We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2012 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. You can view the program electronically here.

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Saving Public Transportation: A Matter of Social Justice

In Rhode Island, public transit service is under perennial threat of service cuts and fare increases due to a flawed funding mechanism, the gas tax. Transit systems around the country—from Oakland to Detroit—face similar service cuts at a time when public transportation is more necessary than ever for both our economic and environmental sustainability. This panel will relate how workers, riders and even transit systems are forming coalitions in the fight to save and expand public transportation. We’ll explore the campaign in Rhode Island to Save RIPTA, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, and discuss how the successes of this local campaign can be translated to other communities nationwide.

Watch live streaming video from fstvnewswire at livestream.com

Saving Public Transportation: A Matter of Social Justice

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Transit systems nationwide are facing service cuts and fare increases, which disproportionately affect low income communities. The campaign in Rhode Island to Save RIPTA, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, was examined as a case study for other cities and communities as to how to be effective transit advocates.
Transit organizing #rockstars @electabel @electlibby Paul Harrington and Larry Hanley of ATU #saveripta #nn12 http://pic.twitter.com/a6TqaiDCCleanWaterAction RI
The transit battles tie into the larger fight for workers’ rights.
RT @sara_h: Very coordinated attack on #transit workers in Pittsburgh. Symptom of war on workers, not transit. ~ Hanley @atucomm #nn12 #nn12transitKenya Wheeler
"#Transit is a crutch for any struggling economy, and a backbone for a thriving economy." ~ Abel Collins, @risierraclub #nn12 #nn12transitSara
The need to organize is key. The opposition can be large and well funded. New solutions needs to be examined.
Greg LeRoy: You help organize riders, our policy wonks will navigate the shell game of transit funding. #nn12 #nn12transitTom Torres
Nearly three-fourths of transit riders use it to commute to work. Where are the employers to step up and protect #masstransit? #nn12Matt McDermott
Great Q/As re: public perception of "second class citizens," lower-income #transit ridership. Auto lobby doesn’t help. #nn12 #nn12transitSara
RT @MarkJGray: Transit advocates need to get big employers on their side #nn12 #masstransit #saveripta #1uATU, Transit Union
Attendees brainstormed some new ideas for policy and emphasized the importance of elected officials understanding the needs of their communities.
Interesting Idea! RT @lucasoconnor: What if there was an enterprise zone-type deal for locating jobs on transit lines? #NN12 #NN12transitKenya Wheeler
True, need to elect transit riders 😉 MT @kenyaw Libby Kimzey agrees many lawmakers aren’t transit users & are out of touch w/riders #nn12Rebecca Saltzman

Led by: Greg LeRoy

Panelists: Abel Collins, Larry Hanley, Paul Harrington, Libby Kimzey

Bold Progressive 99% Candidates in 2012

Bold progressive candidates—those who publicly commit themselves to the 99% movement and a populist economic vision—are running for Congress across the nation this year. Progressive infrastructure is giving these candidates vital support, resulting in some early primary wins against conservative Democratic opponents. More big primaries are coming and then significant general election fights are ahead. Hear from some of these bold candidates and learn how you can help them succeed in 2012.

Watch live streaming video from fstv2 at livestream.com

Bold Progressive 99% Candidates in 2012

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Panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities in drafting grassroots primary challengers.
#NN12 Panel on electing Bold Progressives to office with @AdamGreen, @StephanieTaylor, and @DanielMintz in Ballroom B. http://pic.twitter.com/H0ZolbgYBoldProgressives.org
@AdamGreen at #nn12 "ppl said tough wk for #p2–it’s a tough life for #p2. We’re purposely marching up hill. If you want easy go corporate."Audrey Edmonds
@stephanietaylor at #NN12 "starting a campaign is like a starting a small business & stopping it in 12 mos. Tough for a 1st time candidate."Audrey Edmonds
.@StephanieTaylor "We’re not just looking for candidates to be good on issues — are they activists who will work w/ the grassroots?" #NN12Seth Kaye
Daniel Mintz pointed out that a primary challenger can change the system without even winning the race.
.@DanielMintz: "Primaries work. We’ve seen it happen with Blanche Lincoln. @CFPB exists as it does because Halter challenged her." #NN12BoldProgressives.org

Led by: Stephanie Taylor

Panelists: Adam Green, Daniel Mintz

Coal and the Grassroots Fight for Environmental Justice

Community heroes across the country are taking great risks to stand up and say no to coal pollution and other environmental injustices, and they’re succeeding—more than 100 of the nation’s 500 coal plants have already announced that they will retire. Activists from Appalachia to Arizona are using creative strategies and tactics that are breaking through the noise and building power in communities that are often marginalized. This session will put some of these David vs. Goliath stories front and center and address how activists can use these lessons in fighting for environmental justice in their own communities.

