We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2012 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. You can view the program electronically here.

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Follow the Dark Money: Reporting Challenges in the Age of Citizens United

Super PACs, 501(c)(4)s, outside spending groups and their untraceable dollars are now de rigeur in elections, with unfettered and undisclosed campaign spending threatening the very heart of our democracy. Bringing political power brokers to light and tracing fundraising to its source is critical in establishing accountability for our elected officials. So what new strategies must reporters employ, and how can financial reporting be as clicktastic as a Kardashian scoop and as effective as a Wikileak? What reforms are necessary to bring big-money campaign spending to light? Financial reporters join financial disclosure experts, watchdog groups and national legislators to discuss reporting and reform how-tos.

Follow the Dark Money: Reporting Challenges in the Age of Citizens United

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The session focused on funds spent by corporations and individuals on candidates.
Learning about Super PACs and #CitizensUnited and the unlimited amounts of money corps & individuals can raise and spend on candidates #nn12Michelle Weiser
Some are following the rules, while others aren’t.
Woman comment: "Burns me up that the ‘other side’ is breaking these rules and we are being squeaky clean" #CitizensUnited #nn12 #PACsMichelle Weiser
"People who think alike don’t need to conspire." #NN12 #CitizensUnitedDeciminyan.org

Led by: Kathy Kiely

Panelists: Kim Barker, Liz Kennedy, Andy Kroll

Liberate Your Ass: Why Sexual Freedom is Key to Fighting the Right

From birth control to same-sex marriage, it’s clear that the right is reinvigorating a culture war on sex and sexual freedom ahead of the 2012 election. We need to fight back with language—and movements—that include and accept a diversity of sexual practices and identities instead of reproducing the casual shaming and marginalization offered by the right. Panelists, ranging from polyamorous organizers to famous sex writers and activists, will lead a raucous and fun discussion of why the progressive movement can only benefit from fully embracing of people who live, love, and—yes—have sex, in radical defiance of existing norms of gender, family and sexual practice.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

Liberate Your Ass: Why Sexual Freedom is Key to Fighting the Right

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There’s something wrong with how we’re talking about sex.
"The women’s mvmt really isn’t a safe place, we have to make space"-Kierra Johnson from @ChoiceUSA #nn12 #nnsexCLRJ
"When we stigmatize young ppl sex and when we stigmatize sex ed, we are putting young ppl at risk"-Kierra from @ChoiceUSA #nn12 #nnsexCLRJ
Abstinence-only education is BS.
It’s not abstinence-only "education", if you have to lie to people so they listen, it’s propaganda – @charlieglickman #nn12sex #nn12Katie Byron
We’ve got to take a new approach to this conversation.
"We cannot just have these conversations about sex w/ only young wmn, young men need to be involved as well"- Kierra @ChoiceUSA #nn12 #nnsexCLRJ
"We have to continue to find different frames to push sex positivity"- Kierra @ChoiceUSA, also gave shout-out to @FwdTogether #nn12 #nnsexCLRJ
Summing things up nicely.
"If I can’t fuck, I dont want to be part of your organizing" – @charlieglickman (prefaced by apologizing to his parents here) #nn12 #nn12sexMichelle Weiser

Led by: Jenifer Fernandez Ancona

Panelists: Charlie Glickman, Kierra Johnson, Favianna Rodriguez, William Winters

Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC's Influence on State Legislatures and What We Can Do About It

The American Legislative Exchange Council has been behind virtually every major right-wing state law in the past two years, including union-busting, teacher-bashing, voter suppression, attacks on immigrants, privatizing basic public services and gutting environmental and health regulations. Learn more about ALEC, who backs them and what you can do to stand in their way.

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC’s Influence on State Leg


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Lisa Graves of the Center for Media & Democracy explained the origins of ALEC, and how they exposed them ay alecexposed.org
Lisa Graves: Origin of ALEC is infamous Powell Memo to build conservative infrastructure #NN12 http://t.co/SHNECCGN
RT @rashadrobinson: I’m moderating "Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC’s Influence on State Legislatures and What We Can Do About It" @ #nn12 http://t.co/VJoDi39K
Rashad Robinson of Color of Change also deserves lots of credit for getting big corporations to pull out of ALEC
Uh oh, #ALEC. More exposure. Does sunlight burn? #ALECexposed #NN12 http://t.co/xQqjdbde
Lisa Graves of CMD thanks @ColorOfChange and @rashadrobinson for our work targeting corporate members of #ALEC #NN12
Surprise surprise: I found a family connection between ALEC’s director and the NRA in Florida. http://t.co/rE3Ceu9U #nn12
.@theLisaGraves at #NN12 #ALECexposed panel: ALEC activism rooted in Cincinnati protests.. look how far its come
I’m moderating "Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC’s Influence on State Legislatures and What We Can Do About It" @ #nn12 http://t.co/VJoDi39K
RT @Karoli: Speaker notes that ALEC agenda isn’t just at state level. Ryan budget is an ALEC budget. #NN12
Anielle Alioto at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: "state legislators are dropping out without us even asking… the #ALEC brand is so toxic"
We learned that the Koch brothers have spent lots of money promoting and helping ALEC
Lisa Graves: ALEC was bailed out by Koch brothers in the 90s http://t.co/SHNECCGN #NN12
.@thelisagraves: Koch Brothers gave ALEC half a million loan in late 90s to keep organization afloat #NN12 @ALECexposed
“@TakeBackCourts Check our our new report released today at #NN12 on ALEC civil justice work. http://t.co/77buubJc”
RT @ALECexposed: Anielle Alioto at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: nobody is going to bat for ALEC because you can’t defend the indefensible
.@theLisaGraves at #NN12 #ALECexposed panel: "Every American ought to be deeply concerned by #ALEC"
Lisa Graves at #NN12: ALEC allows lobbyists to "vote as equals" to our legislators on laws and public policy http://t.co/SHNECCGN
RT @AriBerman: .@thelisagraves: Koch Brothers gave ALEC half a million loan in late 90s to keep organization afloat #NN12 @ALECexposed
Dump You And Dump #ALEC Too! #ForgetYou parody – Amazzzzing vid: http://t.co/gbG96zGg @prwatch @thelisagraves #dumpALEC #ALECexposed. #NN12
Rashad Robinson: "98% of ALEC’s money comes from corporations" #NN12
at the panel on #ALEC at #NN12. Big kudos to Color of Change & CMD (http://t.co/f17Tdlfz) for exposing them for the sham ALEC is.
#ALEC has been successful because has been able to do work behind scenes, says moderator. But that isn’t the case anymore. #NN12
#ALEC is part of a large clandestine corporate infrastructure that is trying to control the political process at all levels. #NN12
ALEC does its work behind the scenes but corporation have to answer to the customers they’re trying to reach – @rashadrobinson #NN12
"Our leverage goes up as voting goes down." ~Founder of #ALEC #NN12
Marge Baker: Effort to pushback ALEC is starting to "taint" any association with ALEC #NN12
The push to privatize public schools is an ALEC priority
Kim Anderson: ALEC claims to join #edreform bandwagon but they "put kids last" #NN12
Kim Anderson: ALEC edu-agenda is to sell off public schools to charters, online learning companies, for-profit education #NN12
Kim Anderson: Michelle Rhee is an "honorary member" of the school privatizing cabal driven by ALEC #NN12
#ALEC is also getting into pension slashing efforts. @RepJonDBrien50 wants to fix Woonsocket deficit by taking from city pension fund. #NN12
Photo of our own @ProgressNow ED Aniello Alioto (left) talking about ALEC and their influence. http://t.co/XptAcdRb #ALECexposed #NN12
RT @ALECexposed: Aniello Alioto at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: Next big #ALEC initiative is limiting the power of state attorney’s to sue corporations
And finally, you an help keep the pressure on ALEC
.@theLisaGraves at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: ALEC agenda is on the move and #ALEC $$ on the move. We need your help documenting it.
RT @ALECexposed: .@theLisaGraves at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: In 2013 legislators will come in and aim to pass the #ALEC wish list, we need to expose this
Marge Baker of @peoplefor at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: Best resource on #ALEC is http://t.co/GcxEwzL1

Led by: Rashad Robinson

Panelists: Aniello Alioto, Kim Anderson, Marge Baker, John Carey, Lisa Graves

Organizing Outside the Lines: "Hard-to-Reach Communities" Winning Major Victories by Moving from Moment to Movement

What does it take to organize on and offline to change the conversation, build our base, and push real systemic and policy?  Come hear about a couple of moments that have changed their movements from some of the strong, agile organizations and coalitions that helped make it happen.

