. These tactics harken back to the days when Dixiecrats used poll taxes and literacy tests to bar black Southerners from voting. According to the non-partisan Brennan Center for Justice, the new laws could make it significantly harder for more than 5 million eligible voters to cast ballots in 2012, with young, minority, low-income and disabled voters hit the hardest. This panel will look at the voter suppression tactics conservatives are employing and how to fight back to defend democracy.

fstv1 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Led by: Ari Berman

Panelists: Sen. Ben Cardin, Rep. Keith Ellison, Keesha Gaskins, Eric Marshall, Heather Smith

Behind the Camera: Addressing the Underrepresentation of Women in Media and Culture

Women are dramatically underrepresented in almost every level of media and popular culture, whether they’re writing, directing, producing or greenlighting projects. While most media criticism tends to focus on the representations of women, whether in romantic comedies or on comic book covers, it’s time to pay attention to who is—and isn’t—making decisions about how culture gets made in the first place. We’ll break down the numbers on women—in particular, women of color—in media; talk about the importance of the pop culture chain of command; and discuss the best ways for consumers to put pressure on companies to produce more genuinely progressive stories, characters and explorations of women’s issues in mass culture.

Led by: Alyssa Rosenberg

Panelists: Anna Holmes, Elana Levin, Alli Thresher

Communities of Color and the 2012 Presidential Election

President Obama was elected with overwhelming support from the black and brown communities in 2008. With the 2012 presidential election looming, and considering that we are no longer dealing with a campaign predicated on promises of hope and change, this panel will examine how the policies of the Obama presidency have affected these communities. We’ll also look at how organizers are utilizing culture, technology and the media to reach and engage these critical audiences once more.

Panelists: Javier Gonzalez, Arisha Hatch, Carey Jenkins, Malik Rhasaan

Labor Caucus

Connect with like-minded folks and talk with others from your community in our identity caucuses.

Parents Caucus

Connect with like-minded folks and talk with others from your community in our identity caucuses.

Panelists: Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Organizing Tools Shootout (Encore)

Back for an unprecedented THIRD year, it’s the Great Netroots Nation Organizing Tools Shootout! Data and online tools are a big part of progressive organizing, and keystones in building from the netroots base out wider into our communities. New tools like LoudSauce, DS Political and POPVOX and many others are the building blocks of the shift from top-down and broadcast models to a distributed, participatory and more deeply democratic future. Come hear the inside stories on how these tools are being designed and built, the impact they’re already having on campaigns and organizations, and what they can do to help you become a more powerful and more effective activist and leader.

Led by: Dan Ancona

Lizz Free or Die

Political satirist Lizz Winstead will be doing a reading from her new book “Lizz Free Or Die” It is a personal tale of a uoung wan finding her voice and how that voice lead her into Stand-Up comedy, activism, creating The Daily Show and Air America Radio. She will be joined in a conversation and Q/A with former CEO and Air America Founder Jon Sinton. Books will be available for purchase and signing.

Led by: Lizz Winstead

Google+ Hangout: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

Join us in the exhibit hall or online for a Google+ Hangout where Senator Sheldon Whitehouse will be interviewed by Ian Millhiser (ThinkProgress).

Google+ Hangout: Markos Moulitsas

Join us in the exhibit hall or online for a Google+ Hangout where Markos Moulitsas will be interviewed by Judd Legum (ThinkProgress).

How Organizing Can Change a Narrative

History has shown that when progressives mount a solid engagement organizing, we win the battle for hearts, minds and votes. Learn the tactics, timelines and tools from two of the best field organizers out there currently on the front lines of the 2012 battleground.

Trainers: Matthew 'Mudcat' Arnold, Helen Strain

Presence and Authenticity: The Key to Being a Media Star

Media appearances are performances. To be a good performer, one needs tools and techniques. This session will teach the tools and techniques used by professional actors to create star presence. It will be an interactive master class as taught by Joel Silberman, New York theatrical director and media trainer to performers and successful progressive candidates.