Coal and the Grassroots Fight for Environmental Justice

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More closing comments: Lets not celebrate any victories too soon – we’ve only had them because of relentless grassroots pressure. So take that away if we declare victory too soon with coal plant retirement – this isn’t an industry that will just walk away from all the coal left in this country. 
Closing comments: No coal, no fracking, no Keystone. Say yes to something – bring the wind to Texas, Appalachia, Muskegon, and bring the sun to the United States.
Question on "Clean Coal" – @RL_Miller: only "clean coal" is "magical" coal that "is carried away by unicorns." #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
Allison Sliva; Coal companies are playing fast and loose with "clean coal" term #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
@RL_Miller: If there is a cause that is important to you, don’t rely on other green groups – speak out for yourself. #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
RT @SierraClubLive: @RL_Miller: Why are they sending "energy security" to China for 90 cents a ton? #nn12coal #nn12RLMiller
Californians, urge your state reps to pass AJR35, ban export of coal from w. coast, sez @RL_Miller. #nn12coal #nn12Gregg Levine
@RL_Miller: Attend hearings; if you are in CA, tell your state senator to support ban on coal exports on west coast. #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
@RL_Miller: Activists on local level are the only thing standing in the way of increased coal exports. #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
“Asia and Oceania – coal use is skyrocketing. Six new export terminals proposed in Oregon and Washington. Local activists are key to get the small towns aligned against it.” Panelist Allison Silva 
@RL_Miller: Two real reasons coal use in US is declining: price & activism. Get active, get organized. #nn12coal #nn12Sierra Club
“GOP wants people to think coal is declining because of the EPA. It because of low natural gas prices.” Panelist Allison Sliva.

RT @advomatic: "coal kills. we need to leave it in the ground" @RL_Miller #nn12coal #nn12Elana_Brooklyn
RT @neoblaque: @RL_Miller Historical hurricane map for Matagorda County, home of White Stallion coal plant #nn12 http://yfrog.com/h82pwbajSierra Club
RT @RL_Miller: White Stallion coal plant hires lead lobbyist straight from Tx Commission on Env’l Quality. #cronycapitalism #nn12coal #nn12Evan Mintz
Writing for leading environmental activist @RL_Miller to speak on coal and environmental activism. #nn12 #1u #p2Norwood Orrick

Led by: Mary Anne Hitt

Panelists: Tony Fuller, RL Miller, Allison Sliva

Citizens United, Super PACs and the Fight for Our Democracy

The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United opened the floodgates to massive amounts of anonymous corporate spending in our elections and allowed Super PACs to spend millions on campaign ads with no accountability. In the Republican presidential primary, we’ve seen Super PACs acting as shadow arms of the candidates’ campaigns. This new doctrine of “corporate speech rights” threatens to drown out the voices of the American people. Organized by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Center for American Progress Action Fund, this panel will examine the far-reaching impact of Citizens United and discuss how legislators, activists, bloggers and stakeholders can help restore sanity to our elections.

Citizens United, Super PACs and the Fight for Our Democracy

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The panelists talked about the immediate effects of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.
@senjeffmerkley talks about the dangers of #citizensunited @netroots_nation #nn12 http://pic.twitter.com/mGtDQMd3Patrick Crowley
Corporations are going to spend more of stockholder’s $ than all citizens combined in this election. – @SenJeffMerkley #CitizensUnited #nn12CAP Action: Congress
.@thetrevorpotter “You’re seeing a real intimidation of the legislative and electoral process” because of SuperPAC money. #NN12Emily Mills
They all agreed that the decision perverts the values we all hold dear.
.@SenJeffMerkley "Citizens United crosses out ‘We the People’ in the Constitution and replaces it with ‘We the Powerful." #NN12Emily Mills
@SenSherrodBrown says all the $ in politics from people like the #Koch brothers gives all new meaning to "buy American" @Netroots_NationPatrick Crowley
@bbond from @credomobile says it’s not #citizensunited it’s billionaires united #nn12Tracy Viselli
There are concrete steps that Congress can take.
@SenWhitehouse says #discloseact up in senate again in July. That requires superpacs to tell who pays for ads. #NN12Bob Plain
And Citizens United challenges us all to be more active to counterbalance the flood of corporate money.
RT @drdigipol: RT @MichaelBouldin: @BBond: "There are thousands of people waiting to be asked to do something big." #nn12 #CitizensUnited”craignewmark
Senator Whitehouse mentioned something that you can read at home.
Curious about the amicus brief Sheldon just mentioned at #NN12? The one he filed with Senator John McCain? Details: http://www.whitehouse.senate.gov/news/release/whitehouse-and-mccain-file-supreme-court-brief-critical-of-citizens-united-super-pacsSheldon Whitehouse

Led by: Tom Perriello

Panelists: Becky Bond, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Jeff Merkley, Trevor Potter, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Your Phone Is Political

Androids and iPhones are quickly becoming our primary gateways to the Internet. The ways that we organize political and advocacy campaigns, produce and communicate with our world depends on access to them and the broadband data connections they provide. But imagine livestreaming video from a protest and running up against data caps. Imagine planning out your next SMS campaign, and the phone companies telling you they don’t like the content. These threats to mobile freedom are real. As we fight for control over our mobile experience, it’s fair to say that your phone is political. This panel will discuss how the power dynamic between the carriers and the public is affecting our ability to communicate via mobile phones, why the progressive community must stand up for mobile freedom and how we can create better policies that protect us from wireless carrier abuse.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

Led by: Josh Levy

Panelists: Garlin Gilchrist II, Joaquin Guerra, Sabrina Hersi Issa, Jamilah King

EXCLUSIVE: 10 Ways to Win the Internets Through Sexier Sharing and Epic Visuals*

Fact: You are the worst predictor of what content will go viral in the world. Learn how to optimize your headlines and content, double your Facebook fans and increase user engagement. Hang out with the crack team of sharers at Upworthy. Steal our secret recipe to get larger shares. We’ll tell you all the counterintuitive things we learned, like why “Republican” tests better than “GOP” in headlines, why pretty design actually hurts sharing and how to leverage partnerships to get your organization on the top of the social sharing heap. We’ll explain the latest strategies in optimizing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more to make sure you are maximizing your results, plus we’ll teach you quick and easy ways to double your efforts by testing, testing, testing.