Organizing Outside the Lines: Reaching Hard-to-Reach Communities Online and Offline

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The panelists talked about some hard topics but stayed in good spirits.
@OccupyTheHood @jasiri_x at #nn12 teaching and preaching #goodstuff http://pic.twitter.com/eSo7AQBTLAJ
Naturally, the Trayvon Martin case came up as a tragedy and an opportunity for organizing.
@OccupytheHood #Trayvon wasn’t a new story, just what opened door to white America hearing what’s happened here for centuries #nn12 #noi12Jamie McGonnigal
White, Black & Latino community finally seeing what’s happening and caring about each other’s issues @occupythehood #nn12 #noi12Jamie McGonnigal
They also added some general thoughts about organizing.

"You can’t be afraid of religious culture [in the South]; you have to embrace it." @DCtwiterati #nn12Shannon Moriarty
To be an activist, you don’t have be out there whooping & hollering. Everyone has an activist in them. @occupythehood #nn12Shannon Moriarty

Led by: Christina Hollenback

Panelists: Niaz Kasravi, Carol McDonald, Matt Nelson, Gaby Pacheco, Malik Rhasaan

Immigration Caucus

Our moderated issue caucuses are aimed at forming greater strategic alliances on progressive issues including the environment, labor, LGBT community, immigration, women’s issues, social justice and education.

This Week in Blackness RADIO #TWIBRADIO

Check out the Award winning online radio show This Week in Blackness RADIO #TWIBRADIO Featuring Elon James White (Creator of This Week in Blackness, MSNBC, VH1) Political Strategist L. Joy Williams (NY1, TWiB! News Coordinator) and Aaron Rand Freeman (Editor, 2Cents, TWiB!) tackling the latest in politics, race and much, much more.

Panelists: Aaron Freeman, Elon James White, L. Joy Williams

Google+ Hangout: Matt Yglesias

Join us in the exhibit hall or online for a Google+ Hangout where Matt Yglesias (Slate’s Moneybox) will be interviewed by Patrick Garafolo (ThinkProgress).

"How To Be Black" - A reading/signing/blackening with Baratunde Thurston

Catch comedian, New York Times best-selling author and regular Netroots black guy Baratunde as he shares slices of his new book, How To Be Black. He’ll take your questions (provided they don’t set back the cause of human rights) and sign your books (see previous condition) for an hour before emceeing the opening night keynote and Laughing Liberally showcase. If you don’t come to his book event, you’re a racist.

Led by: Baratunde Thurston

Google+ Hangout: Cecile Richards

Join us in the exhibit hall or online for a Google+ Hangout where Cecile Richards (Planned Parenthood) will be interviewed by Amanda Peterson Beadle (ThinkProgress).

Social Media Strategy for Advocacy

Come to this session for the down and dirty details of how to successfully use social media in political advocacy. We’ll focus on the integration of social media into your personal advocacy efforts.

Trainers: Beth Becker, Alan Rosenblatt

Screening: "Purity Myth"

In this video adaptation of her best-selling book, pioneering feminist blogger Jessica Valenti trains her sights on “the virginity movement”—an unholy alliance of evangelical Christians, right-wing politicians and conservative policy intellectuals who have been exploiting irrational fears about women’s sexuality to roll back women’s rights. From dad-and-daughter purity balls, taxpayer-funded abstinence-only curricula and political attacks on Planned Parenthood to recent attempts by legislators to de-fund women’s reproductive health care and narrow the legal definition of rape, Valenti identifies a single, unifying assumption: the myth that the worth of a woman depends on what she does—or does not do—sexually. In the end, Valenti argues that the health and well-being of women is too important to be left to ideologues bent on vilifying feminism and undermining women’s autonomy.

Panelists: Jessica Valenti

Investigative Reporting for Bloggers

This session will offer training and tips in the basics of investigative journalism, with special emphasis on election-year issues.

Trainers: Joe Conason

Why the Fed is the Most Important Economic Issue You Know Nothing About

Years worth of bailouts and bank regulation debates have placed a new level of political focus on the Federal Reserve. It has been a topic for the Occupy movement and those concerned with out-of-control financial institutions and the weak recovery. And in the next year, the Federal Reserve, without political pressure, could dismantle financial regulation and stop an economy about to take off. How does the left engage the Federal Reserve? This panel will dive into potential answers.

Watch live streaming video from fstvnewswire at livestream.com

Led by: Mike Konczal

Panelists: Lisa Donner, Karl Smith, Matthew Yglesias

People, Not Polar Bears: Digital Revolutions and the New Fight Against Climate Change

From epidemics of asthma to water shortages, our most vulnerable populations are disproportionately impacted by pollution and global warming—and it’s time for our environmental fights to reflect this. For decades, communities of color and indigenous peoples have fought discriminatory environmental policies and disproportionate toxic burdens from polluting industries, but these efforts must be brought to the mainstream. Fortunately, youth leaders from communities impacted by environmental racism are already doing just that—utilizing new media, GPS mapping and social networks to advocate for solutions that support environmental justice and the ever-growing realities of global climate change. This panel will share tools and strategies for energizing communities and holding polluters and legislators accountable, including the role open-source technology has in creating and maintaining national collaborations, and tricks for connecting clicks and likes with boots on the ground.

People, Not Polar Bears: Digital Revolutions and the New Fight Against Climate Change

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People not polar bears #nn12 http://instagr.am/p/LljOPVHyad/Gloria Pan
People, Not Polar Bears panel is a lot better, and a lot more about racism vs enviro justice, than I thought. #NN12 #toomanywhitepeoplehereRLMiller

Led by: Katie DeCarlo

Panelists: Kari Fulton, Lilian Molina, Ryan Young

Protecting Voting Rights in Communities of Color in 2012

Black and brown voters turned out in record numbers in 2008. However, the introduction of voter ID initiatives in many states creates a new barrier for many Americans, particularly in traditionally disenfranchised communities of color. Voters in these communities—as well as students, seniors, the working poor and those with disabilities—will be most impacted. What coalitions and campaigns are underway to ensure these voters have equal access to the polls? How can we ensure that their voting rights are safeguarded and their voices counted? Panelists will provide case studies of campaign strategies and community solutions and tackle tough questions concerning voter ID laws.