Trainers: Joel Silberman

Ideas to Action: Launching a People-powered Campaign for Change

Molly Katchpole took on Bank of America’s $5 fee. Katy Butler fought to give “Bully” a “PG-13” rating so students can see the film. Saudi women successfully got the world’s top diplomats, like Secretary of State Clinton, to support their right to drive. From local concerns to global issues, people are winning campaigns every day. This training will be a hands-on, interactive workshop for individuals and small organizations to start and run their own campaign. We’ll start with how to create a solid theory of change, brainstorm creative tactics and tools, and talk about strategies for reaching the media and getting a response from your decision-maker. You’ll leave this workshop with the knowledge to plan a strategic campaign and the skills to launch it in the room, so bring your laptops and ideas.

Trainers: Lola Elfman

Pushing Back: How Labor Groups are Fighting Concessions and Workplace Abuses in the Down Economy

Leveraging a weak economy and a diminished union base, corporations are now expecting more and more out of their workers while offering less and less in return. This panel will take a look at the concessions companies are demanding from their workforces—from rising health-care payments and pension takeaways to wage freezes and lost hours—and how labor groups and organizers are pushing back at both the bargaining table and the grassroots level. We’ll explore some of the ways both middle-class and low-wage workers are struggling to hold on to the gains they’ve made as employees.

Pushing Back: How Labor Groups are Fighting Concessions and Workplace Abuses in the Down Economy

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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RT @RaniaKhalek: #Labor panel includes Courtney Smith, Eddie Blackburn, @AlisonOmens, @MikeElk & @dave_jamieson #nn12Penny
RT @aterkel: Labor panel at #nn12 with @AlisonOmens @MikeElk and moderated by @dave_jamieson (Ballroom E) http://pic.twitter.com/pdapNl26UNITE HERE
.@Dave_Jamieson: What will change trend of blaming unions 4 economy? @MikeElk: "Part of the answer is that we do need more labor journalism"Josh Eidelson
.@dave_jamieson asks how to get around companies using contracted workers to circumvent unionized workforce. #nn12Rania Khalek
Panelists gave examples of labor successes and failures, some of them local.
after training their replacements, #hyatt laid off 100 Housekeepers in Boston – @Dave_jamieson @huffpo #nn12Leigh Shelton
Courtney Smith and @dave_jamieson talking about Westin Hotel Workers win in Providence #nn12valentinasweet

Led by: Dave Jamieson

Panelists: Eddie Blackburn, Carmen Castillo, Mike Elk, Alison Omens

Making Sense of Polling Data

This panel will share insights to help you interpret the next set of polling data you see. We’ll discuss the huge challenge of sampling cell-phone-only households, whether mainstream media outlets should start covering automated polling, the current state of polling over the internet and whether social media has a role to play in measuring public opinion.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

Making Sense of Polling Data

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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Up next, making sense of polling data with @MysteryPollster, @followers_count @margieomero, and @dcwilsonphd #nn12Matt McDermott
Panelists discussed the importance of modernizing polling techniques.
Panel on making sense of polling data–no surprise that only calling land lines will get you an older, right-wing poll bias #nn12Ilissa Gold
.@MysteryPollster discussing @pewresearch on 2010 election, finding 5.1 pt. margin of error when polling doesn’t include cell phones. #nn12Matt McDermott
"for the volunteering and civic engagement q’s the telephone survey exaggerated the numbers" #polling #data #NN12sgodsay
how a survey is fielded often depends on the resources and money available #data #polling #NN12sgodsay

Led by: Greg Dworkin

Panelists: Mark Blumenthal, Jon Cohen, Margie Omero, David C. Wilson

Winning Without a Vote: Working with Federal Agencies to Advance a Progressive Agenda

Lobbying Congress can seem like an impossible uphill climb even in the best of times, but there are alternative ways to make progress. There’s much to be done without worrying about filibusters or majority votes by working with the federal agencies. A coalition of national LGBT and allied organizations called the New Beginning Initiative has been advocating for changes within the federal government for over three years. Since January of 2009, there have been dozens of changes in federal policy that benefit the lives of LGBT people and families, and they all happened without any further Congressional action. Join us for a discussion on how to advocate for progress through federal agencies using the existing framework of federal law. Our success stories relate to the LGBT movement, but the tools for change can be used by anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and wade into the world of federal regulation.

fstv1 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Led by: Brad Jacklin

Panelists: Kellan Baker, Emily Hecht-McGowan, Gautam Raghavan, Maya Rupert

The Worst Immigration Law in the United States

HB 56, Alabama’s extreme immigration bill, was explicitly designed to drive undocumented immigrants out of the state. Since being signed into law, many of the approximately 200,000 Latinos who remain in Alabama live in a state of fear and insecurity. Panelists will discuss just how detrimental the bill really is to the state and its immigrant families. Plus, they’ll talk about what civil and immigrant rights advocates are doing to push for repeal and fight for human rights.