*Kegs of really good beer will be provided. (No beer will really be provided. We’re just giving you a secret tactic up front as an example.)

Trainers: Sara Critchfield, Adam Mordecai

Marriage Equality Caucus

Our moderated issue caucuses are aimed at forming greater strategic alliances on progressive issues including the environment, labor, LGBT community, immigration, women’s issues, social justice and education.

Latino Caucus

Connect with like-minded folks and talk with others from your community in our identity caucuses.

Google+ Hangout: Anna Holmes

Join us in the exhibit hall or online for a Google+ Hangout where Anna Holmes (Jezebel.com) will be interviewed by Alyssa Rosenberg (ThinkProgress).

Words that Work(ed): Crafting Effective and Truthful Memes

Lamestream media. Corporations are people. Food Stamp President. The right wing is winning the meme war by crafting effective slogans and taglines that permeate the American vernacular. This session will serve as a catalyst to help progressive candidates and activists craft their own memes for the upcoming 2012 election cycle.

Trainers: Jenifer Daniels

How to Get Earned Media for Your Issue

The news and information landscape is changing dramatically, but one thing hasn’t: generating earned media on campaigns and issues is a major part of how progressives can put pressure on public officials and win on issue campaigns. Successfully earned media campaigns can influence decision makers, persuade the public, provide legitimacy and be the difference between a winning campaign and a losing one. This session will share best practices for generating earned media and conducting sustained media campaigns.

Trainers: Doug Gordon, Jennifer Lindenauer

Screening Showcase #3

Films are an effective way to engage new audiences, communicate dynamic ideas and provoke conversation. See short segments of films that seek to influence the debate, learn about the work and share thoughts on impact, distribution, partnerships and the potential to turn reel action into real action.  Line-up subject to change.

Bonsai People – The Vision of Muhammad Yunus – In 2006 Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank won the Nobel Peace Prize for giving microcredit loans to women.  But he didn’t stop there… whenever he sees a problem he starts a business, creating a mix between business and social work, which he’s coined “social business” demonstrating to the world that complex problems sometimes do have simple answers. Microcredit is just the tip of the iceberg!

Pay 2 Play– is a feature documentary exploring the impacts of money in running for office, and how Americans can hope to make democracy succeed despite the corporate money onslaught in the wake of Citizens United. P2P follows candidates running for office in Ohio while looking behind the controversial Supreme Court decision that allowed unlimited corporate spending in elections. Along his journey, director John Wellington Ennis chronicles his exploration into money and politics with colorful subplots covering street art and the secret history of Monopoly as parables for citizen participation and corporate encroachment. Featuring appearances by John Nichols, Bob Edgar, James Bopp, Nick Nyhart, Noam Chomsky, Brad Friedman, Lee Fang, Mark Crispin Miller, Jerry Springer, Lawrence Lessig and more.

Heist:  Who Stole the American Dream? – A documentary about the roots of the American economic crisis, and the assault on working people in the United States. “Heist” reveals the crumbling structure of the U.S. economy – the result of four decades of deregulation, job outsourcing, and tax policies favoring mega-corporations and wealthy elites.  After detailing how the economy has been derailed, “Heist” offers a robust Take Action section with real world solutions and up-to-the-minute footage from the Occupy Wall Street movement – an essential primer for everyday Americans to participate in the re-imagining of economic justice.

Checkpoint Nation? – One morning, Maria—then nine months pregnant—and her family were stopped by the police for no discernible reason. A special breakfast outing became a nightmare—and at one of the most intimate moments of her life, Maria found a team of immigration agents—not her husband—by her side.  Maria’s chilling story is the centerpiece of “Checkpoint Nation? Building Community Across Borders,” a powerful documentary that depicts the reality of post-9/11 racial profiling — as mandated by laws such as SB 1070 in Arizona, which are now being imitated nationwide — along with strengthening alliances of diverse groups committed to racial justice.

Panelists: Frances Causey, John Ennis, Holly Mosher, Lisa Smithline, Ishita Srivastava

Iran 2012: Iraq 2003 All Over Again?

Despite broad opposition from military and security leaders in the United States and internationally, the sponsors of the Iraq War have attempted to fear-monger their way into another costly Middle East conflict. Bush has dropped from the headlines, but the architects of his foreign policy have taken over the shadow cabinets of GOP presidential contenders, the corner offices of think tanks and the halls of Congress. But 2012 is not 2003. A restrained economy, an ascendant model of less-militarized foreign policy and a war-weary public create an opportunity for a responsible policy outcome and a definitive blow to the (neo)conservative death-grip on national security politics. Attendees will hear from experts well-steeped in the trends and decisions behind the war drumbeat both then and now, who will spotlight the web of familiar players, debunk their arguments and discuss strategies for achieving a sounder policy and winning the political debate.

Watch live streaming video from fstv2 at livestream.com

Led by: Karen Finney

Panelists: Bob Creamer, Heather Hurlburt, Alireza Nader, Sen. Jack Reed

That Will Never Work: What Progressives Can Learn from OWS

When Occupy Wall Street first started, almost no one thought it would work. What does the explosion of interest in OWS say about the tactics of the occupation? What can progressive organizations learn from Occupy’s success in shifting the dialogue from austerity to inequality?