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Protecting Voting Rights in Communities of Color in 2012

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We should be fighting to expand voting rights.
Voting is a constitutional right. As a prog movement we should be fighting to expand voting rights instead of playing defense. #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
Reform is possible.
#nn12 ? at voting panel: are there positive reforms that will protect voting rights? Yes, Rep. John Lewis introduced Voter Empowerment ActBrennan Center
But it’s a hard fight to win with just statistics and demographics.
"#VoterID is a hard issue to get people angry about when we just use statistics & demographics" -Minority voting rights panel at #nn12 #trueDemos_Org

Led by: Erica Williams

Panelists: Biko Baker, Derrick Beetso, David Castillo, Kirin Kennedy, Marvin Randolph

Emerging Movements: The Face of New Progressive Online Communities

There are new emerging movements online that differ from their identity-based or multi-issue predecessors, ones that bring new people into the progressive movement and represent an exciting evolution of our organizing theories and practices. The offline-to-online engagement of Occupy, the emergence of a banking and housing crisis constituency online, laser-focused corporate accountability campaigns, new approaches to organizing women and the emergence of a global LGBT movement all represent huge interconnected communities dealing with major structural issues that have the potential to build global long-term progressive power. But how did this happen? What are the opportunities that emerged to make room for new movements? And how are the organizers capitalizing on those opportunities?

Emerging Movements: The Face of New Progressive Online Communities

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Panelists discussed the creation of new online communities and organizations.
fascinating discussion on nimble, interconnected online movement building w/ @andre_banks @SLThomas @jrucker @nataliefoster @tarensk #nn12timothy karl rusch
The panel on emerging online movements, feat. @nataliefoster, @slthomas, @jr @ Netroots Nation 2012 (#nn12) http://instagr.am/p/Llmgg1jUSf/Greg Greene
Natalie Foster spoke about some of the challenges that spur them to innovate.
@nataliefoster talks about the reality of list oversaturation + that there are so many people out there that haven’t been reached yet #NN12christiegeorge
.@nataliefoster: Email is killer app, but is dying. Means we need to innovate new practices in the online space. #nn12Nathan Henderson-Jam
Love this. @nataliefoster on start-up, member driven orgs: "We’ll exist as long as we’re useful, and then we won’t. And that’s okay." #nn12Rachel Perrone
Shaunna Thomas talked about starting up a community because of a hole she perceived in the movement.
.@slthomas launched @ultraviolet in wake of too many legislative battles in which women’s rights were thrown under the bus. #nn12Rachel Perrone
Attendees responded well to Andre Banks’ upbeat presentation.
Andre Banks’ company Purpose, which helps instill prog values in campaigns & clients sounds like a lot of fun. #nn12Nathan Henderson-Jam
Andre Banks:it’s not so much about LGBT rights, but about love. #nn12 #NN12RI #NN12LGBTHeidi Hall
Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman spoke about nonpolitical folks who still want to make a change.
Yes! @TarenSK at @SumofUs: lot of ppl out there jaded at politics but want to be responsible consumers, hold corps accountable #nn12Nicole Flatow

Led by: James Rucker

Panelists: Andre Banks, Natalie Foster, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, Shaunna Thomas

Marriage Equality: Past, Present and Future

Anti-gay attacks banning same-sex marriage, as well as pro-marriage equality legislation, ballot initiatives, judicial cases and electoral fights, have swept the country since 1996 when Congress passed the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. Since then, activists and campaigners have been criss-crossing the country working to secure equal marriage rights for all. This panel will bring together leading activists and experts to discuss what lessons can be learned from previous fights in California, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, New York and Washington. Panelists will provide insight into how those lessons can be applied in a changing 2012 landscape and practical advice for launching an effort in your own state.

fstv2 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Led by: Monte Jarvis

Panelists: Richard Carlbom, Michael Crawford, David Fleischer, Dustin Lambro

Working Rhode Island: How We Built a Progressive Movement in Rhode Island

Working across class, generation, ethnic and trade barriers, Working Rhode Island is following the “One Big Union” model in exciting and dynamic ways. Built out of a common need to organize against a conservative Republican governor, the groups assembled around the Working Rhode Island table left the old rules behind to figure out new ways to work together against common enemies. It’s led to amazing results, including seeing the Rhode Island AFL-CIO endorse marriage equality legislation, primary challenges to Democratic incumbents from labor-backed candidates and immigrant rights being considered workers’ rights. There have been fights and losses along the way, but plenty of victories too. Without a doubt, Working Rhode Island is a model for the nation.

Led by: Patrick Crowley

Panelists: Kate Brock, Scott Duhamel, George Nee, Robert Walsh

Five Ways Technology is Making Democracy Easier

Much of progressive organizing relies on registering and turning out underrepresented communities and mobilizing those communities against the conservative agenda. New technology aims to eliminate barriers to democratic participation by making it easier for voters to register to vote, find their polling place, obtain an absentee ballot, research candidates, connect with each other and advocate for positions to their elected officials. This panel of leading technologists will speak about the ways technology is making it easier to participate in the democratic process.

Five Ways Technology is Making Democracy Easier

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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Panelists discussed how to help average citizens.
"We have to be careful about how we introduce technology to people who aren’t technologists, so it doesn’t scare them off" @antheaws #nn12Evan Sutton
"We need to make the experience of democracy better for the citizen." —@Sethflaxman #nn12TurboVote
Google’s @EricHysen notes that it’s still too hard to figure out who your congressperson is. #nn12Paul Schreiber
@cynicusprime @erichysen It’s hard to determine districts for *everyone* since district lines are messy + zip codes aren’t enough.Paul Schreiber
One panelist gave a resource you can use at home.
"One resource is Organizer’s Guide to Election Admin (http://elections.neworganizing.com), election law for all 50 states" @tianaej #nn12 #noi12Evan Sutton
They also noted that we have to focus on how to help people in government.
"One side of democracy is getting people elected. The other side is what they do when they’re there." —@marcidale #nn12Paul Schreiber
How do you improve the quality of messages to congress so they’re heard better? —@antheaws #nn12Paul Schreiber
"We also have to make sure that our technology make the lives of [the people who control the system] easier." —@Sethflaxman #nn12TurboVote
An attendee was especially excited to see a lot of women on a tech panel.
Tech panel with majority female experts. Love what lies ahead for society. #NN12@ @antheaws @tianaej @marcidale http://pic.twitter.com/4UGbjJQTJoey Dobson

Led by: Anthea Watson Strong

Panelists: Tiana Epps-Johnson, Seth Flaxman, Marci Harris, Eric Hysen

How (and Why) to Advertise Online

Ever see an advertisement for a pair of shoes or your favorite vacation destination follow you around the internet?

There is no greater medium for targeting the individuals your campaign or organization need to deliver electoral, organizing or legislative victories. With digital use on the rise you need how to build an online advertising campaign that meets your goals. Attendees will leave knowing how to develop and optimize an online advertising plan using Google, Facebook, and other popular platforms and tools. Anyone can do it.

Trainers: Andrew Roos, Tim Tagaris

Opening Reception, sponsored by Planned Parenthood Federation of America

After a busy day of panels and training sessions, you can power up with food generously provided by PPFA and connect with old friends before the keynote begins.

Opening keynote featuring Eric Schneiderman

We’ll kick off Netroots Nation with an opening keynote from New York’s Attorney General and the man the American Prospect calls The Man Banks Fear Most, Eric Schneiderman. Other speakers will include: Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, environmentalist Bill McKibben, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, NEA’s Lily Eskelsen, and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. The evening is MC’d by Baratunde Thurston.