Watch live streaming video from fstv2 at livestream.com

Led by: Mahwish Khan

Panelists: William Anderson, Erika Ovalle, Jonathan Perez, Favianna Rodriguez

Turn It Up: Using Hip-Hop to Mobilize in 2012

This panel will discuss how hip-hop can be utilized as a tool to amplify the message of the progressive movement, as well as inspire and energize activists across the country. Panelists will address the political ideals of current artists and their fan bases and how the progressive movement can work congruently with both. Learn how hip-hop could be the game-changer in the 2012 election.

Turn It Up: Using Hip-Hop to Mobilize in 2012

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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@Jasiri_x, @BDOLANSFR, @drgoddess and @paradisegray discuss using Hip Hop to get communities who aren’t normally politically active to be involved and be engaged. Music is a powerful medium to communicate and to inspire people to unite, collaborate and work towards real world change.
B. Dolan @BDolanSFR on Mobilizing w/ Hip Hop in 2012 panel #nn12 #nn12hipHop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyT1buoyTnY&feature=youtube_gdata_playerBill
In the Using Hip-Hop to Mobilize in 2012 session, @drgoddess tells us "It’s ok to ask artists to be change agents" #NN12PolicyLink
@paradisegray dropping hip-hop history on how music transformed NY gang culture & created a strong community-voter registration, etc #NN12PolicyLink
We need a story telling project specifically for hip hop. Forrealz. #nn12hiphop #nn12jenifer daniels
Davey D is talking about a lot of institution – building that was done through hip hop. #nn12 #nn12hiphopJamie Boschan
RT @ErikasWay: Using Hip Hop to Mobilize session at #NN12 @drgoddess @jasiri_x @mrdaveyd and Paradise Gray #NN12hiphop http://pic.twitter.com/k9o1tuLbJasiri X
I stress the potential of hiphop 2 affect local politics Vote on judges that are putting the people that you love in jail #nn12 #nn12hiphopChenjerai Kumanyika
Hip Hop music used to be about community, but now it’s more about personal vanity. The panel discussed today the importance of bringing a community message back in to the music to get folks moving and mobilized.
Great point @mrdaveyd, hip-hop used 2 be about community & now it’s more "look at me, don’t u wish u could be like me" #NN1212HipHop #NN12Amber Washington

Led by: Jasiri X

Panelists: Davey D, B. Dolan, Kimberly 'Dr. Goddess' Ellis, Paradise Gray

Funny Feminism: Joking Our Way to Gender Equality

We all know the tedious stereotype about the humorless feminist, but the reality is so much different. One look at online feminism confirms that feminists really are funny, and usually funnier than the sexists they fight. The panelists will discuss the hows and whys of laughing our way to gender equality.

Funny Feminism: Joking Our Way to Gender Equality

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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Both men and women packed the room for the panel Funny Feminism: Joking Our Way to Gender Equality with @AmandaMarcotte, @desifeminista, @morninggloria, @DavidFutrelle and @AnnaHolmes.
Truth from @annaholmes: Feminism of my mother’s generation didn’t have a lot to laugh about #nn12Andrea Peterson
Having total fan girl moment at the Feminists are Funny #nn12 panel @morninggloria @AnnaHolmes @kthalps @AmandaMarcotteAnthea Watson Strong
Men dont like being humiliated, misogynists especially dont like being humiliated -@morninggloria #fem2 #nn12Andrea Peterson
.@morninggloria: Conservatives can be really funny in a meta way, like Michele Bachmann is one of the funniest people in the world #nn12Andrea Peterson
"the butt of the joke matters for sensitive subjects." (paraphrased) @morninggloria #nn12colleen crinion
Responding to crazies w/jokes about periods & the scary mysteries of the female body: so funny. @morninggloria at Funny Feminism panel #NN12Alesa Mackool
"If I could remove one group from the internet, it would be dudes that are concerned." @amandamarcotte #nn12colleen crinion
The panel discussion was not only funny, but also thought provoking on gender equality issues. For some NN12ers, it was the highlight of the conference.
Feminists are Funny panel is the highlight of #nn12 @morninggloria @AnnaHolmes @kthalps @AmandaMarcotteShannon Moriarty

