We’re pleased to announce our Netroots Nation 2012 agenda! Below you’ll find panels, training sessions and more. You can view the program electronically here.

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Opening keynote featuring Eric Schneiderman

We’ll kick off Netroots Nation with an opening keynote from New York’s Attorney General and the man the American Prospect calls The Man Banks Fear Most, Eric Schneiderman. Other speakers will include: Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, environmentalist Bill McKibben, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, NEA’s Lily Eskelsen, and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. The evening is MC’d by Baratunde Thurston.

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Opening keynote featuring Eric Schneiderman

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Baratunde Thurston kicked things off.
. @baratunde cracking me up as MC at #nn12 opening keynoteVanessa Kritzer
Then Providence Mayor Taveras welcomed #NN12.
Mayor of Providence @Angel_Taveras U r a gr8 ambassador @Netroots_Nation #nn12Ruth Leitman
Raven Brooks, Netroots Nation ED welcomed everyone, and invited the union workers from the Westin, Biltmore and RI Convention Center up. They thanked Netroots Nation for standing behind them and helping them win back their benefits, pay and jobs.
Amazing. @ravenb brought up members of the local hotel union of the Westin Providence to the stage. They’re thanking #NN12. #goosebumps50+1 Strategies
Local employees from The Westin thanks everyone at #NN12 for honoring their boycott and helping them win their basic rights and jobs back.Demos_Org
Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America spoke about women’s health and showed this powerful video.
"I Have Sex" – students speak out against ideological attack on Planned Parenthoodcoffeepartyusa
"To most women it feels like we woke up to a bad episode of Mad Men" – @CecileRichards, President of @PPact at #nn12Anna Pycior
Bill McKibben spoke about blocking the Keystone XL pipeline and how we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry.
"The fossil fuel industry is the 1% of the 1%—they are the absolute center of trouble on this poor old planet" -@billmckibben #NN12 #99PowerThe 99% Power
@BillMcKibben #NN12 we can stand up to the fossil fuel industry and their money with our creativity, passion and spirit #p2 #OWS #ecologyrob kall
"We may lose this fight, but given the stakes, we are going to have to fight," @BillMcKibben at #NN12Jamie Henn
Lily Eskelsen, VP of the National Education Association, spoke about the need to stop the push to deregulate, defund and privatize.
Lily Eskelsen at #NN12: “#ALEC’s mechanics are simple 2nd grade arithmetic. Deregulate. Defund. Privatize.” Then PROFIT.NEA Public Relations
Lily #NN12: “We are the progressive cmty. We org ppl who care about #edu #healthcare, disabled, poor, discriminated, enviro. It’s OUR bond.”NEA Public Relations
Tammy Baldwin spoke about our current economic situation and ensuring a middle class that gets a fair shake.
"the middle class shouldered the burden of the collapse of the economy. The middle class can’t get a fair shake." @TammyBaldwinWI #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
At #NN12, @TammyBaldwinWI says she is "not afraid to take on on Wall Street." Btwn her and @elizabethforma, we CAN take our country back!Fem2pt0
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse welcomed convention attendees and spoke about how we must defend the pillars of American middle class economic security.
On social security, Medicare and Pell grants, progressives need to be unshakeable! @SenWhitehouse #nn12 #nn12lgbtThe Task Force
RT @mikeconrad1: .@SenWhitehouse nails it: Social Security, Medicare, Pell Grants are pillars of American middle class econ security #NN12jeanne mccann
Eric T. Schneiderman spoke about the state of our country and the political environment.
@AGSchneiderman talking about transformational politics vs transactional politics. Look 20 years out not at the current vote. Solid. #NN12michael donnelly
"the greatest damage done by the conservative movement was when Americans embraced policies that do harm to them." @agSchneiderman #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
We’re ready for another new deal.
"The #gop know that the people r at a point where we’re ready 4 another new deal. It is time 4 us to recognize it." @agSchneiderman #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
We are not the ones responsible for this situation.
#NN12 "Can’t comment on ongoing investigation but can say found no evidence teachers firefighters etc rspnsbl for recession" @AGSchneidermanEmily Mills
But we will work for change.
"Any true change requires movement building… Officials don’t create movements, movements create leaders. @AGSchneiderman at #nn12Demos_Org
"people get that there is a growing inequality and that people are ready for transformation for justice." @agSchneiderman #nn12DemocracyForAmerica

Led by: Baratunde Thurston

Panelists: Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, Bill McKibben, Cecile Richards, Eric T. Schneiderman, Mayor Angel Taveras

2012 and the War on (and for) Women

Some of 2012′s most exciting races involve strong, progressive women who are leading the national conversation on not only on women’s issues but also things like the economy and LGBT rights.

Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren, Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono and Washington’s Darcy Burner are each known for standing up for workers, the middle class and equal opportunity for all. That’s why we’re excited to have the three of them on the big stage at Netroots Nation.

In a Friday lunchtime session moderated by the Huffington Post’s Amanda Terkel, Warren, Hirono and Burner will address the past year’s growing War on Women and the GOP war on the middle class. They’ll discuss what playing offense looks like for women and how election wins this fall will translate to policy victories in 2013 and beyond.

Lunch generously provided by Buy4.

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2012 and the War on (and for) Women

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Amanda Terkel from the Huffington Post kicked things off by introducing Darcy Burner, progressive candidate for Congress. She started by talking about how Democrats need to change their focus.
Democrats are the Lotus of computer software, v. Microsoft. We think it is all about product @darcyburner #nn12 #waronwomenJulie Kaviar
@DarcyBurner asks #nn12 audience: get women to vote. It’ll matter a lot more than the small slice of swing voters.Burner for Congress
She asked all women who’ve had an abortion and were willing to stand to do so. She then asked everyone willing to stand with them to rise.
Powerful moment. @DarcyBurner had women who were comfortable to do so stand if they had an abortion. Had all who stand with them rise. #nn12Demos_Org
.@darcyburner just made me cry with her call for us to stand up with women who have had an abortion. #nn12Sarah Jaffe
It was a moving and motivating speech.
If you’re not inspired by @DarcyBurner’s speech at #NN12, you don’t have a pulse. Wow.Greg Basta
Darcy was followed by Representative Mazie Hirono from Hawaii. She started by speaking about her how her family escaped abuse in Japan and came to Hawaii.
"I’m grateful for the courage my mother had to start a new life for us in Hawaii." – @mazieforhawaii #nn12 #hisenEMILY’s List
She spoke about the Violence Against Women Act and how we need to work to protect women’s interests.
We need our people to be powerful, motivated and connected so we can keep the #waronwomen at bay @mazieforhawaii #nn12Julie Kaviar
Elizabeth Warren spoke next. She started by talking about Republicans.
Republicans want to give the richest and most powerful more money and more power. @elizabethforma at #nn12 lunch keynoteDemocracyForAmerica
She compared financial markets to football.
"Without rules, it’s not football, it’s a mugging." @elizabethforma #nn12colleen crinion
"Progressives understand markets are like football. Every game needs rules & a ref who enforces those rules" @elizabethforma #nn12 #noi12Evan Sutton
She addressed treating corporations as people.
"Corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs.. they live… learn the difference!" -@elizabethforma #nn12Ryan J. Davis
And why she’s running for office.
Let me be clear- I am not backing down… I want something more than winning… I want real change… @elizabethforma #nn12Denise
"I got in this race because real people are getting hammered & they’re counting on me to stand up for them." – @elizabethforma #nn12 #masenEMILY’s List
Finally, the speakers came together for a panel discussion, moderated by Amanda Terkel. They spoke about health care and how we can all do more to defend it.
"We need to get the word out that the health care law is good for women, young people, seniors…" .@mazieforhawaii #NN12PolicyLink
They also spoke about minimum wage.
Minimum wage: @DarcyBurner sez Congress shld raise it, and make it automatically rise with consumer price index. #NN12addiestan
And women in Afghanistan and around the world.
On Afghanistan “We don’t make these changes through war. We make them through investments in people.” Elizabeth Warren @ElizabethForma #NN12Current TV
They also touched on reproductive rights.
@elizabethforma says economic rights and reproductive rights are inextricably linked. you cannot disentangle the two. #nn12 @gomydJon Reznick
And equal pay for equal work.
"When someone says women make less bc they’re women, ask them why they don’t support equal pay for equal work." – @elizabethforma #NN12Fem2pt0
Amanda Terkel asked the panelists why only 3 out of 10 women believe there’s a war on reproductive rights.
Darcy Burner talking about my pet peeve, the way Republicans always argue in bad faith when trying to restrict reproductive rights. #NN12Amanda Marcotte
She also asked about Citizens United and the impact on womens’ voices.
Warren: "If we don’t push back on Citizens United, corporations will run America." #nn12Charlie Spiering
"The answer is, it has an affect on the voices of human beings" @elizabethforma on Citizens United #NN12NPI
They agreed that we don’t have enough women in public office.
"Afghanistan has more women in its Parliament than we have in our Congress." @DarcyBurner #nn12Matt McDermott