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Opening keynote featuring Eric Schneiderman

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Baratunde Thurston kicked things off.
. @baratunde cracking me up as MC at #nn12 opening keynoteVanessa Kritzer
Then Providence Mayor Taveras welcomed #NN12.
Mayor of Providence @Angel_Taveras U r a gr8 ambassador @Netroots_Nation #nn12Ruth Leitman
Raven Brooks, Netroots Nation ED welcomed everyone, and invited the union workers from the Westin, Biltmore and RI Convention Center up. They thanked Netroots Nation for standing behind them and helping them win back their benefits, pay and jobs.
Amazing. @ravenb brought up members of the local hotel union of the Westin Providence to the stage. They’re thanking #NN12. #goosebumps50+1 Strategies
Local employees from The Westin thanks everyone at #NN12 for honoring their boycott and helping them win their basic rights and jobs back.Demos_Org
Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America spoke about women’s health and showed this powerful video.
"I Have Sex" – students speak out against ideological attack on Planned Parenthoodcoffeepartyusa
"To most women it feels like we woke up to a bad episode of Mad Men" – @CecileRichards, President of @PPact at #nn12Anna Pycior
Bill McKibben spoke about blocking the Keystone XL pipeline and how we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry.
"The fossil fuel industry is the 1% of the 1%—they are the absolute center of trouble on this poor old planet" -@billmckibben #NN12 #99PowerThe 99% Power
@BillMcKibben #NN12 we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry and their money with our creativity, passion and spirit #p2 #OWS #ecologyrob kall
"We may lose this fight, but given the stakes, we are going to have to fight," @BillMcKibben at #NN12Jamie Henn
Lily Eskelsen, VP of the National Education Association, spoke about the need to stop the push to deregulate, defund and privatize.
Lily Eskelsen at #NN12: “#ALEC’s mechanics are simple 2nd grade arithmetic. Deregulate. Defund. Privatize.” Then PROFIT.NEA Public Relations
Lily #NN12: “We are the progressive cmty. We org ppl who care about #edu #healthcare, disabled, poor, discriminated, enviro. It’s OUR bond.”NEA Public Relations
Tammy Baldwin spoke about our current economic situation and ensuring a middle class that gets a fair shake.
"the middle class shouldered the burden of the collapse of the economy. The middle class can’t get a fair shake." @TammyBaldwinWI #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
At #NN12, @TammyBaldwinWI says she is "not afraid to take on on Wall Street." Btwn her and @elizabethforma, we CAN take our country back!Fem2pt0
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse welcomed convention attendees and spoke about how we must defend the pillars of American middle class economic security.
On social security, Medicare and Pell grants, progressives need to be unshakeable! @SenWhitehouse #nn12 #nn12lgbtThe Task Force
RT @mikeconrad1: .@SenWhitehouse nails it: Social Security, Medicare, Pell Grants are pillars of American middle class econ security #NN12jeanne mccann
Eric T. Schneiderman spoke about the state of our country and the political environment.
@AGSchneiderman talking about transformational politics vs transactional politics. Look 20 years out not at the current vote. Solid. #NN12michael donnelly
"the greatest damage done by the conservative movement was when Americans embraced policies that do harm to them." @agSchneiderman #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
We’re ready for another new deal.
"The #gop know that the people r at a point where we’re ready 4 another new deal. It is time 4 us to recognize it." @agSchneiderman #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
We are not the ones responsible for this situation.
#NN12 "Can’t comment on ongoing investigation but can say found no evidence teachers firefighters etc rspnsbl for recession" @AGSchneidermanEmily Mills
But we will work for change.
"Any true change requires movement building… Officials don’t create movements, movements create leaders. @AGSchneiderman at #nn12Demos_Org
"people get that there is a growing inequality and that people are ready for transformation for justice." @agSchneiderman #nn12DemocracyForAmerica

Led by: Baratunde Thurston

Panelists: Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, Bill McKibben, Cecile Richards, Eric T. Schneiderman, Mayor Angel Taveras

Laughing Liberally

Join the performers of Laughing Liberally for a free special engagement at Netroots Nation. Enjoy an evening of laughter from the left with top political comics from Comedy Central, The Onion and the Laughing Liberally National Tour. Featuring Netroots Nation favorites including Lee Camp, Katie Halper, Negin Farsad, Julianna Forlano, Baratunde Thurston, Lizz Winstead, Elon James White and more.  Laughing Liberally, the national comedy project of Living Liberally, has been touring the country, producing videos and special campaigns with progressive partners, running Off-Broadway in New York City and is preparing an election season of political laughter across the country. laughingliberally.org.

Panelists: Lee Camp, Negin Farsad, Julianna Forlano, Nato Green, Katie Halper, Joseph Novick, Baratunde Thurston, Elon James White, Lizz Winstead

Karaoke Party, sponsored by SEIU

Join us for what’s become an annual tradition at Netroots Nation! Whether you can’t hold a tune or have ambitions to try out for American Idol, we want you on that stage. This event is generously sponsored by SEIU. An open bar and some late evening snacks to get you in singing mood will be provided. This event will be held at the The Dorrance located at 60 Dorrance Street, just a few short blocks from the convention center and HQ hotels.

Morning News Dump with Lizz Winstead, Shannyn Moore and Cliff Schecter

Grab your coffee before the action begins each morning while getting an freewheeling and hilarious update of the day’s news with Daily Show co-creator and comedian Lizz Winstead, Radio host, journalist Shannyn Moore and Pundit, author and teller of truths, Cliff Shecter.

The Morning News Dump is sorta like “Morning Joe,” minus the guests who have gotten everything wrong for the past 10 years. Each morning these three will also welcome some of your favorite bloggers and politicians as well to give you a download of the days news before you hit the Netroots ground running.

Roll out of bed and join them!

Generously sponsored by The Guardian US.

Led by: Lizz Winstead

Panelists: Shannyn Moore, Cliff Schecter

Base Building and Elections: Winning while Building Grassroots Power

This session will address how elections can be won in such a way that power is built up in the grassroots and that winning is more than 50 percent plus 1. We’ll discuss how base building isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do to win. Participants will learn how we can use elections to build and expand the base by bringing new people into the process by building authentic relationships in communities. We will also talk about how communities and constituencies must be seen as partners in this work in order to create infrastructure that last long after the election, builds power and grows new leaders. Finally, you’ll learn how to put together a base-building plan that utilizes power mapping and targeting.

Trainers: Peggy Flanagan, Rudy Lopez

How to Ensure Your Web Development Project is a Complete Failure

Set unrealistic deadlines! Don’t define your intended audience! Refuse to make decisions! Many of the ways you can mess up your new website or redesign are identical to the ways people fumble any endeavor. Other mistakes are unique responses to the age old demand—“Hey, overextended staffer! Create a cutting edge website for free, stat, with whatever the latest gizmo thingy I don’t understand is!” After years of working with a diverse range of organizations and campaigns we’re here to enthusiastically report on the classic mistakes even the best organizers and communicators make when overseeing major website development (or redevelopment). We’ll hold your sweaty, fearful hand as we walk you through the entire life cycle of website development, ensuring that the end result is as expensive and ineffective as possible.

Trainers: Cheryl Contee, Aaron Welch

What Progressives Can Do to Stop the War on Public Education

American public education is under concerted attack: Americans are told we are failing in international comparisons, urged to blame teachers and break their unions, turn more of our public education system over to private interests and rely ever more upon tests to make critical decision. These and other tactics are designed to delegitimize and ultimately destroy meaningful public education. Three nationally-known experts explore aspects of that attack and offer specific suggestions of how progressive supporters of public education can fight back.