That Will Never Work: What Progressives Can Learn from OWS

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At #nn12 meta #ows panel w @msmaryclinton & @maxberger http://instagr.am/p/LoIzpEAKB4/Elana_Brooklyn
Panelists reviewed the first 9 months of the Occupy movement to find lessons for a progressive vision.
#occupy lessons: it isn’t suffering that leads to uprising. It’s a vision of what can win. #nn12 Yotam MaromMarianne Manilov
.@maxberger: #Occupy moved people from thinking about what’s achievable to working back from what’s necessary. #nn12 #owsJoe Macare
Occupy has also provided lessons for online/offline integration.
#occupy lessons: there was a collapse both in online & offline. U were able to really participate in both. Not just click. #nn12 @maxbergerMarianne Manilov
"Social media is the fuel, not the fire" @maxberger #ows #nn12Elana_Brooklyn
Started from social media and then made it real. Posts actively showed real-world legitimacy of the movement. – Isham Christie #nn12 #owsJulie Kaviar
The physical occupation was a topic of discussion.
"#ows was the chorus of a previously fragmented movement fighting together in one space." @msmaryclinton #nn12Nick Espinosa
There was also talk about cooperation with a broader coalition.
Strongest when #ows wasn’t worried about "the coalition" and who should do what and where they came from. – Yotam Marom #nn12Julie Kaviar
Institutional help: provided money for flyers and created a wall between cops and occupiers @msmaryclinton #ows #nn12Julie Kaviar

Led by: Max Berger

Panelists: Isham Christie, Mary Clinton, Michelle Crentsil, Yotam Marom

Mobile Organizing for 2012: From Elections to Occupy, Anti-Fracking to Arab Spring

This panel will explore case studies that exemplify outstanding mobile organizing practices and how they’re going to be critical in 2012. Panelists will share their experiences in bridging the digital divide by using texts to drive advocacy phone calls; taking the work out of calling your legislator through click-to-call widgets; using texts to build your list of supporters and syncing that list with the data that in your CRM to move supporters up the ladder of engagement. Plus we’ll discuss how to generate action, online and offline, and benefit from a high return on engagement.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

Organizing Issue-Based Campaigns with College Students

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Panelists talked about the big picture of online organizing and where mobile campaigns fit in.
Never forget, online organizing is supposed to be about making things quick and easy for people to do." @FooteSteppes #nnmobileAbigail Collazo
Reminder from @FooteSteppes that texting is exceptionally personal, so use it in a very targeted manner. #NNmobileAbigail Collazo
On mobile tech: @FooteSteppes says "Mobile is not a strategy, it’s a tool. Your message, your content, etc. are all components." #nnmobileAbigail Collazo
Panelists gave some pro tips for better use of texting and integrating mobile with web campaigns.
Little known @Tumblr feature: ability to call a number from your mobile phone and post audio messages to your page. Cool. #nnmobile #nn12Dan Joyce
Good advice @MCMBrooks "Make sure to identify urself when texting. Texting infrequently means they may not remember who you are" #nnmobileAbigail Collazo
Stay on message w/ your SMS call-to-action. An off message call will kill credibility & result in high opt out rate. #nnmobile #nn12Net Victories
Outside the United States, mobile is one of the main tools in the campaign toolbox.
GREAT question on how mobile tech is being used outside the US and internationally, particularly with Arab Spring #nnmobile #NN12Abigail Collazo
Egypt has 90% mobile penetration, 15% internet penetration. Revolutions are happening via mobile networks #nnmobile #NN12Abigail Collazo

Led by: Jed Alpert

Panelists: Doug Foote, Kristin Koch, Liba Rubenstein, Michelle Whittaker

Promoting People of Color in the Progressive Blogosphere

This panel will address the needs, successes and obstacles to having greater participation from people of color in the blogosphere. Using the models of the Native American Netroots and Black Kos as a beginning point for the discussion, we’ll cover topics such as color blindness vs. representation and how to get historically underrepresented groups and their views heard. We’ll discuss how to organize outreach between the larger blogosphere and blogs that are specific to communities of color and how to form stronger connections to ongoing organizing efforts and activism in communities of color. We’ll also focus on how organizations can promote diversity within new grassroots organizations.

Led by: David Reid

Panelists: Renee Chantler, Neeta Lind, Denise Oliver-Velez, Ian Reifowitz

Organizing Issue-Based Campaigns with College Students

American college campuses are hotbeds of idealism and activism. The 2008 election, the massive protests in Wisconsin and Ohio and the Occupy movement showed that when this young constituency is politically mobilized, history can be made. While youth vote turnout is often addressed, too little is done to address this constituency’s issues: affordable college education, student debt and limited job prospects. Meanwhile, college students find themselves the target of voter ID laws and other efforts to suppress their voice in the political process. Student organizations and their allies are organizing students to get active around the issues that are important to them. Come hear how to mobilize the student vote for affordable higher education, immigrant rights, voting rights and a host of other issues.

Organizing Issue-Based Campaigns with College Students

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Universities are already on the front lines of economic and social battles.
Universities are big time union busters. #nn12Erik Loomis
"Universities are carriers of the virus of austerity." #nn12Erik Loomis
Panelists talked about the main goal of any student-led campaign.
.@studentactivism "you either take power…or you convince the folks in power that it’s in their interest to do what you want them to" #nn12Josh Eidelson

Led by: Chris Goff

Panelists: Michael Fabricant, Angus Johnston, Claire Lewis

From Deval Patrick to Scott Brown to Elizabeth Warren: Massachusetts Elections and National Trends

Deval Patrick won an unlikely race for governor in 2006; two years later, Barack Obama was elected president. In January 2010, Scott Brown won an unlikely race for U.S. Senate; ten months later, Republicans swept the national Congressional races—except in Massachusetts, where all 10 Congressional seats went Democratic and Patrick won re-election in a race many thought he couldn’t win. Now, Elizabeth Warren is running for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts and Barack Obama is up for reelection, possibly against a former Massachusetts governor. What can recent elections in Massachusetts tell us about national trends? Experts from Patrick and Warren’s campaigns, plus one of the Boston Globe’s top political columnists, will dive into this question.

