Austerity No More: An Economy for the 99%

In case you missed it, here’s what happened during this morning’s keynote, Austerity No More: An Economy for the 99%.

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Austerity No More: An Economy for the 99%

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Heather McGhee, Director of the Washington office of Demos introduced the panelists, and Paul Krugman spoke briefly.
.@nytimeskrugman says its not as bad as The Great Depression #greatslogan #nn12 Reznick
"We’ve seen this movie before, we know how this works." @NYTimeskrugman says we CAN solve the recession. #nn12Working America
.@NYTimesKrugman: "living under the tyranny of Very Serious People…defending their class interests and partly just plain getting it wrong"Josh Eidelson
Krugman: Solving this Depression is not an economic problem, it’s a political problem. We need to get the Very Serious People out of the wayemptywheel
Then the panel began, with Paul Krugman, Erica Payne from The Agenda Project, President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka, and Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance Ai-jen Poo. They discussed the current state of the economy, and what progressives can do to combat austerity.

Richard Trumka suggested that messaging is key.

Trumka: Building a movement a staying together on the economic message is the best thing we can do. #nn12laborradio
Ai-Jen Poo said that paying attention to domestic workers is also important.
Ai-Jen Poo: Domestic work "was seen as a marginal shadow workforce," – now precarious conditions have spread to rest of workforce #NN12 #1uJosh Eidelson
Erica Payne spoke about coalitions, taking bold actions (like “throwing granny off a cliff” in a video), etc.
"When the Senate minority leader is protesting that he’s not actually throwing granny off the cliff, that’s a win" @EricaPayneAP at #nn12Demos_Org
"The left spent $2 mil to push financial reform, the banks spend $600 mil." @EricaPayneAP at #nn12 (Watch live!
"Liberals love a coalitions, but I don’ think they’re particularly effective." – Erica Payne #NN12michael donnelly
The panelists spoke about the “tighten your belt” metaphor for debt, and how it doesn’t make sense given the current economic situation.
#nn12 @NYTimesKrugman Get rid of tighten your belt metaphor for debt. The U.S. is not a family. Must GROW way out of problem like this.USW Blogger
.@EricaPayneAP "We always want to be aware of our spending priorities but a tree [great recession] just fell on our house" #nn12 #1u #laborAFL-CIO
They urged progressives to be bold and speak out about ending austerity.
Krugman: "the way people get silenced in my profession is by accused of being shrill." Hmm, we bloggers get accused all the time. #NN12paulhogarth
"We need to make it clear that we will oppose anyone who threatens to cut medicare, regardless of who they are" @AFLCIO’s Trumka at #nn12Demos_Org
One of the problems is that central bankers are being overly cautious.
#NN12 @NYTimeskrugman Mindset of central bankers can become "taking away the punchbowl when there was never any party to begin with."Emily Mills
#nn12 @NYTimesKrugman Sadomonetarism — the fed doesn’t believe it’s doing the right thing unless it inflicts pain. #usw #p2 #1uUSW Blogger
Paul Krugman was asked if the White House has asked his opinion. He also spoke about why he thinks the White House struggled early on.
Krugman: Yes, the WH asks me what to do, but unfortunately they didn’t listen until it was too late. #nn12emptywheel
Krugman says early problem with Obama WH was idea they needed “points on the board,” wouldn’t back bills without hope for passage. #nn12Ted Nesi
Progressives need to speak up and take action.
"I’m not ashamed when public employees have good pensions!" @AFLCIO’s Trumka met with cheers and claps at #nn12 (Watch
CORRECT! Krugman:"Give it to the Right. They play a long game."– added Progs must stand 4 smthng-have advntg of being right #nn12Eric Burns
One of the problems is who is weighing in on economic issues.
#nn12 @EricaPayne "I am so sick of the old white dudes being in charge of everything." #usw #p2 #1uUSW Blogger
.@EricapayneAP: The Chamber of commerce is biggest lie. The idea that the speak for American biz. They speak for 49 multinationals #nn12jeanne mccann
Two things we need to do is get rid of Grover Norquist and the Chamber of Commerce -@EricaPayneAP #NN12Lucas O’Connor
The panelists also addressed ALEC.
Krugman on the importance of the ALEC boycott. Of course, best success with consumer brands there, because Democrats buy things too #NN12David Dayen
@RichardTrumka #ALEC got together with 2000 lawmakers and their purpose was to reduce our movement in 2012 and corrosive to democracy #nn12AFL-CIO
Trumka on #ALEC legislators: "They came after collective bargaining, immigrants, seniors, everybody…it’s going to cost THEM dearly." #nn12Working America
Finally, Erica Payne called for bank prosecutions.
Erica Payne gets big response calling for bank executive prosecutions #NN12David Dayen

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