Watch live streaming video from fstvnewswire at livestream.com

What Progressives Can Do to Stop the War on Public Education

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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This panel focused on the war on education, and what progressives can do to stop it.
Authentic Education for All discussed. Ravitch, TeacherKen, Jackson #NN12 @dianeravitch @teacherken @johnjackson http://pic.twitter.com/aF51t2DRacttosaveourschools
@DianeRavitch: this is not just about education. This is about the future of democracy #NN12NEA Public Relations
Currently, the voices of students are being ignored.
.@teacherken: student voice is ignored. We’re doing education to our kids, rather than engaging them in their own education #nn12Steve Fletcher
We need to take action, and focus on how to help the majority of students.
.@SchottOtl: Let’s do away with the debates about charters, charters educate 4% of students. What’s the plan for the other 96%? #nn12VIVA Teachers
.@SchottOtl: sometimes direct action is the best way, not the tools of the other side. We have to organize, be strategic. #nn12VIVA Teachers
They talked about how this can be done.
@TeacherKen at #NN12: For this to be successful, it has to be done by a cmty organizing standpoint. Must be done by ppl within cmty. #eduNEA Public Relations
.@Teacherken I know some Republicans who are good on these issues: we need them as allies. #nn12VIVA Teachers
And other problems that must be addressed.
RT @NEAMedia: @TeacherKen #NN12 We cannot fix #edu in isolation without addressing the wrap-around issue of poverty, income inequality.Elyse Fradkin
@TeacherKen Undiagnosed probs w. hearing, vision, dental care, basic healthcare- not a right in this country, interfere with learning. #NN12NEA Public Relations
Education frames an memes are all conservative.
Framing & memes about #education are all conservative. The little we do frame, conservatives twist. @dianeravitch @teacherken #nn12Angela Jean
We must stand up and take action for real change.
.@SchottOtl: civil rights protesters didn’t fight to make the back of the bus more comfortable! #nn12VIVA Teachers
.@SchottOtl what would happen if poor folks amassed at doors of wealthy community’s schools and demanded to attend? #nn12VIVA Teachers
.@SchottOtl: time to stop being nice: it’s a civil right and are going to act on every child’s right to learn. applause #nn12VIVA Teachers
Saving education is about defending democracy.
#Applause!!! RT @VIVATeachers: round of applause for @DianeRavitch when she says saving public education is saving our democracy. #nn12Defeat Bullies
The panel closed with a call to action.
RT @jeffbcdm: @teacherken closes out edu panel at #NN12 with a call for everyone in attendance to vow to take on the fight "Let’s Do It!"VIVA Teachers

Led by: Kenneth Bernstein

Panelists: John H. Jackson, Diane Ravitch

Foreclosure Fraud: How the Banks Broke the Housing Market and How We are Fighting Back

Despite the fact that we’ve been in a foreclosure crisis for more than four years, precious little attention has been paid to how banks have used faked documents to steal homes from American borrowers. This panel will break down just how the banks have defrauded homeowners, local governments and the state judicial system, and why meager settlements or more promises for loan modifications are completely inadequate to hold the guilty parties responsible for the crime. This panel brings together foreclosure fraud experts, along with the people actually working on the front lines to stop illegal evictions and bring forward justice. We will also take a look at citizen-led efforts to protect people’s homes and hold banks accountable—and how you can join those efforts.

Foreclosure Fraud: How the Banks Broke the Housing Market and How We are Fighting Back

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During this panel, Neil Barofsky spoke about the financial fraud settlement.
At #ffraud #nn12 @neilbarofsky explaining why the $25bil financial faud settlement is such a joke. Much of money diverted to other uses…bmaz
.@neilbarofsky explaining how mortgage settlement largely just pays banks to do what they do anyway w no accountability #nn12Miles Kampf-Lassin
@neilbarofsky laying out how the mortgage settlement will actually make profits for banks through HAMP incentives. Epic FAIL #nn12Matt Browner Hamlin
Additional information about this session is available in emptywheel’s live blog.
Foreclosure Fraud: The Most Dangerous Panel in the World | emptywheelThey’ve scheduled DDay’s Netroots Nation foreclosure fraud panel-with Lynn Szymoniak, Malcom Chu, and Neil Barofsky-in a room with no str…

Led by: David Dayen

Panelists: Neil Barofsky, Malcolm Chu, Lynn Szymoniak

Blogging for Transgender Equality: History, Challenges and Progress

Transgender advocacy has exploded in recent years in no small part due to the ability of transgender people to connect nationally online. The immediate and swift outcry against the proposed stripping of gender identity protections in the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) demonstrated this community’s online power. But while blogging significantly shapes political activity within the transgender community, there is a risk that all of the community’s concerns may not be considered in online responses to real-world events. This panel will explore the historical development of the activated transgender community and the impact blogging and online activism have on its formation and focus. Presenters will share examples of the powerful role this online community plays in moving transgender rights forward, while also examining what is missing from the conversation.

Watch live streaming video from fstv2 at livestream.com

Blogging for Transgender Equality: History, Challenges and Progress

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The Blogging for Transgender Equality session was a full house, with lots of anticipation for an inspiring conversation.
" Blogging for transgender equality " #nn12 #LGBTQ http://pic.twitter.com/1keZLup0William Anderson
#NN12LGBT panel Blogging for Transgender Equality: History, Challenges and Progress at #nn12 has just started….ready to be inspired!Zerlina Maxwell
Watch the live-stream of @jostruitt’s panel Blogging for Transgender Equality at Netroots! http://bit.ly/MRviFA #nn12Feministing
Panelists discussed some of the recent small victories in the fight for transgender equality and acceptance.
RT @TheTaskForce: Minnesota was the first state to pass protections for transgender people, 2nd was Rhode Island #nn12 #nn12lgbtAllyson Diane Hamm
RT @thetaskforce: .@jostruitt: there has been a shift in the media coverage of transgender women #nn12 #nn12lgbtAimee Thorne-Thomsen
American Apparel & @glaad launch first #transgender ads as #nn12 holds first transgender panel #nn12lgbt http://bit.ly/LCMiIiRich Ferraro
While there has been progress there are still challenges.
.@TransGriot: it feels like we only get coverage of transgender people of color when there’s violence. #nn12lgbt #nn12The Task Force
Data from GLSEN: 69% transgender students felt unsafe in school bc of sexual orientation & 65% how they expressed gender #nn12 #NN12LBTRealLifeUnplugd
. @jenniferlevi1 helping to define #transgender and talking about breaking expectations of what gender looks like #NN12LGBT #nn12Michelle Weiser
It is important for ally communities to continue to provide support for transgender individuals. A shift in perceptions will only be possible when the larger ally community is engaged.
@AutumnSandeen: We should be able to embrace our entire identity; not be seen ONLY as transgender ppl #nn12 #nn12lgbt #noi12Jamie McGonnigal
We need to be better advocates for our #transgender brothers and sisters #NN12LGBT #NN12 #lgbtwondermann5
.@transgriot Monica Roberts talking about transgender activists across African diaspora. #nn12Jay Carmona
All in all, individuals felt empowered to be advocates for effective change.
#NN12 Blogging for Transgender Equity – amazing panel! Learning so much!Nolan Pack

Led by: Jillian Weiss

Panelists: Jennifer Levi, Monica Roberts, Autumn Sandeen, Jos Truitt

Combatting Criminal Justice Violations: Challenging Assumptions and Winning Campaigns

How can social and racial justice organizations leverage technology on behalf of criminal justice campaigns? Panelists will discuss how their respective organizations utilize the internet, social media platforms and mobile devices to spread awareness about criminal justice violations impacting communities of color. Particular campaigns to be highlighted include those against the NYPD’s racially-targeted “Stop and Frisk” policy; the wrongful imprisonment of 10 innocent men in Cook County, IL, on the basis of forced confessions; the execution of Troy Davis without proof of guilt beyond reasonable doubt on the basis of unreliable eyewitness testimony; and the proposal to replace the storm-damaged Orleans Parish Prison with a massively-expanded facility. Panelists will share best practices, successes and challenges and ways to improve the efficacy of 21st century technology in criminal justice campaigns.