Led by: David Kravitz

Panelists: Richard Chacon, Doug Rubin, Joan Vennochi

Big Decisions: A Discussion of Recent and Upcoming SCOTUS Cases

Over the course of the next year, the Supreme Court is poised to rule on nearly every major political issue facing the country today. By the time the current term ends in late June, the Court will issue potentially monumental decisions in the cases challenging the Affordable Care Act and Arizona’s draconian immigration law. When it reconvenes in October, the Court will consider the constitutionality of affirmative action and is likely to accept for review cases on same sex marriage, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, abortion, indefinite detention and campaign finance. The Court’s decisions in these cases will have serious implications for the fundamental freedoms we enjoy, the equality of opportunity to which we aspire and the democracy which we have built. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the cases before the Court and how we can mobilize effectively around them.

Led by: Nan Aron

Panelists: Debo Adegbile, Lani Guinier, Dahlia Lithwick

Content Management: What’s Possible & Best for Your Org?

Whether your new website is a top of the line enterprise solution with tailored content for audience segments, a basic blog site, or a new site for your latest campaign, two of the first questions you will be confronted with are what Content Management System (CMS) to use and what programming language it should be based on? Don’t know what the implications of these questions are? Come find out what a CMS can do for you.

In this session we’ll walk you through the questions you should consider as you determine what technology solution is right for you or your organization. Sitecore, Expression Engine, WordPress, CrownPeak, Joomla, Drupal, Django and even Tumblr – we’ll run you through the options and implications, answer your questions, and give you the tools you need to make the right choices.

Trainers: Austen Levihn-Coon

Women's Caucus

Our moderated issue caucuses are aimed at forming greater strategic alliances on progressive issues including the environment, labor, LGBT community, immigration, women’s issues, social justice and education.

Screening: "American Teacher"

Weaving interviews of policy experts and startling facts with the lives and careers of four teachers, “American Teacher” tells the collective story by and about those closest to the issues in our educational system―the 3.2 million teachers who spend every day in classrooms across the country. Through an interactive and evolving website and a feature-length documentary that brings together educational experts, student interviews and a year of documenting the day-to-day lives and sacrifices of public school teachers, the Teacher Salary Project will bring an awareness to the real and imminent crisis in our educational system―how little we value our strongest, most committed and most effective teachers, and the ripple effect this has on how our children learn and their potential for future success. In keeping with the storytelling styles of both Dave Eggers (writer) and Vanessa Roth (director), “American Teacher” is a character-driven film that explores this urgent issue through humor, irony and the energy of the teachers who fill the screen.

Chairman’s Pub Quiz VI: Revenge of the Chairman

Last year’s competition was plagued by controversy, as a heated debate over the proper name of a particular Southeast Asian nation led to fierce, unbridled protest which made Madison, WI, look like kindergarten.  What could possibly be in store for 2012? Form your teams of 8-10 (and we’ll help assemble teams on-site) and find out.  Tensions will be high, as will the collective blood-alcohol content of the room by the end, so do join us for the team trivia contest which has become as fixed a part of the Netroots Nation landscape as were Burma Shave billboards on American highways of the 1950s.

Generously sponsored by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

Ignite @ Netroots Nation

Come to the first-ever Ignite event at Netroots Nation and be inspired! At Ignite events, presenters give five-minute speeches with 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. Topics vary from personal stories to practical tips to funny or inspirational big-picture ideas.

Led by: Jenifer Fernandez Ancona

Art Exhibit Reception

Join us for our Art Exhibit celebration and reception at Netroots Nation, 6pm on Friday in the Rotunda

There has never been a movement for social change without art and culture being central to its impact. Political posters in particular, have played a crucial role in social movements throughout our history – sparking commitment, promoting ideals, and eliciting action. Political posters are tools to educate, mobilize and agitate. Come see an exhibition of contemporary political posters emerging from OCCUPY and from the pro-immigrant movement in United States. Featuring works by street artists, designers, printmakers, and activists from around the continent, this exhibit highlights the vital role that graphics play in promoting radical and progressive values. While political posters are viewed in the art world as a low-brow, it is key for progressives to understand the role posters have played in galvanizing public sentimen and why they are the ultimate movement-medium.


Raise a Glass for the Working Class, Sponsored by AFL-CIO

Join the AFL-CIO at Rí Rá Irish Pub (50 Exchange Terrace) for drinks, good company, and working class music from the band the Street Dogs! Reconnect with friends and introduce yourself to new folks. Doors open at 7:00. The band comes on at 9:00. Drink specials for American beers!

Welcome to Providence Block Party

Mayor Angel Taveras and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse are hosting a block party at Local 121, located at 124 Washington Street, on Friday night at 8 p.m. This event is open to all #NN12 attendees, stop in to meet them and other special guests!

Morning News Dump with Lizz Winstead, Shannyn Moore and Cliff Schecter

Grab your coffee before the action begins each morning while getting an freewheeling and hilarious update of the day’s news with Daily Show co-creator and comedian Lizz Winstead, Radio host, journalist Shannyn Moore and Pundit, author and teller of truths, Cliff Shecter.

The Morning News Dump is sorta like “Morning Joe,” minus the guests who have gotten everything wrong for the past 10 years. Each morning these three will also welcome some of your favorite bloggers and politicians as well to give you a download of the days news before you hit the Netroots ground running.