Led by: Amanda Marcotte

Panelists: Katie Halper, Anna Holmes, Erin Gloria Ryan

Revitalizing State and Local Blogging

Since the historic 2006 and 2008 election cycles, state and local blogospheres all around the country have been fragmenting and decaying to the detriment of the progressive movement. This panel will examine the challenges that surviving blogs face; discuss short-term projects that would help state and local bloggers strengthen their audience, reach and income through the rest of the 2012 cycle; and explore what can be done to sustain the Netroots community at the state and regional level long-term.

Led by: Andrew Villeneuve

Panelists: Kari Chisholm, Phillip Martin, Laura Packard, Bob Plain, Angelica Rubio

Screening Showcase #4

Films are an effective way to engage new audiences, communicate dynamic ideas and provoke conversation. See short segments of films that seek to influence the debate, learn about the work and share thoughts on impact, distribution, partnerships and the potential to turn reel action into real action.  Line-up subject to change.

Code of the West – At a time when the country is rethinking its drug policies large and small, one state rises to the forefront of national attention. Once a pioneer in legalizing medical marijuana, the state of Montana is poised to become the first in the nation to repeal its medical marijuana law. Set against the sweeping vistas of the Rockies, the steamy lamplight of marijuana grow houses, and the bustling halls of the State Capitol, CODE OF THE WEST follows the 2011 Montana State Legislature as it debates the fate of medical marijuana. This is the story of the many lives and fraught emotions tied to one of the most heated policy questions facing the country today.

MLK Streets Project – Birthed out of a well-known Chris Rock joke making fun of the violence and poverty often found on the streets named for the non-violent activist, this revealing documentary follows 10 high-school students as they travel cross-country to observe and record, first-hand, the condition of America’s MLK Streets.  In an age when Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has been co-opted to sell everything from hamburgers to Mercedes Benz, it has been easy to forget that Dr. King not only had a dream but a plan of action to address the social injustices of his time. As social unrest and protest occupies cities across America and the world, the streets that bear our slain leader’s name also bear witness to monuments of inequity, four decades after his assassination. Failing schools, lack of access and resources; we need only look out our windows to know Dr. King’s work is not finished.  Narrated by Rain Pryor, the film keeps the comedy-to-cultural-commentary connection alive as it looks critically at the street-naming phenomenon, King’s legacy, and the effects of gentrification on the streets he once marched through. For a generation that has heard the “I Have a Dream” speech like a broken record, the film serves as a radical remix.

A Question of Integrity – Narrated by actor and activist Edward James Olmos, A Question of Integrity: Politics, Ethics, and the Supreme Court presents evidence that in recent years some Supreme Court justices have participated in overtly political gatherings, inappropriately lent their names to private fundraising events, maintained financial and personal relationships with individuals and institutions that create the appearance of impropriety, and failed to disclose financial information as required by federal law. The result has been a crisis of credibility for the Court. This film discusses important reforms that would restore the public’s faith in the integrity of our nation’s highest court.

Hot Coffee – Seinfeld mocked it. Letterman put it on one of his Top Ten lists. More than 15 years later, the McDonald’s coffee case continues to be cited as a prime example of how citizens use “frivolous” lawsuits to take unfair advantage of America’s legal system. But is that an accurate portrayal of the facts? First-time filmmaker and former public interest lawyer Susan Saladoff uses the infamous legal battle that began with a spilled cup of coffee to investigate what’s behind America’s zeal for tort reform. By following four people whose lives were devastated by the attacks on our courts, this thought-provoking documentary challenges the assumptions Americans hold about “jackpot justice.”

