We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2012 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. You can view the program electronically here.

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Online Activism, Social Media and the Law

Especially in the post-Citizens United universe, organizers involved in political campaigns and party organizations, 501(c)(3)s, (c)(4)s and the labor movement are often unsure what kinds of activity they can engage in online. Can a 501(c)(3) “friend” a candidate? What happens when a campaign retweets a SuperPAC ad? Experts in the law and in new media will provide the most up-to-date advice possible for keeping your activities beyond reproach during the 2012 election season.

Trainers: Adam Bonin, Abby Levine

The Power of Our Stories: Making Complex Issues Accessible (T4T)

This training is designed to prepare participants to train others in identifying the most impactful aspects of their personal stories for the purpose of moving others to action. Participants will learn the fundamentals of the workshop, along with helpful facilitation tips.

Trainers: Rosa Gonzalez, Julian Mocine-McQueen

Data-Driven Design for Progressive Organizations: 10 Engagement Metrics You Probably aren't Tracking

We’ll share 10 often overlooked web, social media and email metrics you can use to improve your social bottom line (in terms of actions taken, money raised, etc.). More than the online statistics that we all usually track—unique visitors, email open rates, advertising clickthroughs, etc.—these data sets can help you spark more user engagement, cultivate long-term brand loyalty and incentivize sustained peer-to-peer sharing. How do you use “website activation time” to attract email list subscribers? How do you use Facebook EdgeRank to measure the health of your fan base? These are just a few of the questions this training will answer.

Trainers: Nikki Serapio

Grassroots Lobbying

This session talks about the relationship between public policy, advocacy and lobbying, and shares strategies for being an effective citizen lobbyist. Participants spend the bulk of this session in an exciting exercise involving lobbying decision-makers who are supportive, undecided and opposed to a particular issue.

Trainers: Peggy Flanagan, Rudy Lopez

Beyond Networking: How to Make Friends and Influence People at Netroots Nation 2012

We’re here to help. At this interactive training, you’ll learn how to navigate the action-packed schedule of Netroots Nation, how to survive on two hours of sleep (and still be alert for a day of panels!) and how to make genuine, lasting connections with the other fantastic folks gathered here in Providence. Best of all, you’ll get an early start on networking!

Trainers: John Brougher, Karlo Marcelo

How Progressives Get Narrative Wrong, and How to Get It Right

Progressives talk a lot about narrative and storytelling these days. So why are we so bad at it? We’re not just bad at it – we’re often reinforcing right-wing ideas about our most important issues without even knowing it. We have to be smarter about research and strategy. But first, we need to know what a real narrative looks like. This interactive workshop led by progressive strategy consultant Ryan Senser, along with the help of cognitive linguist and communications expert Anat Shenker-Osorio, will help you practice effective storytelling. We’ll use great stories to help us, from Harriet Tubman to Superman, and offer compelling examples of narrative, visual storytelling and words that actually move people. You’ll walk away with simple and smart tools, and learn how to avoid dead-end talking points and pointless infographics. We’ll also tackle one narrative challenge from the audience and work together to transform it.

Trainers: Caitlin Burns, Ryan Senser, Anat Shenker-Osorio

Email for the Win!

Everyone knows email is one of the most important tools in an organizer’s arsenal, but not everyone knows how to build a successful email program. This training will cover techniques for growing and managing a list of active supporters, and getting the most you can out of every email sent. We’ll look at concrete examples, and attendees will come away with solid ideas for improving their own programs and using email to win campaigns.

Trainers: Matt Lockshin

Decoding Defense: Speaking with Authority on National Security Issues

It’s an old cliché: The GOP is the “national security” party. But Barack Obama’s foreign and domestic policies are changing that idea. The armed services have played a key role in debates over foreign policy, the budget, gay rights, immigration and civil liberties. Vets transitioning to the homefront have taken the lead in the Occupy movement, the push for clean energy and reforms to education. Speaking with authority on military issues is critical for progressives in the coming year, but it’s also daunting. How do you navigate a Pentagon budget? What’s the difference between a commissioned and noncommissioned officer? Who watchdogs military contractors? What organizations exist to connect progressives and vets? Attendees to this workshop will learn how to “speak DOD,” find and decipher important military info, articulate progressive national security goals in simple statements, rebut conservative talking points and reach out with empathy to veterans who are receptive to progressive ideals.

Trainers: Bryan Rahija, Adam Weinstein

Tweeting the Revolution: Twitter Training for Campaigning

This session will guide you in the basic to intermediate, with some tidbits of advance strategies for using Twitter to promote campaigns of every type. We’ll discuss awareness/issue campaigns that educate the public; media campaigns that challenge the mainstream press; promotional campaigns that advocate great art, people and projects; and electoral campaigns that require hardcore results. We’ll focus on winning tactics and strategies, using case studies and solid measurement.

Trainers: Beth Becker, Kimberly 'Dr. Goddess' Ellis

Blog Content Bootcamp

So you have a blog, some social media profiles and can write decently, but now it’s time to use those tools to create quality content that engages readers and advances your cause. Starting with basic story-finding tools (RSS feeds, Google Alerts, etc.), we’ll talk about how to design attention-grabbing short and long-form blog posts that your readers can learn from and enjoy. Then we’ll learn research, photojournalism, interview and editing skills to add context and authority to your work. Finally, we’ll end with a hands-on assignment combining these skills to develop and share a breaking story from start to finish in a way that will get people discussing and sharing your work. This class is intended for intermediate bloggers who know the basics of blogging but desire additional training in journalism and electronic media to create polished work (wi-fi enabled laptops and Google Account required, cameras optional).

Trainers: Daniel Villarreal

Social Media Strategy for Advocacy

Come to this session for the down and dirty details of how to successfully use social media in political advocacy. We’ll focus on the integration of social media into your personal advocacy efforts.

Trainers: Beth Becker, Alan Rosenblatt

Investigative Reporting for Bloggers

This session will offer training and tips in the basics of investigative journalism, with special emphasis on election-year issues.

Trainers: Joe Conason

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