Combatting Criminal Justice Violations: Challenging Assumptions and Winning Campaigns

Storified by Netroots Nation · Fri, Jun 08 2012 17:22:14

Criminal justice violations disproportionately affect low income communities and communities of color. As progressives, addressing this problem is an important part of creating a more equitable society. Panelists today discussed the many challenges surrounding this intricate issue.
Starting "Combatting criminal justice violations" w/ @danaknola, Kamau Franklin & Matt Nelson of @ColorOfChange #NN12 #NN12Black #nn12cjDani McClain
There is much at stake. Communities must be united and a voice must be given to those that have suffer because of these types of injustices.
For people of color, interactions w/ cj system can go from benign to dangerous instantly says Matt Nelson #nn12cj #nn12Rania Khalek
Fighting prisons uniting Black and Brown communities uniting to fight immigrant detention centers in #nola #nn12 #nn12cjLaurie Ignacio
Dana Kaplan: ppl who had been incarcerated testify to city council to stop huge new NOLA jail: the system is destroying our lives. #NN12Austen Levihn-Coon
Vigilance is key.
Monitoring police should be part of our everyday civic engagement duties says Matt Nelson #nn12cj #nn12Rania Khalek
Kamau Franklin from Malcolm X Grassroots Movement talking about Cop Watch Program in Brooklyn to monitor police brutality. #nn12Rania Khalek
Attendees asked questions that touched on issues that are currently in legal limbo. The resulting decisions will have a significant impact on individuals rights and protections.
Question about right 2 film police. Matt Nelson & Kamau Franklin highlight recent & upcoming court cases in various states. #nn12cj #nn12Rania Khalek
The system can be changed; we do not need to stand for the status quo.
Geo Group prison company no longer allowed to opperate in Mississippi. Now we know it can be done. Matt Nelson @colorofchange #NN12Austen Levihn-Coon
RT @RaniaKhalek: Fundamental flaw in #privateprison model is profits — Matt Nelson #nn12cj #nn12Joe Moses
Attendees left the conversation with a renewed sense of purpose.
If u missed the criminal justice panel at #nn12 you should def watch it online. Best panel I’ve been to do far.Rania Khalek

Led by: Dani McClain

Panelists: Kamau Franklin, Dana Kaplan, Laura Moye, Matt Nelson

Love, Compassion and Other Outrageous Forms of Activism

Activists tend to be motivated by a powerful, inclusive sense of connection to all beings and the planet. Yet guilt, frustration, weariness and internal conflict can remove us from the sense of purpose we need to work for the long haul. When activism is disconnected from a deep understanding of interdependence, we may unintentionally create some of the very conditions we are fighting against—persecution instead of justice, hatred instead of compassion. The vital source of reconnection to a larger vision was called “the love that does justice,” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gandhi called it “satyagraha,” or truth force. The Netroots offers an unparalleled opportunity to create a community of change that is aligned with our deepest values of a more just and sustainable world. This panel will explore in-person and online tools for resilience of body, mind and spirit to help support a sustained, transformational activism.

Love, Compassion and Other Outrageous Forms of Activism

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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The panelists started by framing a couple of questions.
Inhaling love. Exhaling rage. How do we do our work w/o hurting ourselves & our movement? w/ @mallikadutt #NN12 #womentogetherBekah Mandell
How do we organize w/love & the whole person? Learning w/ @mallikadutt @breakthrough @omega_institute #NN12 #womentogetherDomestic Workers
They spoke about dignity and wisdom.
"what does an unbroken world look like?" @mallikadutt "we must begin w/ our human dignity" #womentogether #NN12Domestic Workers
Knowing our lives interconnectedness is wisdom in the mind & compassion in the heart @sharonsalzberg #NN12Laila Fahimuddin
Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the session.
Human rights activist @mallikadutt rocks the room with a call to focus on our interdependency & personal transformation. #NN12mindoca
Grateful to @mallikadutt, @SharonSalzberg, panelists & attendees at Compassion/Activism session. I’m not alone in attempting balance! #NN12Sara

Led by: Carla Goldstein

Panelists: Mallika Dutt, Leslie Salmon Jones, Sharon Salzberg

Salsa, Cumbia and Merengue: Connecting to the Different Beats of the Latino Electorate

The Latino vote is expected to exceed 12.2 million in the 2012 elections. This diverse electorate includes those who have been here since the days of Aztlan and others who arrived more recently. Latinos are not a monolithic group. We don’t all know what arepas taste like, and many of us might not know how to salsa. So what ties us together? Ask five Latinos, and you’ll likely get five different answers. Whether it’s language, religion, culture or a sense of rhythm, Latinos make up a key voting bloc. This session will serve as a cross-pollination of regional knowledge that will help organizations springboard their 2012 electoral narratives. We’ll look at the strategies, tools and approaches organizers are using in a variety of regions around the country to create a powerful and progressive Latino voting base.

Led by: Eddy Morales

Panelists: Sindy Benavides, Ana Beatriz Cholo, Tomás Garduño, Aparna Shah

Take a Walk, Scott: Post-Mortem of the Wisconsin Recalls

On June 5, progressives across the country will either be celebrating Scott Walker’s recall loss or angry about his victory. Either way, this panel will serve as a post-mortem for the long, hard fight for sanity in Wisconsin.

fstv1 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Led by: Kaili Lambe

Panelists: Kristen Crowell, Emily Mills, Josh Orton, Harry Waisbren

Screening Showcase #2

Films are an effective way to engage new audiences, communicate dynamic ideas and provoke conversation. See short segments of films that seek to influence the debate, learn about the work and share thoughts on impact, distribution, partnerships and the potential to turn reel action into real action.  Lineup subject to change.

Tony and Janina’s American Wedding – Tony & Janina’s American Wedding follows a Chicago Polish family through the red tape of the current U.S. immigration system. Breaking out of the negative media stereotype of the undocumented, this film tells the human rights story of post-9/11 that every undocumented immigrant in America faces today. The film became a clear agent for change and breaking news story when the Wasilewski family was reunited on U.S. soil on August 8, 2011.  Award winning filmmaker Ruth Leitman will screen a short epilogue teaser for the new version and show how the film and outreach were used to create change.

Home Front: Portraits from Sheikh Jarrah – From Home Front, a series of mini-portraits of Palestinians and Israelis involved in nonviolent protest in an East Jerusalem neighborhood, comes the personal story of Mohammed, a Palestinian teenager whose family is forced to give up part of their home and live under the same roof as a family of settlers. He comes of age in the face of unrelenting tension with his neighbors and unexpected cooperation with Israeli allies in his backyard. Produced by Just Vision, the award-winning team that created Budrus and Encounter Point. 

Mission of Mermaids – Mission of Mermaids invokes our mythical connection to the sea. Director Susan Rockefeller takes a personal approach, based on her love for the oceans, using the metaphor of the mermaid. The film describes the facts of mis-use: ocean acidification, over-fishing, and pollution. MOM opens a dialogue about changing the human relationship to the sea, knitting our past reverence for nature with the urgent need to change course. Featured in the film are many ocean stewards—artists and activists who advocate change and educate the public on making choices in their daily lives to improve the health of the sea.

Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail – When Dr. Goddess gets arrested for lying down on a development site in Pittsburgh’s Hill District neighborhood, all heaven and hell break loose! This theater production is an inter-generational celebration of the Civil Rights Movement, starring “four little girls” with an emphasis on sports obsession and corporate greed.