Roll out of bed and join them!

Generously sponsored by The Guardian US.

Led by: Lizz Winstead

Panelists: Shannyn Moore, Cliff Schecter

Austerity No More: An Economy for the 99%

The 99 percent have taken to the streets in unprecedented numbers yet we haven’t seen this outcry reflected in the policies in Washington, where conventional wisdom lands somewhere between the status quo and austerity. The middle class continues to shrink and the poor get poorer, while the wealthiest continue to prosper while skirting the rules.

What does our economic outlook look like—and what should our progressive vision for it be? How do we free ourselves from what Paul Krugman says can only be called a depression? What role can activists, bloggers and labor play in ensuring economic success and equality? These questions and more will be discussed in this keynote session.

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Immediately following the keynote, Paul Krugman will hold a book signing at the Exhibit Hall author signing area.

Led by: Heather McGhee

Panelists: Paul Krugman, Erica Payne, Ai-jen Poo, Richard Trumka

Recruiting and Hiring Rockstar Staffers

Good help can be hard to find, but it doesn’t have to be. There are thousands of talented organizers out there—you’ve just got to find and recruit them to your team. Led by experienced managers with decades of hiring experience, this training will provide you with a new outlook on recruiting and hiring rockstars for your staff. We’ll cover how to write attractive job descriptions, effectively use your networks to identify the right talent and how to manage dozens of applicants through an interview process. We’ll also talk about how to reel someone in when you’re sure you’ve found the right person for the job.

Trainers: Matt Blizek, Amy Pritchard

How to Make Clicks Mean Something: Strategic Planning for Online Campaigns

Online activism can be as meaningless as people clicking on a web page, or powerful enough to change this country—it all depends on your strategy. This training will teach you how the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) plans the kind of high-impact, attention-getting online campaigns that have helped us and others accomplish powerful things like strengthening financial reform and drafting Elizabeth Warren into the Senate race in Massachusetts. Come and learn how keen strategy, theory of change, building momentum, and reporting back combine to create online campaigns with strong effects in the real world.

Trainers: Adam Green, Jason Rosenbaum, Matt Wall

Excel-erate! Turbo-charge your Excel skills

This session is a rapid-fire introduction to several important functions of Microsoft Excel, all of which will help you digest, manipulate and display data quickly and easily. Aimed at an audience between beginner and intermediate, the training will cover if statements, pivot tables and pivot charts, vlookup, conditional formatting, filter and sort and other fun functions and formulas. The session will include a demo of the above topics by using the various functions to turn a raw dataset into useful products. Audience members with laptops can download the dataset and play along, and a read-along handout given to all participants will list, in order, every function being demonstrated.

Trainers: Amelia Showalter

Video Open Mic with Julianna Forlano

Come share the videos you’re working on in this open mic session. You don’t need to have submitted, been selected or curated—just come with your video on DVD or flash-drive, and you’ll get five minutes to show a clip of what you’re working on, discuss it with the audience, ask questions, answer them or discuss your next moves. This session will be hosted by filmmaker, comedian and educator Julianna Forlano, host of AbsurdityToday on AbusrdityTV.

Panelists: Julianna Forlano

Education as a Right-Wing Wedge Issue—and How to Stop It

For many low-income areas and communities of color, education is regarded as the key to rebuilding our communities and overcoming injustice. So why has education policy become so divisive? In this session, panelists will draw on their experience and expertise as public school teachers, parents and advocates to guide attendees toward an understanding of the ways in which education reform has been used as a wedge issue to pit members of historically underserved communities against each other, as well as how these communities have been used by outside interests in the pursuit of other ideological goals. This will also be a space to envision how communities can come together to resist these trends and build a vision of public education that uplifts the entire community and serves our collective best interests.

Education as a Right-Wing Wedge Issue—and How to Stop It

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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The panelists spoke about cuts to school programs.
@AvalonSensei #NN12 #edu It’s a rare luxury to have arts in your school. Schools look very diff now. Tested subjects get more time.NEA Public Relations
.@AvalonSensei: With the cuts, don’t know if people can fathom how hard things are in these schools. Talk to a teacher. Get the truth. #nn12Joe Macare
And public schools.
.@TeacherSabrina: Progressives shouldn’t even be asking "should schools be public?" #nn12Joe Macare
.@TeacherSabrina on how to spot fake "grassroots" #edreform groups that want to bust #unions & privatize: check their boards, funders. #nn12Joe Macare
We need to invest in people.
.@TeacherSabrina says progressive education agenda would be about investing in people, not products. #nn12 #edchatJoe Macare
They discussed teacher evaluation.
@AvalonSensei Answer: Look at research that’s been done by Linda Darling-Hammond. Teachers want expert evaluators. #NN12Jeff Bryant
.@AvalonSensei says that teachers need to be involved in teacher evaluation. #nn12 #eduVIVA Teachers
@AvalonSensei #edu #NN12: We don’t want drive-by evals. Teachers need to be a part of fair evals. We want to improve, be supported.NEA Public Relations
.@TeacherSabrina "We can’t have an objective process for evaluating anything." So you need to mitigate against bias, involve everyone. #nn12Joe Macare
@teachersabrina dont put all eggs in 1 basket, not all test scores, not principal observation. Diversity of sources prevents bias #nn12 #eduSteve Owens
.@TeacherSabrina a person not competent to teach should never walk in the door. You should prove before you get keys. #nn12 #eduVIVA Teachers
Schools do more than just teach the 3 Rs.
Schools don’t teach just 3Rs They R community anchors. They connect student minds & hearts; how 2B part of community- @TeacherSabrina #NN12"Wes Paul

Panelists: Karran Harper Royal, Martha Infante, Sabrina Stevens, Jose Vilson

Why Can't Apple Make Your iPhone in America?

