We are offering six free booths in this year’s Netroots Nation Town Square (aka Exhibit Hall.) The top three vote-getters in this online contest will automatically get a booth in the Hall. The rest of the entrants will go through a second round where a panel of judges will decide, based on merit, which three entrants will receive the last three spots.

And to sweeten the deal, the top three vote-getters will also receive two comped registrations each to Netroots Nation.

Voting will take place online with the general public starting Tuesday, February 25th and ends on Tuesday, March 11th at 7:00 pm PT. Only one vote per entry, per person.

So go ahead, vote below for your favorite organization or company!


Click on the organization or company’s Facebook “like” button below their listing to cast your vote. Your vote may also show up in your Facebook profile. Do not delete it or it will void your vote. To find out more information about an entrant, click on the link above their “like” button.


The Center for Election Science

The Center for Election Science is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of voting system experts and activists dedicated to helping people make better collective decisions.

See Center for Election Science’s Full Profile

Clean Water Action (Michigan)

Clean Water Action is a one million member organization of diverse people and groups joined together to protect our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life. Our goals include clean, safe and affordable water; prevention of health threatening pollution; creation of environmentally safe jobs and businesses; and empowerment of people to make democracy work. Clean Water Action organizes strong grassroots groups and coalitions and campaigns to elect environmental candidates and solve environmental and community problems.

See the Clean Water Action (Michigan) Full Profile

Creative Action Network
The Creative Action Network crowdsources creativity for good by powering a platform that generates and sells original content created by a passionate community of artists.

See Creative Action Network’s Full Profile

Don’t Change Yourself: Change the Law
Don’t Change Yourself is a project of the Unity Michigan Coalition. The Unity Michigan Coalition works to ensure that all Michiganders are treated fairly in the workplace by advancing nondiscrimination policies. It includes ACLU of Michigan, Affirmations, Equality Michigan, Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center, KICK, the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Ruth Ellis Center.

See Don’t Change Yourself: Change the Law’s Full Profile

We are musicians, DJ’s, producers and performers who specialize in rap activism by using music, videos and live performances to spread a progressive message.

See DOP INC’s Full Profile

4000 Years for Choice
4000 Years for Choice is a national campaign designed to bring positive messages and inspiring visual culture to the pro-choice and reproductive justice movements. Our nationally exhibited poster series highlights stories of reproductive freedom practiced around the world for thousands of years to reframe conversations. Our innovative social media strategies highlight contemporary narratives of empowerment, gratitude, and self-determination to reduce stigma. We believe artistic interventions are critical to political victories and cultural change.

See 4000 Years for Choice’s Full Profile

Nursing Students for Choice (NSFC)

Nursing Students for Choice (NSFC) is a national grassroots organization dedicated to advancing and securing reproductive justice for all. Nurses are vital clinicians in reproductive healthcare. We provide much of the pregnancy testing, birth control counseling, options counseling, and post procedure care that affect women daily. We counsel women formally and informally in emergency rooms, health departments, federal and private offices, and on campuses across the country. By utilizing the skills of nurses, we will improve the total healthcare experience of patients nationwide.

See Nursing Students for Choice’s Full Profile

New Voice Strategies

New Voice Strategies is a non-profit tapping into the power of the internet to build networks for social change. We invite a large group of motivated individuals to collaborate, imagine a better future, and create an action plan to make that vision reality. We then connect our creative thinkers directly with decision-makers interested in and empowered to make change. We help facilitate a vibrant future. We are New Voice Strategies.

See New Voice Strategies’ Full Profile

The Opportunity Agenda

Based in New York City, The Opportunity Agenda is made up of a dynamic team of communicators, culture shifters, legal analysts and researchers all focused on building the national will for opportunity in America. Our work empowers advocates to tell their stories, which influences how people think, speak and act on social issues. We help those effecting change find their strongest voice.

See The Opportunity Agenda’s Full Profile


Stirista Global is the largest compiler of b2b emails and cultural data in the world and our b2c file is no muck either. Our sole objective is to help marketing campaigns recognize and appreciate the differences that are part of diversity. We have a love for data that transcends our love for profit. We work closely with our clients to find the channels that would be most effective for them.

See Stirista’s Full Profile

Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future was founded in 1989, and since then we’ve planted over 100 million trees around the world and helped tens of thousands of people plant their way out of poverty. We don’t just plant trees for their ecological and environmental benefits, but to benefit people in need. We are experts in agroforestry, which combines agriculture and forestry to create integrated and sustainable land-use systems.

See Trees for the Future’s Full Profile

United Republic/Represent.Us

Represent.Us is a fresh campaign to support the American Anti-Corruption Act: a law that would overhaul campaign finance, impose strict lobbying and conflict of interest laws, and end secret political money. We are mobilizing millions of Americans — conservatives and progressives, young and old, every issue group fighting K Street, online and offline — to join this campaign.

See United Republic/Represent.Us Full Profile

United Peace Relief, Inc

A small group of veterans that continue their service by providing sustainable energy solutions for transportation, lights, communications, hot water during disaster response efforts since 2005.

See United Peace Relief, Inc’s’ Full Profile

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Founded in 1965 and located in Midtown Detroit’s Cultural Center, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is the world’s largest institution of its kind, and a prominent member of metropolitan Detroit’s rich tapestry of cultural institutions. The Wright provides learning opportunities, exhibitions, programs and events based on collections and research that explore the diverse history and culture of African Americans and their African origins.

See the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History’s Full Profile

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