Panelists: Angela Alston, Jessica Devaney, Kimberly 'Dr. Goddess' Ellis, Ruth Leitman

Winning Wireless

Using the mobile phone, text messaging, phone calls and mobile web, to connect with supporters and drive meaningful action to affect change.

The training will start with an overview of the mobile ecosystem and a example campaigns. We’ll focus on the aspects of mobile that produce the best results for the organization and include specific data as well as aggregate data from the leading organizations.

From there we will build a simple mobile campaign and test it out in real time. We’ll end the session with Q&A as well as a discussion of how mobile will be used in the 2012 election and beyond. This session will speak to organizers that are beginners or experienced with mobile.

Trainers: Michael Sabat

National Security Caucus

Our moderated issue caucuses are aimed at forming greater strategic alliances on progressive issues including the environment, labor, LGBT community, immigration, women’s issues, social justice and education.

Sponsored by Ploughshares Fund.

Environmental Caucus

Our moderated issue caucuses are aimed at forming greater strategic alliances on progressive issues including the environment, labor, LGBT community, immigration, women’s issues, social justice and education.

This Week in Blackness RADIO #TWIBRADIO

Check out the Award winning online radio show This Week in Blackness RADIO #TWIBRADIO Featuring Elon James White (Creator of This Week in Blackness, MSNBC, VH1) Political Strategist L. Joy Williams (NY1, TWiB! News Coordinator) and Aaron Rand Freeman (Editor, 2Cents, TWiB!) tackling the latest in politics, race and much, much more.

Panelists: Aaron Freeman, Elon James White, L. Joy Williams

Educational Opportunity & Economic Dignity

Join Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, and Ilyse Hogue, along-term netroots activist and a columnist for The Nation and CNN, for a conversation about the intersection of educational opportunities and economic dignity, and how we as progressives can get more involved.

Panelists: Ilyse Hogue, Randi Weingarten

2012 and the War on (and for) Women

Some of 2012′s most exciting races involve strong, progressive women who are leading the national conversation on not only on women’s issues but also things like the economy and LGBT rights.

Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren, Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono and Washington’s Darcy Burner are each known for standing up for workers, the middle class and equal opportunity for all. That’s why we’re excited to have the three of them on the big stage at Netroots Nation.

In a Friday lunchtime session moderated by the Huffington Post’s Amanda Terkel, Warren, Hirono and Burner will address the past year’s growing War on Women and the GOP war on the middle class. They’ll discuss what playing offense looks like for women and how election wins this fall will translate to policy victories in 2013 and beyond.

Lunch generously provided by Buy4.

fstv1 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

2012 and the War on (and for) Women

Storified by Netroots Nation · Fri, Jun 08 2012 13:39:30

Amanda Terkel from the Huffington Post kicked things off by introducing Darcy Burner, progressive candidate for Congress. She started by talking about how Democrats need to change their focus.
Democrats are the Lotus of computer software, v. Microsoft. We think it is all about product @darcyburner #nn12 #waronwomenJulie Kaviar
@DarcyBurner asks #nn12 audience: get women to vote. It’ll matter a lot more than the small slice of swing voters.Burner for Congress
She asked all women who’ve had an abortion and were willing to stand to do so. She then asked everyone willing to stand with them to rise.
Powerful moment. @DarcyBurner had women who were comfortable to do so stand if they had an abortion. Had all who stand with them rise. #nn12Demos_Org
.@darcyburner just made me cry with her call for us to stand up with women who have had an abortion. #nn12Sarah Jaffe
It was a moving and motivating speech.
If you’re not inspired by @DarcyBurner’s speech at #NN12, you don’t have a pulse. Wow.Greg Basta
Darcy was followed by Representative Mazie Hirono from Hawaii. She started by speaking about her how her family escaped abuse in Japan and came to Hawaii.
"I’m grateful for the courage my mother had to start a new life for us in Hawaii." – @mazieforhawaii #nn12 #hisenEMILY’s List
She spoke about the Violence Against Women Act and how we need to work to protect women’s interests.
We need our people to be powerful, motivated and connected so we can keep the #waronwomen at bay @mazieforhawaii #nn12Julie Kaviar
Elizabeth Warren spoke next. She started by talking about Republicans.
Republicans want to give the richest and most powerful more money and more power. @elizabethforma at #nn12 lunch keynoteDemocracyForAmerica
She compared financial markets to football.
"Without rules, it’s not football, it’s a mugging." @elizabethforma #nn12colleen crinion
"Progressives understand markets are like football. Every game needs rules & a ref who enforces those rules" @elizabethforma #nn12 #noi12Evan Sutton
She addressed treating corporations as people.
"Corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs.. they live… learn the difference!" -@elizabethforma #nn12Ryan J. Davis
And why she’s running for office.
Let me be clear- I am not backing down… I want something more than winning… I want real change… @elizabethforma #nn12Denise
"I got in this race because real people are getting hammered & they’re counting on me to stand up for them." – @elizabethforma #nn12 #masenEMILY’s List
Finally, the speakers came together for a panel discussion, moderated by Amanda Terkel. They spoke about health care and how we can all do more to defend it.
"We need to get the word out that the health care law is good for women, young people, seniors…" .@mazieforhawaii #NN12PolicyLink
They also spoke about minimum wage.
Minimum wage: @DarcyBurner sez Congress shld raise it, and make it automatically rise with consumer price index. #NN12addiestan
And women in Afghanistan and around the world.
On Afghanistan “We don’t make these changes through war. We make them through investments in people.” Elizabeth Warren @ElizabethForma #NN12Current TV
They also touched on reproductive rights.
@elizabethforma says economic rights and reproductive rights are inextricably linked. you cannot disentangle the two. #nn12 @gomydJon Reznick
And equal pay for equal work.
"When someone says women make less bc they’re women, ask them why they don’t support equal pay for equal work." – @elizabethforma #NN12Fem2pt0
Amanda Terkel asked the panelists why only 3 out of 10 women believe there’s a war on reproductive rights.
Darcy Burner talking about my pet peeve, the way Republicans always argue in bad faith when trying to restrict reproductive rights. #NN12Amanda Marcotte
She also asked about Citizens United and the impact on womens’ voices.
Warren: "If we don’t push back on Citizens United, corporations will run America." #nn12Charlie Spiering
"The answer is, it has an affect on the voices of human beings" @elizabethforma on Citizens United #NN12NPI
They agreed that we don’t have enough women in public office.
"Afghanistan has more women in its Parliament than we have in our Congress." @DarcyBurner #nn12Matt McDermott

Led by: Amanda Terkel

Panelists: Darcy Burner, Rep. Mazie Hirono, Elizabeth Warren

Screening: "At the River I Stand," presented by ATU

At the River I Stand is a powerful documentary that reconstructs the two months in Memphis, TN in 1968 leading to the tragic death of Martin Luther King Jr., the climax of the civil right movement, and the 65-day strike of 1,300 Memphis sanitation workers.  Dr. King saw an opportunity to link this struggle to his nationwide Poor People’s Campaign and challenge the economic power structure of the South. In workers history, this strike has achieved an almost mythical quality since it brought public-sector unionism to the south and proved that the civil rights and workers rights movements could be merged.

Led by: Larry Hanley

Panelists: Mike Elk

Staffer-Blogger Mixer

This year, as part of the official conference schedule, Netroots Nation in collaboration with Progressive Congress will host a special networking event for attendees to meet legislative and campaign staffers and exchange information for future collaboration and communication.