Building on investigative reporting in WIRED Magazine and the New York Times, this session will explore why a company so good at design is so lousy at high-tech manufacturing, particularly in the United States. Nearly every blogger uses a piece of hardware made overseas, sometimes in deplorable conditions. Does it matter? Does it have to be this way? Do we have an obligation to help change this? Panelists will explore the obstacles and opportunities for rebuilding a high-tech supply chain in America. The panelists will also explore what public policies are needed to recapture high-tech production jobs: trade, innovation, training and taxes. No issue crystallizes the challenges facing the American economy like Apple: great products for the creative class, but few jobs for American workers.

Your Phone Is Political

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Your Phone is Political – @levjoy @Garlin @joaquinhguerra @beingbrina #nn12 http://yfrog.com/mnvxazejNet Victories

Led by: Scott Paul

Panelists: Rep. David Cicilline, Dave Johnson, Marcy Wheeler

Safeguarding Democracy: Innovations in Technology and Human Rights

The future is now. Activists now have access to unlikely tools: satellite technology to deter mass atrocities in South Sudan, civil society leaders in Iran and Southeast Asia distributing encrypted media of demonstrations and geo-targeted apps that aid famine relief in East Africa and combat global human trafficking. Technology has transformed the way governments, corporations and movements around the world are held accountable, and it shapes how the world watches history unfold. With these advancements come increased scrutiny, privacy concerns and a battle for access to the new technology. How we continue to innovate and anticipate challenges will steer the future of human rights. This panel will discuss the power dynamics between movements and governments using technology as an accountability tool in global human rights, cases from the frontlines in humanitarian technology and why we need to create progressive policies that support innovation in human rights.

fstv2 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Led by: Caitlin Howarth

Panelists: Matisse Bustos Hawkes, Sabrina Hersi Issa, Emily Jacobi, Lauren Wolfe

Punditry 101: Getting Your Message On Air

Whether you’re looking to make your on-air debut or just want to hone your message, Punditry 101 will provide the tools you need. Experienced pundits and producers will explain how to get booked, what makes a good talking point and how you can own your airtime no matter what comes your way. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and relate personal experiences.

Punditry 101: Getting Your Message On Air

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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Panelists spoke about swing voters.
Punditry 101: Swing voters will not take in new information in the middle of a pundit fight. #nn12Jay Carmona
They also offered tips.
Punditry pro-tip from @mstaradowdell: before going on-air, stand up and do the "Y" from the YMCA dance. Gets your brain set right. #NN12Ted Gavin
Punditry 101: give people a reason to listen to and trust you. Citing poll numbers won’t do it. #nn12Jay Carmona
And talked production.
Punditry 101: The last thing the producer wants to worry about is the guests causing problems. #nn12Jay Carmona
.@MsTaraDowdell shares killer soundbite: "We don’t have a rich-ppl-aren’t-rich-enough prob in this country." #NN12 #media #Punditocracy101Stephen Boykewich

Led by: Tory Brown

Panelists: Tara Dowdell, Alexis McGill Johnson, John Neffinger

Ask a Sista: Black Women Muse on Politics, Policy, Pop Culture and Scholarship

This session was a big hit at Netroots Nation 2011. Our point of departure is that African-American women make up two-thirds of the black, Democratic voting bloc. Their votes are consistent but their programs are underfunded and voices routinely unheard. How can progressives expect the party to flourish without understanding this key voting block and their major influence in American culture? This session will shed light on African-American progressive women and their views on politics, policy, pop culture and scholarship to address how the Democratic party can mobilize them in 2012.

Led by: Cheryl Contee

Panelists: Jenifer Daniels, Kimberly 'Dr. Goddess' Ellis, Zerlina Maxwell

Latino Vote Matters: Immigration, Power, and an Interactive Look at the Map

Over the past decade, Latino voters have increased their political power and made a decisive impact in races at all levels, including the last presidential election.  This is even more important in 2012. It has been projected that a Republican candidate needs to obtain at 40% of the Latino vote to win the Presidential election in November. President Obama, who secured 67% of the Latino vote in 2008, will again need a huge margin. Candidates from all parties have to take into consideration the issues that are important to the Hispanic population — one of which happens to be immigration.  Hispanic voters could tip the balance in several key battleground states, including Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Florida and even Arizona. With GOP candidates for President increasingly alienating the Hispanic population with anti-immigrant rhetoric, and a current President who has increased enforcement and deported a record number of immigrants has left many people wondering — what will Latino voters do in 2012?  Find out the answer to that question, and learn about the new tool that will help you figure it out.

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Latino Vote Matters: Immigration, Power, and an Interactive Look at the Map