Panelists: Francisco Bello, Charneice Fox Richardson, Kevin Fry, David Menschel, Cliff Schecter

Faith Caucus

Connect with like-minded folks and talk with others from your community in our identity caucuses.

Education Caucus

Our moderated issue caucuses are aimed at forming greater strategic alliances on progressive issues including the environment, labor, LGBT community, immigration, women’s issues, social justice and education.

Google+ Hangout: Van Jones

Join us in the exhibit hall or online for a Google+ Hangout where Van Jones will be interviewed by Rebecca Leber (ThinkProgress).

COINTELPRO 2.0: Surveillance, National Security and Our Eroding Civil Liberties

Our national security infrastructure continues to evolve in ways that erode civil liberties protections built over decades. Between the continued renewals of the Patriot Act, the recent passage of the NDAA, revelations about the FBI’s use of informants and the CIA operating domestically, there are a number of reasons to be concerned. Attend this panel to learn more about what has changed over the last 10 years and hear from activists who are pushing back to protect themselves, their communities and all of us.

For video of this panel, check this CAIRArizona youtube playlist.

COINTELPRO 2.0: Surveillance, National Security and Our Eroding Civil Liberties

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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RT @minsd: Standing room only for @ZahraBilloo’s session on co-intel pro & eroding civil rights. #NN12 #interesting http://pic.twitter.com/uAiKqbwsTom Torres
RT @imraansiddiqi: "we need to organize from a place of dignity – we deserve that" – @lsarsour .. @CyrusMcGoldrick @ZahraBilloo @Sheeyahshee #NN12Tom Torres
"if they’re spying on me – doggone it they’re spying on YOU" -@lsarsour … @ZahraBilloo @CyrusMcGoldrick @Sheeyahshee #NN12 #COINTELPROImraan Siddiqi
Thinking about how to de-normalize the privacy violations we accept daily. Thanks @lsarsour @sheeyahshee @cyrusmcgoldrick @zahrabilloo #NN12Jessica Devaney
@ZahraBilloo ntroducing "Shit the FBI Says" video. Incredible. Opens with "Tell me about your Muslim friend." #nn12 CoIntelProTom Torres
RT @studentactivism: "If you’re working on #stopandfrisk you need to say ‘End stop-and-frisk AND stop spying on our Muslim brothers and sisters.’" — @lsarsourPatrick Stickney
"we will not give up our rights to give other people a false sense of security" – @lsarsour at COINTELPRO 2.0 panel at #NN12Jessica Devaney
RT @jessicadevaney: Thinking about how to de-normalize the privacy violations we accept daily. Thanks @lsarsour @sheeyahshee @cyrusmcgoldrick @zahrabilloo #NN12Cyrus McGoldrick
How did the COINTELPRO 2.0 panel go? Check the post panel crowd @lsarsour @CyrusMcGoldrick @ZahraBilloo @Sheeyahshee http://pic.twitter.com/5TaQS4YBImraan Siddiqi

Led by: Zahra Billoo

Panelists: Shahid Buttar, Rose Regina Lawrence, Cyrus McGoldrick, Linda Sarsour

Closing keynote with Van Jones and Benjamin Jealous

The closing session at Netroots Nation 2012 will be anchored by activist and Rebuild the Dream co-founder Van Jones. We’ll also hear from NAACP President Benjamin T. Jealous, Howard Dean, Congressman David Cicilline (RI-01), Rhode Island State Representative Teresa Tanzi and Chuck Rocha. The evening will be emceed by comedian and writer Elon James White.

fstv1 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Closing keynote with Van Jones