Led by: Amanda Terkel

Panelists: Darcy Burner, Rep. Mazie Hirono, Elizabeth Warren

Austerity No More: An Economy for the 99%

The 99 percent have taken to the streets in unprecedented numbers yet we haven’t seen this outcry reflected in the policies in Washington, where conventional wisdom lands somewhere between the status quo and austerity. The middle class continues to shrink and the poor get poorer, while the wealthiest continue to prosper while skirting the rules.

What does our economic outlook look like—and what should our progressive vision for it be? How do we free ourselves from what Paul Krugman says can only be called a depression? What role can activists, bloggers and labor play in ensuring economic success and equality? These questions and more will be discussed in this keynote session.

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Immediately following the keynote, Paul Krugman will hold a book signing at the Exhibit Hall author signing area.

Led by: Heather McGhee

Panelists: Paul Krugman, Erica Payne, Ai-jen Poo, Richard Trumka

Criminal Justice in America

From Troy Davis to Trayvon Martin, Stop and Frisk to Stand Your Ground, our country’s current criminal justice policies are not only creating a culture of fear in our country, but a second social class. The systemic problems that exist are often borne of old-fashioned bigotry and prejudice. How can we educate others on the role that race plays in our current judicial system? How do we end the cycle of violence that plagues so much of urban America and promote uplifting alternatives to violence and incarceration? And how can the progressive community join with social and racial justice organizations to empower communities—and change a system that essentially undermines social movements and threatens progressive power?

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Led by: Rashad Robinson

Panelists: Nicole Austin-Hillery, Jakada Imani, Jasiri X

Closing keynote with Van Jones and Benjamin Jealous

The closing session at Netroots Nation 2012 will be anchored by activist and Rebuild the Dream co-founder Van Jones. We’ll also hear from NAACP President Benjamin T. Jealous, Howard Dean, Congressman David Cicilline (RI-01), Rhode Island State Representative Teresa Tanzi and Chuck Rocha. The evening will be emceed by comedian and writer Elon James White.

