We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2012 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. You can view the program electronically here.

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How (and Why) to Advertise Online

Ever see an advertisement for a pair of shoes or your favorite vacation destination follow you around the internet?

There is no greater medium for targeting the individuals your campaign or organization need to deliver electoral, organizing or legislative victories. With digital use on the rise you need how to build an online advertising campaign that meets your goals. Attendees will leave knowing how to develop and optimize an online advertising plan using Google, Facebook, and other popular platforms and tools. Anyone can do it.

Trainers: Andrew Roos, Tim Tagaris

Base Building and Elections: Winning while Building Grassroots Power

This session will address how elections can be won in such a way that power is built up in the grassroots and that winning is more than 50 percent plus 1. We’ll discuss how base building isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do to win. Participants will learn how we can use elections to build and expand the base by bringing new people into the process by building authentic relationships in communities. We will also talk about how communities and constituencies must be seen as partners in this work in order to create infrastructure that last long after the election, builds power and grows new leaders. Finally, you’ll learn how to put together a base-building plan that utilizes power mapping and targeting.

Trainers: Peggy Flanagan, Rudy Lopez

How to Ensure Your Web Development Project is a Complete Failure

Set unrealistic deadlines! Don’t define your intended audience! Refuse to make decisions! Many of the ways you can mess up your new website or redesign are identical to the ways people fumble any endeavor. Other mistakes are unique responses to the age old demand—“Hey, overextended staffer! Create a cutting edge website for free, stat, with whatever the latest gizmo thingy I don’t understand is!” After years of working with a diverse range of organizations and campaigns we’re here to enthusiastically report on the classic mistakes even the best organizers and communicators make when overseeing major website development (or redevelopment). We’ll hold your sweaty, fearful hand as we walk you through the entire life cycle of website development, ensuring that the end result is as expensive and ineffective as possible.

Trainers: Cheryl Contee, Aaron Welch

Winning Wireless

Using the mobile phone, text messaging, phone calls and mobile web, to connect with supporters and drive meaningful action to affect change.

The training will start with an overview of the mobile ecosystem and a example campaigns. We’ll focus on the aspects of mobile that produce the best results for the organization and include specific data as well as aggregate data from the leading organizations.

From there we will build a simple mobile campaign and test it out in real time. We’ll end the session with Q&A as well as a discussion of how mobile will be used in the 2012 election and beyond. This session will speak to organizers that are beginners or experienced with mobile.

Trainers: Michael Sabat

Beyond Engagement: Progressive Organizing in Communities of Color

The progressive moment often focuses on engagement with communities of color. From GOTV to social justice work, a main challenge is moving beyond activating voters on our issues to truly organizing and motivating the community. This training seeks to equip progressive organizers with tools necessary to avoid common challenges when organizing and working in communities of color. Understanding and assessing community needs, effective messaging and avoidance of tokenism will be explored. Using a lens of reproductive rights and feminism, case studies in American Indian, Latino and African-American communities will be explored. This session is particularly timely, because we have seen how reproductive rights in communities of color are under attack using the banner of benevolence and protection.

Trainers: Erica Scott Pacheco

Getting Analytical with Google Analytics

Grassroots marketing used to mean going door-to-door or sending out mail, but today it is just as likely to involve YouTube or Pinterest. How can we tell which method of marketing is working the best for our cause and driving traffic to our websites? Are visitors from certain sources more likely to take action then others? Is it possible to track the success of real-world marketing in Google Analytics? This session will take a deeper dive into Google Analytics and show some tips and tricks for getting a better understanding of your marketing campaigns and how to identify the most successful ways to encourage action on your website.

Trainers: Phil Anderson

EXCLUSIVE: 10 Ways to Win the Internets Through Sexier Sharing and Epic Visuals*

Fact: You are the worst predictor of what content will go viral in the world. Learn how to optimize your headlines and content, double your Facebook fans and increase user engagement. Hang out with the crack team of sharers at Upworthy. Steal our secret recipe to get larger shares. We’ll tell you all the counterintuitive things we learned, like why “Republican” tests better than “GOP” in headlines, why pretty design actually hurts sharing and how to leverage partnerships to get your organization on the top of the social sharing heap. We’ll explain the latest strategies in optimizing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more to make sure you are maximizing your results, plus we’ll teach you quick and easy ways to double your efforts by testing, testing, testing.

*Kegs of really good beer will be provided. (No beer will really be provided. We’re just giving you a secret tactic up front as an example.)

Trainers: Sara Critchfield, Adam Mordecai

Words that Work(ed): Crafting Effective and Truthful Memes

Lamestream media. Corporations are people. Food Stamp President. The right wing is winning the meme war by crafting effective slogans and taglines that permeate the American vernacular. This session will serve as a catalyst to help progressive candidates and activists craft their own memes for the upcoming 2012 election cycle.

Trainers: jenifer daniels

How to Get Earned Media for Your Issue

The news and information landscape is changing dramatically, but one thing hasn’t: generating earned media on campaigns and issues is a major part of how progressives can put pressure on public officials and win on issue campaigns. Successfully earned media campaigns can influence decision makers, persuade the public, provide legitimacy and be the difference between a winning campaign and a losing one. This session will share best practices for generating earned media and conducting sustained media campaigns.

Trainers: Doug Gordon, Jennifer Lindenauer

Content Management: What’s Possible & Best for Your Org?

Whether your new website is a top of the line enterprise solution with tailored content for audience segments, a basic blog site, or a new site for your latest campaign, two of the first questions you will be confronted with are what Content Management System (CMS) to use and what programming language it should be based on? Don’t know what the implications of these questions are? Come find out what a CMS can do for you.

In this session we’ll walk you through the questions you should consider as you determine what technology solution is right for you or your organization. Sitecore, Expression Engine, WordPress, CrownPeak, Joomla, Drupal, Django and even Tumblr – we’ll run you through the options and implications, answer your questions, and give you the tools you need to make the right choices.

Trainers: Austen Levihn-Coon

Recruiting and Hiring Rockstar Staffers

Good help can be hard to find, but it doesn’t have to be. There are thousands of talented organizers out there—you’ve just got to find and recruit them to your team. Led by experienced managers with decades of hiring experience, this training will provide you with a new outlook on recruiting and hiring rockstars for your staff. We’ll cover how to write attractive job descriptions, effectively use your networks to identify the right talent and how to manage dozens of applicants through an interview process. We’ll also talk about how to reel someone in when you’re sure you’ve found the right person for the job.

Trainers: Matt Blizek, Amy Pritchard

How to Make Clicks Mean Something: Strategic Planning for Online Campaigns

Online activism can be as meaningless as people clicking on a web page, or powerful enough to change this country—it all depends on your strategy. This training will teach you how the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) plans the kind of high-impact, attention-getting online campaigns that have helped us and others accomplish powerful things like strengthening financial reform and drafting Elizabeth Warren into the Senate race in Massachusetts. Come and learn how keen strategy, theory of change, building momentum, and reporting back combine to create online campaigns with strong effects in the real world.

Trainers: Adam Green, Jason Rosenbaum, Matt Wall

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