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The evening kicked off with the hilarious Elon James White.
Nice. @elonjames is crushing right now @ #nn12 keynote. We’re not worthy! #p2Mike Nellis
"We don’t need facts, we need to work on some goddamn propaganda." @elonjames #nn12Raven Brooks
Next, David Cicilline took the stage.
"there’s a sense that those in Washington either don’t care or don’t understand what Americans are going through." @davidcicilline #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
@davidcicilline Corporate spending in politics isn’t about ideology. It’s a business transaction to increase revenue. #NN12 @Netroots_NationTDL
"We need to make sure the most powerful voice in Washington belongs to the American people." @davidcicilline #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
Then Chuck Rocha, Executive Director of The American Worker, Latino Project spoke.
Tweets cannot do justice to "Mexican Redneck" @ChuckRocha’s accent as he tells #nn12 to take our country back!Jesse Bacon
@ChrisRocha is hilarious! "More people claimed to have seen Bigfoot than committed voter fraud" #NN12 closing. He’s awesomeAmber Washington
#NN12 Chuck Rocha: More people saw Big Foot in Texas (66) than accused of voter fraud (38) #usw #p2 #1uUSW Blogger
Arshad Hasan from Democracy for America spoke about the Netroots Nation community and how important it is to support Netroots Nation financially.
"drawing strength is one of the most important part of our community. We have connected w each other n meaningful way" @arshadhasan #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
Next, President Obama addressed Netroots Nation via video.
President Obama Addresses Netroots Nation 2012netrootsnationvideo
President @BarackObama addresses @Netroots_Nation & stresses importance of job growth and the affordable care act #nn12 #nn12lgbtThe Task Force
.@BarackObama – "And as long as you’re willing to keep up that fight, I’ll be right there with you." #NN12Josh Peterson
Rhode Island State Rep. Teresa Tanzi urged the audience to keep working for progress.
An inspiring progressive politician from Rhode Island. Hell yes! @ Netroots Nation 2012 (#nn12) http://instagr.am/p/LqxQXwpx_7/Lizandra
Then Governor Howard Dean spoke.
Gov. Dean brings up the know nothing party and says "make the #GOP caused this recession." @GovHowardDean #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
Howard Dean says Tea Party and the "Hate Wing" of the Republican Party are dying out. #NN12Josh Peterson
"Pretty soon the Republican party is going to realize you can’t make a country better by hating some of the ppl in it" @govhowarddean #NN12PolicyLink
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse thanked everyone for coming to Providence.
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: Thank you for coming to Providence @Netroots_Nation #NN12 #waterfirePlanned Parenthood
President and CEO of the NAACP Benjamin T. Jealous spoke next.
@benjealous gets the #nn12 crowd fired up with the chant "fired up – ready to go."DemocracyForAmerica
"If we hoped that we were in the early days of a post-racial nation, from Troy Davis to Trayvon – we are not there yet!" @BenJealous #nn12 Shanelle Matthews
@benjealous says if @NAACP could end racial profiling alone they would have done it. We need all of you. #endrp2012 #NN12Linda Sarsour
"it is our duty To build a nation that empowers our children." @benjealous quoting Frederick Douglas #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
Ben Jealous talks about racial profiling. I can’t help thinking about our sons, as a tear falls. #NN12Karran Harper Royal
"By standing up together, against all the lies… that is the way we hasten the future together" @BenJealous #NN12Adam Robbins
Finally, activist and co-founder of Rebuild the Dream Van Jones took the stage.
Now speaking #nn12 is @VanJones68 "some people died for change. Some of us want to give up in the face of a bad tweet" http://lockerz.com/s/215858547Kenya Wheeler
Van reminds us that we lost Wisconsin because we sat on the sidelines. Very true… #NN12Prune Juice Media
"when we do our minimum and they do our maximum, how do we expect to win." @vanjones68 #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
"We like this president but we are not in love with him like we used to be! We went from having a crush to being crushed" @vanjones68 #nn12valentinasweet
.@VanJones68: "When the Tea Party gets power they use it to decimate us," decapitating the unions. #NN12Sharoney
Van Jones: "The EPA has probably saved more lives in the last 30 years than the Justice Department." #nn12 #fbTalia Whyte
Van Jones: This election is about fear; they fear us, we should be terrified of them. #nn12avri
GOP and Tea Party wouldn’t pass even their own bills right now; hurting American ppl for own gain, to win re-election @VanJones68 #nn12Denise
@VanJones68 – we’re far too interested in bipartisanship and need to stop it. The other side is QUITE partisan. #nn12Dr. Goddess
"You have to have a President willing to be moved. And you have to have a movement willing to do the moving." @VanJones68 #nn12 #p2Raven Brooks
Two tasks: stop tea party in november & win the budget ballot in Dec. @VanJones68 #nn12jeanne mccann
@VanJones68: America is not broke, and we’re a better country than this. #NN12Sharoney
"we do not have the right to sit in this room & feel sorry or ourselves. Somebody has got 2 stand up. We can do better. @vanjones68 #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
"Somebody has got to stand up! What better place than here? What better time than now?" — @VanJones68 #NN12Rebuild the Dream
The event ended with the announcement that Netroots Nation 2013 will be in California!
We’re going to San Jose, CA June 20-23 for #nn13! Register now: http://bit.ly/LIXIKB #nn12 We can’t wait! #p2Netroots_Nation