Netroots Nation is the largest (and only) gathering of online progressive activists of its kind. Every year, 2,000 attendees—bloggers and activists, leaders of advocacy organizations and labor unions, elected officials and members of the traditional media—attend. Attendees are thought-leaders who have built significant networks through which they support political candidates and policies. They are well-educated, affluent and politically active (92 percent say they donate to campaigns or progressive organizations; 90 percent participate in online activism).

While the whole conference is a chance to meet with influencers and thought-leaders, this networking event is specifically designed to give the staff members of elected officials a chance to chat in a more intimate setting with bloggers.

Staffers should bring packets that contain some information about the Representative and their district and a few short paragraphs talking about the issues they are focusing on in their office legislatively. If you’re a staffer, please RSVP below. If you’re a blogger just show up! (we’ll be expecting you, given the nature of the conference….)


What: Netroots Nation Staffer/Blogger Mixer
Location:TBD, Rhode Island Convention Center
Date/Time: Friday, June 8, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.

All Netroots Nation attendees are welcome to participate, but the focus of this event is strengthening relationships between bloggers and professional staff with a particular focus on Congress.

Questions? e-mail the NN team here.

Social Justice Caucus

Our moderated issue caucuses are aimed at forming greater strategic alliances on progressive issues including the environment, labor, LGBT community, immigration, women’s issues, social justice and education.

Google+ Hangout: Tom Perriello

Join us in the exhibit hall or online for a Google+ Hangout where Tom Periello (Center for American Progress Action Fund) will be interviewed by Alyssa Rosenberg (ThinkProgress).

Beyond Engagement: Progressive Organizing in Communities of Color

The progressive moment often focuses on engagement with communities of color. From GOTV to social justice work, a main challenge is moving beyond activating voters on our issues to truly organizing and motivating the community. This training seeks to equip progressive organizers with tools necessary to avoid common challenges when organizing and working in communities of color. Understanding and assessing community needs, effective messaging and avoidance of tokenism will be explored. Using a lens of reproductive rights and feminism, case studies in American Indian, Latino and African-American communities will be explored. This session is particularly timely, because we have seen how reproductive rights in communities of color are under attack using the banner of benevolence and protection.

Trainers: Erica Scott Pacheco

Test Screen Your Video

Working on a video for your cause, your organization or yourself and need some counsel from people who do it everyday? Have a 1-to-3-minute video that didn’t quite perform how you’d like and want a test audience to get a sense for what you need to fine-tune next time? This is one panel that is focused on YOUR content—and how we can in turn make better media for the progressive movement.

Led by: Negin Farsad

Panelists: Josh Bolotsky, Zach Roberts, Baratunde Thurston, Rebecca Wind

Getting Analytical with Google Analytics

Grassroots marketing used to mean going door-to-door or sending out mail, but today it is just as likely to involve YouTube or Pinterest. How can we tell which method of marketing is working the best for our cause and driving traffic to our websites? Are visitors from certain sources more likely to take action then others? Is it possible to track the success of real-world marketing in Google Analytics? This session will take a deeper dive into Google Analytics and show some tips and tricks for getting a better understanding of your marketing campaigns and how to identify the most successful ways to encourage action on your website.

Trainers: Phil Anderson

Gun Politics after Trayvon and Tucson: New Life for a Deadly Issue

In just over a year, a new grassroots movement has emerged to demand common-sense laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Representatives of two successful recent “Gun Politics 2.0” campaigns and political leaders will explore how progressives are using social media and organizing to reframe an issue sometimes—and wrongly—considered a political third rail. In January 2011, following the mass shooting in Tucson, Mayors Against Illegal Guns launched the National Drive to Fix Gun Checks to educate the public about the 34 Americans who are murdered with guns every day and to build support for reforming the national gun background check system. After Trayvon Martin’s tragic shooting, a new coalition of national civil rights groups and Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched the Second Chance on Shoot First campaign to demand that states reform reckless laws written by the NRA and ALEC that led to Trayvon’s death.

Gun Politics after Trayvon and Tucson: New Life for a Deadly Issue

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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RT @CSGV: #NN12 panel "Gun Politics After #Trayvon" w/ @davidcicilline, @LoriHaasVA, @JamalSimmons, @cliffschecter, @markcglaze http://pic.twitter.com/gbi8d31CLance Orchid
Mark Glaze pointed out the biggest obstacle to reform.
NRA is overwhelmingly better funded, has milllions of members more than @maigcoalition creates big obstacle 4 gun control. @markcglaze #nn12Rania Khalek
But the panelists believed the obstacles could be overcome. 
Polling about gun control is misleading. Question should be "should gun buyer have a background check." Most say yes. — @markcglaze #nn12Rania Khalek
We shouldn’t be calling it gun control, we should be talking about it as gun safety to communicate power of reform – @DavidCicilline #nn12Rania Khalek
"We can talk about this, & we can win on this." – @LoriHaasVA discussing how to fight for common sense gun policies at #NN12MAIG Coalition
Talking about Trayvon Martin and other tragedies has brought gun violence again to the forefront of national consciousness.
RT @maigcoalition: "If you saw the pain that I’ve seen, you’d do something about this too." – @LoriHaasVA discussing experience w/ gun violence at #NN12Aaron Kinnari
The panel included an interesting exchange between Cliff Schecter, Jamal Simmons, and some in the audience.
"There has to be pressure on our side to do what is right." – @cliffschecter discussing how to push #Congress to take action #NN12MAIG Coalition
RT @exileinflyville: .@cliffschecter "I’m a Democrat but I’m a progressive first… as an activist, you’re not trying to elect Democrats." THANK YOU. #nn12Oliver Willis
.@JamalSimmons replies "Why does it matter if Dems are winning & good on 7 out of 10 of the other issues we care about" #nn12Rania Khalek
audience member asks @JamalSimmons "who are these blue dogs that vote on other 7 out of 10 issues?" followed by laughter #nn12Rania Khalek

Led by: Mark Glaze

Panelists: Rep. David Cicilline, Lori Haas, Cliff Schecter, Jamal Simmons

Military Sexual Trauma: The Women's War

The Department of Veterans Affairs has released data estimating that one in three women has been sexually assaulted and/or raped while on active service, double the rate for civilians, according to the DoJ. Rape is notoriously unreported, particularly in the hyper-masculine environment of the military. Women troops who do seek justice find themselves quickly ostracized, their psychological wounds left untended, their attackers not charged. They are expected to carry on and often face their rapists on a daily basis. This panel is designed to explore the issue of Military Sexual Trauma or MST.

Military Sexual Trauma: The Women’s War

Miss this panel? No problem! Here’s what happened.

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Sexual trauma in the military is a serious problem. One that is under-reported and under-prosecuted.
8 percent vs 41 percent prosecution of sexual assault military vs civilian #nn12 #fem2Suzanne Turner
Military women told reporting sexual assault was a deal breaker #standwmilitarywomen #NN12IsaRo
Why? There’s a lack of understanding about trauma.
need a greater understanding of what trauma does to someone. they can’t self-regulate. need to protect them. #nn12 military sexual assaultUna Spenser
Q: why doesn’t military see PR problem with getting military volunteers? A: info isn’t out there, so why care? #nn12 military sexual assaultUna Spenser
And the decisions regarding prosecution are being made by folks in their 20s.
decisions for what goes to court marshall is made by company commanders. They are in their mid-20s. #nn12 military sexual traumaUna Spenser
But lawsuits can help.
sometimes lawsuits, even if not successful in court, succeed in educating the public. #nn12 military sexual traumaUna Spenser
The women working on sexual assault in the military are doing amazing work. Bless them. #nn12Jessica Pieklo

Led by: Joan Brooker

Panelists: Elizabeth Stinson, Ann Wright

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