fstv1 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at livestream.com

Closing keynote with Van Jones

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The evening kicked off with the hilarious Elon James White.
Nice. @elonjames is crushing right now @ #nn12 keynote. We’re not worthy! #p2Mike Nellis
"We don’t need facts, we need to work on some goddamn propaganda." @elonjames #nn12Raven Brooks
Next, David Cicilline took the stage.
"there’s a sense that those in Washington either don’t care or don’t understand what Americans are going through." @davidcicilline #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
@davidcicilline Corporate spending in politics isn’t about ideology. It’s a business transaction to increase revenue. #NN12 @Netroots_NationTDL
"We need to make sure the most powerful voice in Washington belongs to the American people." @davidcicilline #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
Then Chuck Rocha, Executive Director of The American Worker, Latino Project spoke.
Tweets cannot do justice to "Mexican Redneck" @ChuckRocha’s accent as he tells #nn12 to take our country back!Jesse Bacon
@ChrisRocha is hilarious! "More people claimed to have seen Bigfoot than committed voter fraud" #NN12 closing. He’s awesomeAmber Washington
#NN12 Chuck Rocha: More people saw Big Foot in Texas (66) than accused of voter fraud (38) #usw #p2 #1uUSW Blogger
Arshad Hasan from Democracy for America spoke about the Netroots Nation community and how important it is to support Netroots Nation financially.
"drawing strength is one of the most important part of our community. We have connected w each other n meaningful way" @arshadhasan #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
Next, President Obama addressed Netroots Nation via video.
President Obama Addresses Netroots Nation 2012netrootsnationvideo
President @BarackObama addresses @Netroots_Nation & stresses importance of job growth and the affordable care act #nn12 #nn12lgbtThe Task Force
.@BarackObama – "And as long as you’re willing to keep up that fight, I’ll be right there with you." #NN12Josh Peterson
Rhode Island State Rep. Teresa Tanzi urged the audience to keep working for progress.
An inspiring progressive politician from Rhode Island. Hell yes! @ Netroots Nation 2012 (#nn12) http://instagr.am/p/LqxQXwpx_7/Lizandra
Then Governor Howard Dean spoke.
Gov. Dean brings up the know nothing party and says "make the #GOP caused this recession." @GovHowardDean #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
Howard Dean says Tea Party and the "Hate Wing" of the Republican Party are dying out. #NN12Josh Peterson
"Pretty soon the Republican party is going to realize you can’t make a country better by hating some of the ppl in it" @govhowarddean #NN12PolicyLink
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse thanked everyone for coming to Providence.
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: Thank you for coming to Providence @Netroots_Nation #NN12 #waterfirePlanned Parenthood
President and CEO of the NAACP Benjamin T. Jealous spoke next.
@benjealous gets the #nn12 crowd fired up with the chant "fired up – ready to go."DemocracyForAmerica
"If we hoped that we were in the early days of a post-racial nation, from Troy Davis to Trayvon – we are not there yet!" @BenJealous #nn12 Shanelle Matthews
@benjealous says if @NAACP could end racial profiling alone they would have done it. We need all of you. #endrp2012 #NN12Linda Sarsour
"it is our duty To build a nation that empowers our children." @benjealous quoting Frederick Douglas #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
Ben Jealous talks about racial profiling. I can’t help thinking about our sons, as a tear falls. #NN12Karran Harper Royal
"By standing up together, against all the lies… that is the way we hasten the future together" @BenJealous #NN12Adam Robbins
Finally, activist and co-founder of Rebuild the Dream Van Jones took the stage.
Now speaking #nn12 is @VanJones68 "some people died for change. Some of us want to give up in the face of a bad tweet" http://lockerz.com/s/215858547Kenya Wheeler
Van reminds us that we lost Wisconsin because we sat on the sidelines. Very true… #NN12Prune Juice Media
"when we do our minimum and they do our maximum, how do we expect to win." @vanjones68 #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
"We like this president but we are not in love with him like we used to be! We went from having a crush to being crushed" @vanjones68 #nn12valentinasweet
.@VanJones68: "When the Tea Party gets power they use it to decimate us," decapitating the unions. #NN12Sharoney
Van Jones: "The EPA has probably saved more lives in the last 30 years than the Justice Department." #nn12 #fbTalia Whyte
Van Jones: This election is about fear; they fear us, we should be terrified of them. #nn12avri
GOP and Tea Party wouldn’t pass even their own bills right now; hurting American ppl for own gain, to win re-election @VanJones68 #nn12Denise
@VanJones68 – we’re far too interested in bipartisanship and need to stop it. The other side is QUITE partisan. #nn12Dr. Goddess
"You have to have a President willing to be moved. And you have to have a movement willing to do the moving." @VanJones68 #nn12 #p2Raven Brooks
Two tasks: stop tea party in november & win the budget ballot in Dec. @VanJones68 #nn12jeanne mccann
@VanJones68: America is not broke, and we’re a better country than this. #NN12Sharoney
"we do not have the right to sit in this room & feel sorry or ourselves. Somebody has got 2 stand up. We can do better. @vanjones68 #nn12DemocracyForAmerica
"Somebody has got to stand up! What better place than here? What better time than now?" — @VanJones68 #NN12Rebuild the Dream
The event ended with the announcement that Netroots Nation 2013 will be in California!
We’re going to San Jose, CA June 20-23 for #nn13! Register now: http://bit.ly/LIXIKB #nn12 We can’t wait! #p2Netroots_Nation

Led by: Elon James White

Panelists: Rep. David Cicilline, Benjamin T. Jealous, Van Jones, Chuck Rocha, State Rep. Teresa Tanzi

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