Led by: Elon James White

Panelists: Rep. David Cicilline, Benjamin T. Jealous, Van Jones, Chuck Rocha, State Rep. Teresa Tanzi

Screening: "Laughter Against the Machine"

W. Kamau Bell, Nato Green and Janine Brito, touring as Laughter Against the Machine, offer a unique kind of comedy where the comedians and the audience expect to be challenged, to laugh, and to think at the same time. It’s an issue-oriented, no-holds-bar show with no preconceived expectations, no party lines, and certainly no cheerleading – because they have beef with everybody, including themselves.

Last year Laughter Against the Machine raised enough money from fans via Kickstarter to be able to go out on tour with two documentary filmmakers to some of the most politically charged states in the country, to try and answer the question: “What role does comedy play in the revolution?” In addition to visiting seven of the Occupy Wall Street encampments, they crossed the border in Arizona with immigration rights groups Culturestrike and Puente, marched with striking hotel workers in Chicago, went to a Mosque in Michigan, touched the levee in the lower 9th ward in New Orleans, and hung out with street artists against oil pipelines in DC. All of this in an attempt to educate themselves on the issues they care about and bring some much needed laughter to the front lines.

In addition to stand-up, this show will include previews of clips from the forthcoming documentary and a Q&A with the comedians.

Panelists: W. Kamau Bell, Janine Brito, Liz Gallagher, Nato Green, Keri Smith Esguia

WaterFire celebration

The city of Providence is rolling out the red carpet for Netroots Nation. They’ll be conducting a full WaterFire installation, lighting up over 80 braziers in WaterPlace Park. The braziers are lit 20 minutes after sunset and burn until about midnight.

This award-winning sculpture by Barnaby Evans installed on the three rivers of downtown Providence, has been praised by Rhode Island residents and international visitors alike as a powerful work of art and a moving symbol of Providence’s renaissance. WaterFire’s over eighty sparkling bonfires, the fragrant scent of aromatic wood smoke, the flickering firelight on the arched bridges, the silhouettes of the firetenders passing by the flames, the torch-lit vessels traveling down the river, and the enchanting music from around the world engage all the senses and emotions of those who stroll the paths of Waterplace Park.

Get all the details at waterfire.org.

Daily Kos 10th Anniversary Party

Join us Saturday, June 9th for a waterfront block party at The Whiskey Republic, 515 South Water Street. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Daily Kos, we’ll party with a DJ, dancing and a complimentary open bar. Doors open at 9:30PM. A convention credential or Daily Kos sticker (available at the Daily Kos booth) is required for entry and complimentary drinks. Space is limited, so come early and stay late! (Must be 18 or older for entry)

Interfaith Service

Take a look at the spiritual roots of activism in different traditions and get some inspiration before you leave Providence. Open to people of all faiths and no faith. Service will be over in time to participate in the Day of Service.

Day of Service

Join Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Rep. Jim Langevin, Rep. David Cicilline and Providence Mayor Angel Taveras on Sunday, June 10 for a clean-up day at historic Roger Williams Park, capped off by a tour of the state-of-the-art Save the Bay facility overlooking Narragansett Bay. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today.

A chartered bus will leave for the park at 9 a.m. from the Westin Hotel. Lunch will be provided. All attendees participating in the Day of Service are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and shoes you won’t mind getting dirty. We’ll return to the Westin no later than 2:15 p.m.

Get full details and RSVP here.

Netroots Nation 2017