Congratulations to the Raise the Future contest winners!

With some last minute surges, hundreds of donors recruited and thousands of dollars raised,‘s Netroots Nation contest—Raise the Future—has come to an end. Whether it was Kevin’s promotion for his Democratic Central Committee race, Ben’s commitment to a progressive foreign policy or Janet’s zeal for better feminist communications, we have been inspired by the contestants’ passion for their causes.

Congratulations to the final 10 winners of the contest. We’re looking forward to meeting them in Providence in a few weeks. The winners and their causes are:

Julian Gaspay, Washington United for Marriage
Janet Frishberg, Your Lunch Money for the FemSexComm Workshop
Nik Swiatek, Los Angeles Country Democratic Party
Denise Heitzenroder, New Leaders Council
Justin Bradley, New Leaders Council
Jared Polivka, National Wildlife Federation Action Fund
Max Kamin-Cross, Washington United for Marriage
Kevin Bard, Kevin Bard for San Francisco DCCC, AD 19, 2012
Kate Maeder, New Leaders Council
Benjamin Goldsmith, America’s Impact


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