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@AdamILuna, @justinhgross, @LuisGutierrez, @markos and @GabyPacheco1 discuss the power of the Latino immigrant vote, especially in 2012, and the key policy issues in the Latino community. 
Listening to @gabypacheco1 @adamiluna @markos @douglasrivlin @polimetrician talk about latino vote at #nn12kyledeb
@Americasvoice ‘s @adamiluna addresses #NN12. #immigration #latism http://pic.twitter.com/Vlvk77k5Elisa Batista
The Latino vote could be a major deciding factor in 2012 – both at the local level and nationally. Immigration reform was a hot topic during today’s conversation. 
Will decide 2012 RT “@kyledeb: Listening to @gabypacheco1 @adamiluna @markos @douglasrivlin @polimetrician talk about latino vote at #nn12”Ruth Leitman
.@AdamILuna is moderating, asks @GabyPacheco1 if q’s like #immigration shouldn’t be asked during an election year #nn12 @netroots_nationamericasvoice
.@Markos: #immigration reform is seen as punishment bc immigrants must pay a fine if they want to become citizens, pay taxes, etc #nn12americasvoice
.@AdamILuna: a key answer to economic probs among #Latinovot IS #immigration reform, wld provide more ppl w opportunity, higher wages #nn12americasvoice
Most importantly, we need to get out the Latino vote. Too many progressive Latinos aren’t getting to polls, but we can change this by engaging and empowering the community to participate on Election Day. How can we encourage more Latinos to vote?
@markos: voting days are working days, voter suppression and Latino voters are young voters. #latism #NN12Elisa Batista
RT @valentinasweet: Low income communities often don’t vote because election day is on a tuesday! and they have to work! DUH @markos #nn12Who, Harmony?

Led by: Adam Luna

Panelists: Justin Gross, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Markos Moulitsas, Gaby Pacheco

The Inside Game: Progressive Legislative Caucuses at the State and Local Level

Every year on the state and local level, the Netroots works to elect candidates to offices large and small, win victories in legislative fights and hold their elected officials accountable. Increasingly, these efforts are being matched by the building of critical internal infrastructure within legislative bodies themselves: progressive caucuses of lawmakers who are working to advance policy agendas, win messaging wars and influence the debate in their states and cities. This session brings together many involved in these efforts—from advocacy groups, city councils and state legislatures—to address critical questions and share their experiences about how state and local progressive caucuses can best work with allies to define progressive values in red and blue states alike and grow the national progressive movement.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

Led by: Suman Raghunathan

Panelists: State Rep. Chris Blazejewski, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Brian Rothenberg

Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus

Connect with like-minded folks and talk with others from your community in our identity caucuses.

LGBT Caucus

Connect with like-minded folks and talk with others from your community in our identity caucuses.

The Future of Political Cartooning

Join award winning cartoonists Mat Bors, Jen Sorensen and Tom Tomorrow as they discuss satire, politics and the future of cartooning in the online era.

Led by: Tom Tomorrow

Panelists: Matt Bors, Jen Sorensen

Google+ Hangout: Sen. Sherrod Brown

Join us in the exhibit hall or online for a Google+ Hangout where Senator Sherrod Brown will be interviewed by Patrick Garafolo (ThinkProgress).

Criminal Justice in America

From Troy Davis to Trayvon Martin, Stop and Frisk to Stand Your Ground, our country’s current criminal justice policies are not only creating a culture of fear in our country, but a second social class. The systemic problems that exist are often borne of old-fashioned bigotry and prejudice. How can we educate others on the role that race plays in our current judicial system? How do we end the cycle of violence that plagues so much of urban America and promote uplifting alternatives to violence and incarceration? And how can the progressive community join with social and racial justice organizations to empower communities—and change a system that essentially undermines social movements and threatens progressive power?

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Led by: Rashad Robinson

Panelists: Nicole Austin-Hillery, Jakada Imani, Jasiri X

Google+ Hangout: Rep. David Cicilline

Join us in the exhibit hall or online for a Google+ Hangout where Congressman David Cicilline will be interviewed by Judd Legum (ThinkProgress).

Video that Changes the Debate

So you’ve been told to create a “viral video,” whatever that means. How do you create media that not only succeeds online but also changes the debate? How do you make content that people pass around that also pierces the national conversation? We’ll examine these questions in-depth, speaking with those responsible for creating or spreading political videos that have made an impact—and learn how to do the same in our own activism.

Led by: Andy Menconi

Panelists: Andy Cobb, Haik Hoisington, Anne Thompson, Jasiri X

Train the (Online) Trainer: Holding Engaging Online Trainings

Have you ever had to give an online training/presentation and felt like you were awkwardly lecturing an unresponsive computer? Worse, have you ever had to participate in an online training (any online training)? As distance training becomes easier to do technologically, more people struggle with ways to keep online presentations engaging, interactive and impactful. Join this session to learn about Obama for America’s 10 tips for executing awesome trainings, and how we’ve adjusted our ten offline tips so that they translate to online presentations. We’ll cover concrete tactics you can use to keep your participants awake, specific online tools that are most amenable to those tactics and most commonly committed errors. You’ll leave ready to webinar the heck out of your organization or fellow organizers.

Trainers: Sara El-Amine, Brad Schenck

Rapid Response Across Mediums: Social, Online and PR

Chris Cassidy’s social media rapid response training, given twice at NOI bootcamps, is a consistent crowd favorite. (Ok, second favorite once.) Here, he’s taking that gold/silver-medal formula and expanding it from just social media to include static online sites and public relations. Rapid response is something that requires a coordinated message and approach across mediums. You’ll learn tips and best practices, as well as recent examples of failures and successes, for approaching communications crises.

Trainers: Chris Cassidy

Randomized Controlled Experiment Results to Win Your Campaign

New scientifically effective proven campaign tactics from the Analyst Institute. Randomized controlled experiments have been used by academics and political organizations for the past 10 years to uncover what works and what doesn’t when talking to voters. We will briefly recap old and new proven effective GOTV best practices and touch on findings from voter registration tests (focused on Latino Voters), volunteer and advocacy tests, television ad testing and more. As a progressive community, we have limited resources and it’s important that we maximize our efforts by employing tactics that are proven to be effective. You will leave this presentation with simple phrases, tools and tricks to help you win.

Trainers: Regina Schwartz

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